Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 83 : Equipping Overhaul

Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 83 : Equipping Overhaul

Mods covered in this video:
Equipping Overhaul :

Mods used in taking this video:
1. Immersive HUD - iHUD :
2. SkyUI (with MCM) :

Visual Mods used in this video:
1. Phinix Natural ENB :
2. Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting :
3. Enhanced Lights and FX :
4. Pure Waters :
5. Skyrim HD - 2K Textures :
6. Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM :
7. Dynavision

Thumbnail is courtesy of turningworlds.

Skyrim Mod Sanctuary - Nexus page for posting images:

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  • Mr. Anime & Watch

    How do I access the mod? i installed it but I don't see it anywhere?

  • calum bradford

    I cannot find the mod on explain?

  • Ieago

    Has anyone else found that this mod causes followers to "forget" to put away their shield or bow when switching to or from melee combat? Since installing this mod, I've seen several followers using a bow while a shield is still strapped to their arm. The opposite also occurs where they retain the bow in their off hands and block with a shield. Any solutions or suggestions would be welcome.

  • Evan Sheehan

    I need the witcher style sheathing. It's awesome.


    First mod reviewer I've found who doesn't use click bait and a female character with no clothes on. Subbed!

  • Stephen Edwards

    Please add this to consol


    Gopher, you have a longbow and shortbow. Is there a mod that makes it so longbows are for sniping and shortbows are for rapidfire/closerange?

  • Bryan Daehling

    I lost a legendary dragon war axe to the disarm shout and I was pissed when it happened pardon my French

  • Dodge StarkTube

    my left hand sword is not showing up. why?

  • Seal the Deal

    Does this mod affect peformance?

  • Maethen Dias

    the equipping overhaul doesnt work with crossbowsrip my inquisitor then again

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