Skyrim Xbox One: Slooty Skirts + Mod Order


Draugr Skirts UNP Mod is what you really want here isn't it? ;) Slooty Skirts?
Snapchat: ChipidyChip

Thank you all so much!

For the original game, see The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is a 2016 remaster of the 2011 game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls series. It was released for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on October 2016
  • SVM

    Lmao your humor..I never been to this channel before and I’m already suprised

  • Brisingr

    do you think it will still be removed because of the half nip?

  • Rogue Dovah

    I can't find this on Xbox one

  • Shadow Killer

    Hey Chip ever since the VG nude mod released and then got taken down it bugged out all my characters. Could you do a quick video of your body mod and face mod please

  • John Lancaster

    You can get see threw Draugr skirts if you find the ones the mod talks about at the bottom of warning paragraph

  • potlick18

    I think whatever mod you show is going to get removed. That pokeball mod is gone already. I think Bethesda is out to get you.

  • Infinite Infinities

    everyone is saying it's gone but I just downloaded it

  • Blaze Bomber

    there's actually chests for spawn any npc in dragonsreach in whiterun next to the left when you go in

  • BIG J

    I just gotta say I love your intro basically a big fuck you to youtube keep going man hope u get far

  • Rezurrectionzs -

    Godlike outfit. I have been praying for some like these. Thank you!

  • Nathaniel McGuire

    hey just use forsworn armor on recorder....just do it you will see. recorders a follower mod btw avalible on Xbox and pc

  • Wiłd Møøn

    The intro got me... I'm like wtf

  • Tashi

    LMFAOO u sound like leafy

  • ChipidyGaming

    JOIN our Discord Server on the app Discord from Mobile or PC! It will place my Subscribers in a role so I know who and who is not subbed! Come chat with us! 12 hour LINK to join us here! After 12 hours it won't work.

  • Jesse Esparza

    Alternate Start is suppose to be at the bottom that's what the Mod says

  • DJ Solow

    When you said "holyyyyy shiit " I'm thinking that's what she said lol

  • Thunder Cracker

    Its not there 😕 You lied

  • MysticMan Gaming 2.0

    nice vid...I like when you do the any mods its cool to mix with slooty hope for more in future👍

  • Gian Carlos Zayas

    not bad but there's another draugr outfit that would also have a nakid bottom its a leather and thats the 1 i want

  • fallenangelbv

    notification squad wya

  • BlackSheep

    I have Sloots for Valentines day

  • Oscar Sandoval

    bout to sleep but you know notification squad

  • Ethan Something?

    Lol I bet a lot of people are mad no nude mod

  • I totally don't work at McDonalds

    hey Chipidy you can find it in the work-in-progress section

  • Rimadal

    skirts was gone before you posted this, it's not there.

  • bigbarrettbob P

    Dude that load order.... Holy shit... haha I heard bbp animations has to be lower than xp32 and body mods above it... still trying to figure out a expert answer on this....

  • Lord Of Waifus

    so question if a mod is taken down does that mean it no longer works? should I delete it? what does it mean?

  • Mr Xyz

    just a heads up but you don't need the increased follower limit if you're running amazing follower tweaks they both let you have multiple followers.

  • Melody The neko

    Can I request you make a mod that gives argonians reptilian genitalia. E.g. Males have two dicks and ribs on them. Because...... furry

  • PartyCra$herWilll

    Is this secretly leafy

  • Pro Comment Here

    You made me freeze my cat u motherfucker

  • ChipidyGaming

    GUYS! You CANT SEARCH for Work in progress Mods! It doesn't work. I POSTED the LINK to the mod in the description and here on this video! Just click it, log in and add to library. Then check your console! If it doesn't show up just close the game.

  • mr dumbo

    I had it for weeks and you can more of them in potema seanctem and in bleach falls borrow

  • GearsNBeersXxX

    where are all the other shirts/shirts

  • Yung Ghoule

    What replacer are you using that makes the nip visible

  • Steven Muñoz

    Yo Chip! I need your discord tag. Didn't see this till it was too late.

  • Nathan Bethune

    when u tryin to sleep but sloots wake u up

  • Dana Rose

    Chipidy what body mod are you using

  • Incred 777

    Chipidy, today I thought something was going to happen. I understand though man and I still love you : )

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