Skyrim: Special Edition - Missing characters from Whiterun and how to find them

So I was doing the Companions quest that needs me to talk to Skjor, problem is I can't find him. My map tells me he's all the way by the mountain but the game still thinks he's within Whiterun (the marker leads me back to Whiterun when I'm outside it). I look up a old youtube video showing me that it's a glitch and you have to go out of the map while still inside Whiterun. That's what you see me doing in the beginning. I somehow ended up running into two other NPCs from Whiterun, one that I couldn't find earlier but chalked it up to it being Skyrim. I never found Skjor
  • Ryan Turner

    I'm having this problem with ulfric stormcloak, it's right after jarl balgruuf tells you to give ulfric his axe but when you go to windhelm he's not there. It says he's somewhere completely different and when I go to that location he's not there

  • DD.8 xD

    Im missing like half the npcs from whiterun and some dont have quests i can do for them do u know how to get those ones back??

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