Skyrim Lore: Blades Secrets!

The Blades! Everyone knows them right!?? Well, they actually have a LOT of history though most of it comes from past games. Are you guys ready? Let's get the lore rolling!

The descendant of the last remaining humans of Akavir: Dragon hunters. They came
in search of the Dragonborn.

Delving back into the first era, the Akaviri Dragonguard was a group devoted to the tracking and hunting of the Dragons of Akavir. They were incredibly powerful in their homeland, so when they set their sights on Tamriel, it's no surprise that their invasion was successful. Met with no resistance, the Dragonguard literally just marched across Tamriel until arriving at the Jerall mountains of Cyrodiil. They had come in search of the Dragonborn, and were met by Emperor Reman.

Simply after hearing his voice, the Dragonguard recognized Reman as Dragonborn and swore themselves to the protection of him and his descendants. This new and talented force of soldiers at his disposal brought the unity of the vast majority of Tamriel under Reman's rule in what is now known as the Second Empire.

The Dragonguard served Reman as guardsmen while continuing their hunt for dragons across Tamriel. They even opened several branches of their operation throughout the provinces and stationed temples there. Cloud Ruler Temple in Cyrodiil and Sky Haven Temple in Skyrim are the only two standing structures left from this organization.

While the Dragonguard proved useful for both Emperor Reman and his son when he took the throne, the third generation of Reman's lineage was not so fortunate. In a moment of carelessness, the Dragonguard unknowingly allowed a member of the Morag Tong to slip through their defenses and assassinate Reman III.

Losing their status as the "King's Guards", the Dragonguard sought work elsewhere. Some were recruited to join a stealthy, unofficial task force known as the Akaviri Potentates while others resorted back to the hunting and killing of Dragons. The rest became run-of-the-mill mercenaries and inadvertently created the Fighter's Guild, now famously known throughout Tamriel...

Script written by Ashley Kemp, video game journalist
Patreon supporter that made this possible: Seth Bailey

  • der Deutsche Ritter

    "Claims to serve the dragonborn" "Bans him/her for not killing paathrunax"

  • Miguel Sales

    We are going to serve the Dragonborn now and forever, and now go and KILL PAARTHURNAX or we will not serve you - The Blades

  • Brad Taylor

    the blades are a terrorist group whom seek to eradicate all of the dragons.. kind of like how the ss seeked out to kill all the Jews the dragonborn is not the leader but a scape goat.. Delphine and esbern both are two evil motherfuckers the entire blades plot is sinister you got the dark brotherhood taking out emperor Titus meed or need or what ever his name is for some rich dude named amond motier meanwhile you got ulfrid stormcloack who wants a racially pure skyrim . say you do nothing and side with the empire these are the same motherfuckers who tried to chop off your fucking head at the beginning of the game like really ?? or wait go side with ulfirc who is the Adolf Hitler of skyrim . you got a bunch of hippy closet homosexuals blowing each other up on a damn mountain and yet when they speak people listen.. the game ain't bad its the entire plot that is I mean damn anybody with a brain in their head can figure this all out ..has anyone ever stopped and questioned why alduin wants to end the world? alduins evil right?? patranax turns on alduins and aids the evil motherfuckers in destroying alduin and yet gets killed ??

  • Quinn Sauers

    They greybeards don't have the balls to start a war with the blades, they're too afraid of power

  • Leng Thao

    death to the thalmor!

  • Blode Kont

    In Old Hroldan lives a man, who is also a Blade, check his weapon, an akaviri sword, he has books about the Blades in his room..When you atack him he talks Blade lore.

  • Crazyscotsman

    The answer to your question? No. The Greybeards are so fucking worthless and useless that they will just sit on their mountain chilling and talking to the Sky or some such when the world needs saving. However to be fair the Blades of the 4th Era are not the same as the blades from earlier eras. And you seem to forget that in Oblivion when the Blades failed the Emperor, they were slain almost to a man, and they believed that an ambush was coming so they went to guard the door against a frontal assault. So they did the tactical right thing. And the Blades are super useful through out the battles for Bruma and the Imperial City.

  • Fiona McCann

    I really hate the blades, because they made me kill Paarthurnax.

  • BlueNight

    They are kinda like Samurai in a way, tho I'm surprised that the Ebony Blade is not a quest mission from them, would make sence and kinda be more aesthetic to their culture in a way, I can imagine the one who wields it is the leader of the Blades kinda thing, but like sence ur the DragonBorn they give it to you as a gift/hand-me-down with the lore of it still being a dadric artifact intertwined with the Blades would be cool, have something along the lines of a dadric prince gave it to a great commander of the Blades, who wielded it against many dragons, and other foes, slaying all of them, but finnaly one day he was slain in his sleep and it was stolen, lost, and finnaly found when whiterun was built, hence intertwining it with the Whispering Door quest, like take it back to Delphine and she's all like "By the gods! can it be? The Ebony Blade?! Where, how? never mind, you keep it, after all, you've done so much for us already, consider it a gift" although you can still ask for like a background of it and get a cool little history lesson, and all, would be epic! I'd love that, then it could have a bonus effect on the one it already has, Dose More Damage Against Dragons xP I should stop before I make three more paragraphs

  • Tarlo The Boar

    I love the Blades! They're like the Samurai of The Elder Scrolls!

  • DARK crypt

    i only like the blades armor cuz it has a eastern style to it :)

  • LaPoulette

    I bet that in the canon lore the Dragonborn will come to power as Emperor. This would be the perfect ending for an united lore : The Dragonborn was active during the civil war of Skyrim, but with the death of Titus Mede II and the help of the newly reformed Blades he came to power as Emperor.Then you just have to add that he killed Ulfric Stomrcloak without saying when exactly and there you have it.

  • Sam Vimes

    I really hope the next Elder Scrolls finally lets you leave Tamriel and go to Akavir, it would be awesome to see the origins of the Blades' culture and interact with the Tsaesci.

  • Shaina Starlin

    I have a question do I kill parthaunax or the blades?

  • Wise Wolf

    Blades can go fuck themselves, i can live with having an unfinished quest, not killing paarthurnax i refuse.

  • Kawazyman

    Fuck the Blades. I killed Esbern and Delphine because I will never kill Paarthurnax.

  • Kyle Schneider

    The blades failed throughout their history to protect the Dragonborn. By the time Delphine comes around the Blades shift their goals in order to use the dragonborn to protect THEM from dragons and the Thalmor. As bad the Thalmor are, thats their fight, not the Dragonborns. Yet they use the Dragonborn to build their group back up, and they give him instructions to kill Paarthunax. Which if he/she does so, it will cause the Greybeards to cut him off, giving the Blades more influence over the Dragonborn over how to use his abilities.

  • MarkGhost Productions

    Blades: Loyal to the Dovahkiin.Delphine: Kill PantuuraxMe: I will not. You will make peace with him and that is final!Delphine: then we dissown you!walks awayMe: .....inserts kill codes

  • Vaineratom

    It would be good if in Elders scrolls 6 Dragons would not be extinct and would be all over Tamriel instead of being exclusive to skyrim

  • Andrew Cribb

    Maybe Sean Bean should stay away from high fantasy. Every time he appears he dies. RIP Uriel Septim and Ned Stark, Warden of the North.

  • Moises Madrigal Zamora

    Graybeards would kill the blades the same way they would kill you if you attack one of them.

  • ExoticGamer

    Don’t be too hard on the blades. Esbern wasn’t the one too fond of killing parthurnax, it’s just that bitch Delphine that has the intelligence of mudcrabs

  • Lol Face

    The thing I hate about the blades, they make you kill Puurthanax.... he's a friend, that's a dragon, who helps you defeat Alduin at the throat of the world, and at the end of the game the other dragons and him give you a ceremony thing, he's in the top 3 of my favorite dragons in Skyrim.

  • Preston Garvey

    "Dragonborn, we swear loyalty to you for you own the Blades, NOW KILL PAARTHANAX OR WE'LL NEVER HELP YOU!!!"

  • Pickles Mcgee

    Grey beards are a bunch of pussies willing to let the world burn under Alduin. with great power comes great responsibility. who's really misusing their power smh. =/ even arengir didn't care how the world turned out cuz "it must be fate"what they're doing is no different than nihilism, just don't do anything cuz it's all pointless n out of our control.

  • Alias

    The Blades don't do anything unitl I kill Paarthurnax. There needs to be a mod where you can persuade them to agree with you

  • Allan Vdsouza

    Why exactly does the Blades want to wipe out dragons? Just why? Why don't they at least try to talk to Parthurnax?

  • Shadow Wolf

    I always side with the blades in Skyrim fuck Paarthurnax and the greybeards the blades are awesome

  • Tom Critter

    I never side with the blades in the end. I feel like if I did I'd be ruining their perfect track records of falling short of success. hahaha.

  • James Roper

    The Blades are full of shit. The Greybeards are right about the Blades, they basically used the Dragonborn in Skyrim, then cast them aside the moment Paarthurnaxx is discovered. The Dragonborn's destiny is to kill Alduin, and his followers. Not to wipe out the dragons completely. I used the Blades to defeat Alduin. Once I killed him, I cut all ties with the Blades. I never went back to Skyhaven Temple. Delphine and Esbern can rot in that place for all I care.

  • BallsDeepInCereal.

    The Blades are sworn to obey the Dragonborn, yet 99% of the time they are trying to tell me what to do in Skyrim.

  • SirSirupy

    One day I hope that the Blades be rebuilt one day, restored back to their glory from Oblivion. Imagine that, a powerful Dragonborn Empire rising once more, bringing back the Blades from extinction.

  • The Waffle Bat

    They can go fuck themselves, I'm not killing my favourite character to appease those self-fellating terror-monkeys.

  • Super Nerd

    for some reason te idea of dragons being everywhere in nirn is hard for me to comprehnd and I always think dragons where only in skyrim

  • Emperor Palpatine

    But in all reality The Stormcloaks declaring war on the Imperials is pretty much like 1 guy fighting an entire army the empire out number the Stormcloaks 10/1 All the empire has to do is call in a Thalmor army and the stormcloaks will be defeated because they don't have the resources to stay alive all the Thalmor has to do is either wait them out or just go in there and kill them all plus most of the provinces are allied with the Empire so they can't get supplies from them.

  • Brandon Ewing

    The blades are kind of like skyrim's version of the jedi from star wars. The fact the thalmor wanted the blades all dead is like in star wars where the empire wants the jedi all dead and their presence faded from existence.


    Screw the blades, They want me to kill parthurnaax? HEEELL NO

  • beutel Tier

    the map at 0:51 is in German

  • TheDarkWarrior Gaming*Artist

    Blades in Oblivion) AYYYYYYBlades in Skyrim) oh go fuck yourself

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