Skyrim Dawnguard You Can't Marry Serana






  • Spookeh xo

    Wait so if you cure her, she can marry you?

  • El señor Lobato

    Hahahahh you killed ur wife for no reason

  • xx3dcontrolartx xx

    if u want to cure serana u cant ask her about curing her self at all during the whole dawnguard story line

  • Brayden Newton

    This really sucks you should be able to marry Serana.

  • cori garcia

    You had wrong necklace to dumbass

  • BoringAhh

    Skyrim fact:You can't marry her because she was raped by molang bal and she was in a temple when she got raped

  • read this comment

    Wtf? You just get friend zoned before marriage? That is fucked up. Companions should be the only ones you can marry, not the other way round

  • RJ

    so if you have her get cured can you then marry her?

  • Lavernius Tucker

    1. you need amulet of Mara. 2. you can't remarry without console commands

  • Damn Daniel

    If I killed my wife can I still marry serana?

  • Vaineratom

    you can you just have to cure her

  • transformersbannana

    Ugh you need the Amulet of Mara dumbass. if you already had a wife (like the one you killed for no reason) you would've had to have known you needed that Amulet. seriously didn't you find anything brining up the Amulet of Mara while you were researching marriage in Skyrim on the internet?? lol you idiot

  • LIO D

    yes I'm marriage her but she is can't give my sex ;)

  • Chancellor Palpatine


  • Used Asian

    if elderscrolls6 comes out, bethesda better add that vampires can be married. vamps in my opinion r hot, specifically the ladies

  • Thomas Peckoff

    So let me get this straight in the first video u killed ur wife to marry her only to find out u can’t marry her without a this art imitating life.....lmao😂

  • Yaakovv

    before I meet Serana: "why the fuck would I marry anyone in this game" Saved Serana (and my first words were): WOW Hey there beautiful. Took her home and met her father:"no fuck u I dont wanna be no vampire. goodbye Serana.Figured out she came to the castel were the dawngarud are:"Oh Shit. this seems nice."Watched this vid::`(. WHY BETHESTED WHY

  • Colt

    I got Serana's vapirism cured.

  • Cyber Chiken

    I don't fucking care about the mods Bethesda stop being nice to them AND LET US JUST FUCKING MARRY SERANA UGH!

  • Monkey Rocket

    I fucking hate my existence. My life is lie. Fuck you Bethesda for being a dick, and fuck you Serana for being the most interesting female in the game and still being impossible to marry

  • TheBanjoShow

    I’m late to this but I’ve started playing Skyrim again and I would just like to say that you know they made Serana smokin hot with a sexy ass voice actor just so you’d keep her around. I see right through your facade Bethesda, but I won’t lie, it works. She carries items too so another reason to keep her sexy ass around.

  • Chase Martino

    How do you make Serena your companion?

  • jaime garcia

    lmao dude you made me laugh i killed my wife for no reason lol

  • tekkara

    Only good character and you can even marry her

  • Solo Rogue

    I upgraded my PC a year ago JUST so my character Xena could marry Serana. It was cute but it's really not that big of deal. If u love her and she loves you, that's really all that matters. Believe me when I say, she seriously hates making u a home cooked meal lol. Xena rarely asks her

  • Super saiyan Lord

    I didn't get the diolouge option. How do you get it?

  • Gaboseries

    But what I you put a bucket on her head? Will she still say she's scared of temples when she doesn't know where she is in the first place?

  • raqshiq ishraaq

    There are still lot of guys saying that you can marry serana without mods......the only way to confirm is look through her code ....and then confirm...skyrim has lots of secrets

  • Gaboseries

    It's fine... I... I have... (Tries not to cry) I have Aela anyway CRIES LIKE A BABY

  • Luke DG II

    Sooooo, marry Aela and bang Serana on the side (in your mind of course)BAMNow you have two hot badass lovers, a vampire and a werewolfRP only of course

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