15 Mods that Make Skyrim Beautiful

IGN goes over 15 mods that will turn your PC copy of TESV: Skyrim into a lush and beautiful game world.

For more on Skyrim, including gameplay mods and hidden secrets, check out the full wiki on IGN @ http://www.ign.com/wikis/the-elder-scrolls-5-skyrim

- Boris Voronstov's ENBseries with Opethfeldt's preset
- Enhanced Lights + FX
- Ultimate HD Fire / Effects
- Skyrim HD (2K Textures)
- Static Mesh Improvement Mod
- Skyrim Distance Overhaul
- HD Enhanced Terrain
- Lush Trees and Grass
- Grass Field
- Pure Waters
- Xenius Character Enhancement
- No More Blocky Faces
- Better Beast Races
- Better Females (by Bella)
- Detailed Faces

See the list and links to the mods on IGN: http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/08/20/15-mods-that-make-skyrim-look-beautiful?watch
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  • StarDagger Rihannsu

    LOL, it takes WEEKS it properly mod SKYRIM, if you are LUCKY!

  • Revman101

    1:55 feels like he's scolding us lol

  • Red Venom

    "8-10 hours to fully configure"You gotta pump those numbers up. These are rookie numbers.

  • Emman Cardano

    It was kinda a "clickbait". :/ I just wanted to know what mods can beautify my female character.

  • Fekin67

    Will my system run these?Half a pickle A slice of ham 2 slices of Colby cheese I'm thinking of upgrading to hit 60fps is it necessary?

  • Timbert.T. Able

    I followed every instruction of that 20 minute tutorial video, and the game does look pretty cool now, the problem is that I have these blurring effect whenever I want to look at something new or distant, or zoom in at character creation. This is really bugging me. What is it?

  • V E G A N

    Thanks for the help m8

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    skyrim already looks beautiful

  • froche froche

    can my ps4 pro run this ??

  • Kakashi Hatake

    RX 480 enough for all these?

  • Phoenix MH83

    I doubt there is no conflict between these mods. IGN use MO to see how many are conflicting. Because I see it already

  • Ndoopek Topek

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  • Secunda

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  • Xohetzal

    Will my computer run all of these?Intel Core i5 6400Intel HD Graphics12 GB RAM

  • Banana

    2016 still playing this game tho..

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    you could go through all the instructions....or just use a mod manager

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    Would a gtx 1050i run this?

  • Yaseen Saad

    hi guys please can I run these on Gtx 780 3gb Intel i5-4460kRam 8GbWindows 10

  • Guilty Bleach

    Will my laptop be able to run these mods?...Nvm I sold my laptop.

  • EMT!

    Meanwhile I run 20 fps of skyrim on the lowest settings. :(

  • Tonopah

    Dat mike quality tho

  • Zaki Munaan

    It won't let my game run Skyrim :(

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    I play Xbox 360 <(^~^)>

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    All these mods are compatible with each other?

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  • EMT!

    "All you need is patience." More like all you need is a gaming monster. Mods don't even take that long to install unless your a brain fart.

  • knight king

    Can i run these mods on my gaming laptop? My specs are core i5 7th generation gtx 1050 4gb 1tb hdd 4gb ram (i will upgrade to 8gb = 12 gb ram)

  • Satan's Cyanide

    Will a 1050 ti, I3 6100, and 16 gigs of ram do well

  • AquaticCharlizard Productions

    are all of these on the steam workshop

  • BigJigglyNutSack

    It's time to blow my PC up with immersion...

  • *T H O T P A T R O L*

    will my pc run this? 3248gb of ramIntel i7777 core16 Titan X PascalsA 15000000 ghz power supply1 Cooling FanA Baked potato

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