Skyrim - Missing NPC Fix

Fix for NPCs that go missing.

List of most NPCs with their Ref-Ids -
  • Moved to Second Channel

    so if i have the game for ps3 i'm fucked...

  • Chantheman5

    jezus in riften 90% of them are missing -_- I went underneath and found them :(

  • CrushingDespair

    sadly yeah :( ....try reverting to an older save ..

  • Alice Nasweter

    Thank you so much for this video, it helped me much. I couldn't find the blacksmith from Markarth - Tacitus Sallustius. When I used that console first time I appeared somewhere else but when I used it again I found that guy above the Markarth. It was impossible to get to him on my own, but I was trying that anyway. :D Thanks again.

  • CrushingDespair

    Yea happens a lot while modding, in my case open cities mod sent my carlotta under the earth ;)

  • ThatRPGPlayer

    Hey this was an awesome video so I subbed! Please sub to me and check out my channel.It would be much appreciated.

  • Pally Trainer

    Thanks a lot! I lost that wood elf guy from Riverwood cause I ditched him for Lydia's help but she wouldn't let me because I forgot to tell him to part ways. Lol it's weird when I did the cheat, it took me to the place I ditched him but whenever I walked there by foot he wasn't there....Mhhh weird

  • redcodec

    thank you for sharing! was having this problem :D

  • Chantheman5

    Haha. I also had open cities but it prevented my game from loading the save so I uninstalled it. Then my npcs are gone.T T

  • Jingle Jangle

    Please help me! I want to marry Karliah from the Nightingales. i come to her, select her in console, do the commands, close console, talk to her, but nothing, theres no speech option "interested in me, are you?". What do i do, i really want to marry Karliah...

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