Elder Scrolls Tribute: Serana смотреть онлайн в хорошем hd 720 качестве

This is my tribute for Serana who is one of my favourite characters from Skyrim. I hope you will like it! SUbscribe and leave comment. Thanks!
  • Toxin 12

    I love elder scrolls tributes but not this 1

  • Patrick Reams

    Amazing pictures, and nice music. I fell so deeply in love with Serana during my first playthrough of Dawnguard after telling myself not to. xD She's my absolute favorite videogame love interest, without a question, and I even have my Dragonborn's story end with their marriage (With the help of mods, of course). Anyway, awesome tribute!

  • Dat Boi

    One of these Videos with a touch of extra edge

  • Vincent The Purple Guy

    Shes an awesome character but her one terrible flaw is get reedy for this HER DADDY ISSUES!

  • Love The Beast Within

    I always was a werewolf fighting side by side with this bloodsucking chick and no one could beat us :3

  • Lol Lol

    Fits so well like meg and dia

  • MrMorphicus

    0:47 - Nice tribute and all, but isn"t that arm kinda...GIANT STYLE ?

  • Forest Child

    kacsi could u do an Odahviing tribute plz . He is my fav character and I've been looking for one but haven't found one. it would be an honor to have you do it

  • Solo Rogue

    adore Serana but mine is my favorite. She is on my channel my profile pic In my heart.

  • Pedro Matuk Ferreira e Silva

    Great video! You shouldn't have shown her ass though...

  • Night Assassin

    What is this song called

  • ben reed

    I think that Haunted by Evanscence would have been more fitting

  • Maizie Sayalcroston

    this is awesome serana is like family to me on skyrim

  • zonicay

    FYI the song is "monster" by meg&dia

  • Henry Cooper Simon

    She is very hot and she is my favorite follower but what the fuck is this song.

  • Perry

    o video é legal mas essa musica de emo de fundo é uma merda

  • Chelsx

    I made my character look like her because she is besutiful.

  • Balinux

    The Volkihar clan tribute is gone?

  • Flawless Serana

    I approve only not 2:02

  • Gregory Ortiz

    Serana looks sexy without that stupid mod

  • Ash Jones

    I hope you play Daggerfall or we can't be friends....

  • zombiekiller946

    Excellent...Serana is also one of my favs...wish I could have been married to her in Skyrim.

  • Ayleid King

    A half blooded Atmoran succubus who shalt turn from the dark or be cleansed by the light.

  • Qwertyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;'zxcvbnm,./

    2:02 Lol this part ruined the whole video.

  • Mitchell Darling

    A fitting tribute to skyrim's best vampire.

  • Pink Queen Sugar Lover

    The tribute is nice but what gave you away to put her (unmentionables) in the video Sanguine Molag?P.S.: Enslaver wants to absorb your soul.

  • Nikki Wills

    I have absolutely no idea why you guys believe, Serana can't be married... It can be done, in case you always made the right decision during all the quest with her...Also I'm suprised she always wears the same odd clothes in this video, since there are so many other different clothes... suits her quite well.However... your clips are made pretty professional.Congrats, Kacsi94 !!Sincerely...NikkiWills.

  • megaleg80

    Serana and Paarthurnax are my favorite Skyrim characters. Epic Tribute!

  • Gregory Ortiz

    At 2:24 serana looks like maven black briar from riften

  • Tristan West

    Loved the video except for 2:02 Serana is a respectable slayer badass who shouldn't be demeaned like that.

  • KillerDragon001

    I just love Serana and your video ^^ (I was wondering if you could do a tribute for Lamae Bal? :) )

  • Morgan horses

    My favorite part is 2:23 that picture was my fav

  • Nightingale FTW

    I'm still crying after all this time

  • Morgan horses

    Serana is my favorite charater I wish I could be Serana

  • Leo

    and this is why ES Lore is so fabulous :D3> Serana

  • Machi

    meg&diaa!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Hrvoje Kljajić

    This is awesome, I didnt like the japanesse type artwork, and a few pictures made her look older than she is, but the rest is great

  • Lilia's Armoury

    i would have used a within temptation song for her but this works

  • WorkGalaxy47

    will you still make more because I hope you will, these are really good!

  • James Quinn

    amazing tribute to serana she is so amazingly sexy im thinking of getting her as a tattoo she is that AWESOME

  • Gregory Ortiz

    Btw wats the song called because i like it

  • alduin bane

    What's the song called

  • Tunturi99

    WOW this is awesome! yeah she is my favourite too.

  • Forest Child

    i feel so bad for serana because both her parents were like "Meh! We don't need a daughter were sucky parents" but awesome video!!! GO SERANA!!!!!!

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