Skyrim Mod: Player Exclusive Animations - FNIS PEA2

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Player Exclusive Animations:


'Animations' Mod

Enhanced Animations

Our Animation Playlist:

The fantastic Musical Lore by Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Roast Chicken

    Oh God, Nazeem at the end LMFAO

  • The Creator

    0:07 what animation is that?


    Too bad there isn't NPC Exclusive Animations. Make the Immersive Wenches have a slooty walking animiation while having bandits use the default ones. Maybe the imps and snowflakecloaks to use veteran type combat stance.

  • Daniel Telnev

    It took me a second to realize what animation Nazeem did but when I got it and turned on the original video I couldn't stop laughing

  • _ Azec _

    poor Nazeem what happened 3:36

  • Silizarei EX

    so i have pcea2 and i installed the khajiit cat sneak and sprint mod but it still makes everyone do it. how do i fix this?

  • TheSkeletor 38

    Will any of these mods be ported to Xbox One?

  • John Chi

    0:55 holy shit. Hahahahahahaha

  • Larry Strawberrycake the 2nd

    That dance (outro) gets me every time 😆

  • Toma Kuroshi

    we need a dab animation

  • Ates Ghash

    Nazeem at the end cracked me the fuck up. Is there a separate video of that?

  • 0V3RL0RD

    for me whenever i start my game it says that FNIS PEA2 failed to start and i can't use it. help

  • Armoured Productions

    This mod works like a charm. My warrior will phalanx block ans tab forward. My thief and assassin will backflip. Perfect.

  • The Nuclear Otaku

    Is that wizard hat thing in the vanilla game? or does it have to be modded in? I just don't think i've seen it in the base game.

  • ReDead Gaming

    I nearly choked on my gum after seeing Nazeem's wild fucking dance. Whew, I was dyin'.

  • Flamboyant Warlock

    Yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh. That's all well and good, but I'm really just gonna need to know what mod added that sweet hat.

  • Nick Camacho

    how do you "switch between them (your animations) instantly while playing?" i see no keybinding options or anything, the only way to switch between is going to the mcm menu and refreshing.

  • Admiral Rob

    nezeem is the man to kill kill kill

  • chris winter

    This kind of stuff is always so overlooked in RPGs. I don't think devs realize how much it adds to roleplaying or how there is probably a large audience that crave touches like this to the finished vanilla game. Elder Scrolls 6 better make Witcher 3 and Skyrim look like the shit I took two days ago. Three words. Red Toilet Water.

  • shadowkat678

    Okay. What option do I get for the dragon wings, just in case this shows up as one of the mods I can get on Skyrim Remastered. That's really all I want out of this. I want those dragon wings.

  • Prince Handles

    Do u think these annmation are coming to SE on Xbox one

  • The Big Lebowski

    3:56 oh my god these ending dance moves hahaha, if there is any way to do this in real i would do hahahaha

  • Kenway

    Well damn Nazeem turn up

  • MAGNAROK's Channel

    ive got problems. it just show SKY_UI in the mod configuration. and ive placed the mod in the same location steam/steamapps/ etc. skyrim/data

  • Jon 300

    i wish this mod will make it to consoles. im tired of the vanilla animations

  • Atmospheric Godz

    will this be on Xbox cuz I really want it

  • The Renautians

    Nazeem been hitting skooma..

  • Psychotic Muffin

    definitively a must have mod

  • chris penkidis

    why is the mod enchanced animations removed?

  • Liam Hale

    Do these animations show in first person

  • Scott Whelan

    Hey Brodual, I really want FNIS but I don't know what it requires or how to properly install it through NMM. Could you please do a video showing how to install it with NMM?

  • Jessy Bonsai

    I'd love to run around with my two hander on my shoulder... how can i achieve this???

  • Scott Whelan

    LOL in the outro when Nazeem is dancing you can see Ysolda in the background being like wtf is that guy doing

  • Morten yde

    is the mod on steam and what is the name of the mod

  • slapypenguins101

    that dance at the end tf

  • Azeroth 29

    What animation mod are you using in the beginning where you were walkling while sword is resting in your shoulder? Can anyone tell me?

  • FragDawg

    I wanted to install that mkd that makes the khajit sprint on four legs but when I enable It... all of the npcs in the game started sprinting and sneaking like the khajits. Can PCEA2 manage the animation pack for the khajits to work imdependently from the other npc anims?

  • Globe Wanker


  • Long Dragon

    0:36 how can you fly? @@

  • John Campbell

    whats the magic animation hes using or did he make it himself?

  • Dat Las

    Holy shit where can I get the mod at the very end of the video or the one that forces NPCS to dance..

  • Endless Void

    Fnis always screwed my game over with deleting most animations that were ingame

  • EliteHD

    Do you think this will be compatible for ps4? or this uses external assets

  • Lightning Phoenix

    end of the video got me dead laughing

  • Adriano Oda Yamada

    3:38 where i get this one? this movements are perfect.

  • Grap

    What is the weapon mod that gives you that glacial(?) greatsword ?

  • azog el comentador de youtube

    but nexus mods are bullshit not for the quality but for you have to pay for it

  • chris winter

    SO this would be impossible on Xbox One?

  • Crayons Only

    That guard was gettin it! hahaha

  • Brett Davis

    God, the animations are horrible. Even the modded ones.

  • Glitch Master Gaming

    WHY CANT I DOWNLOAD SKYUI WITH MOD CONFIG FROM STEEEEEEEAAAAAAM!!!!!!????? some one plz replicate skyUI with mod config to steam PLZZZZZZ

  • except the deficit

    what is the mod for the dark souls greatsword anim

  • Scotty K

    Dear God, Nazeem goes hard! I'm sorry for always killing you, you have now gained my respect.

  • cordelephant

    3:37 YOUNG MANThere's no need to feel DOWNi saaaaid YOUng Maaaaaan, pick yourself off the grownd

  • BreakneckJack

    holy shit. nazeem made me laugh once again

  • Diego Rubio

    How can i put my animations in a folder?

  • Nasko K. Dimov

    1:40 whats the animation mod ???? That idle animation is so badass

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