PAID MODS 2.0 (Creation Club) WILL WORK make Bethesda LOT of MONEY! | #BE3 | Responding to Concerns

Rather than making a third E3 video today, I opted instead to clarify a lot of the responses I was getting from my previous “Disappointment and Paid Mods” video and talk about why the Creation Club will work and make Bethesda a lot of money. Time to make a lot of people angry.

The lack of transparency combined with the obfuscating language it was presented is a big deal with this program. This is a wait and see situation. Even if "ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides" is right, and "Creators" are paid a flat fee on release, the fee better be pretty damn big or you can see them just exploiting hopeful modders. If it's percentage based, we need to see to see how much. This has the potential to be GREAT or HORRIBLE for modders seeking to be official Bethesda "Creators".

I've also gotten a ton of people screaming "PC ALREADY WON THE CONSOLE WAR" and such, keep in mind the only statistics that matter here are Skyrim Special Edition (Not classic Skyrim) and Fallout 4, those are where these new products are being sold. All other games are irreverent to the discussion as to whom dominates the Creaton Club Space, yup, that's what it's about.
  • Swapnil Gopalka

    I really like the system of donation instead of paying mods where Bethesda gets the cut and make money for someone else's hard work. The time when modders did stuff and all the hardwork just coz of their sheer love for the game. Today there are a lot of mods but when there will be TES6 there is huge possibility even horse armors for it will be bought from creation club. PC gamers now have an option of not buying those crappy mods coz they already have shit load of mods in Nexus for skyrim oblivion and morrowind but TES6 will be another story. Most of the modders then will try to get recognition from Bethesda, I mean who doesn't want that. And then The Elder Scrolls might become a game where you gotta spend money for all the little little add ons like those free to play games where people buy extra armors, weapons, equipments, mounts etc.

  • outdated TV

    Me buying Morrowind twice in 2017 (first GOG then Steam) is because of free modding. A game that is 15 years old. Still brings profits to Bethesda. Because of free modding.

  • Ellis Paul

    +Zaric Zhakaron I just bought oblivion on pc and i was wondering which mods you recommend? Your 'lite' combination or the mod pack which you talked about in a seperate video. Keep it up with the great content!

  • MLGeoff

    Is it just me, or is the audio sync off a little bit?

  • Cavemantero

    I'm pretty sure there will be no in between here. They'll either go full on greed or the actual current DLC route. The only positives I see from this from the consumer standpoint being it gives modders a chance to make some cash and get their names in the game development industry allowing for better content. The negatives are microtransactions and the necessary boycotting from non-stupid people like myself who refuse to pay for un-bundled DLC. I like the idea of full-on expansions at a fair price...but they can do that is obviously going to lead towards the full on greed side of things.

  • Ferodaktyl

    just one simple question, for those using mods : how many mods do you use/try in any one game, and how much would they cost if you were to pay for those ? i'm just thinking of the tens if not hundreds mods i used for FNV only, not to mention any other modable games. what about bugfixing mods ? how much would you pay for a mod that fixes the original unmoded games and makes it a pleasant experience ? How much for a decent UI mod ? A stutter free mod ? a texture reduction or enhancing mod ? a game rebalance mod ? Just one more thing to think about : Take Two purchased KSP. What next ? :D

  • Goran Novakovic

    can you link a source of your minority claims?

  • QQchan

    Couldn't this result in more high quality free mods? As I have not seen anyone mention this it might not be relevant, but since Bethesda is going to pay for the creation of the mod, and expect the moder/developer to show a portfolio of previous work, wouldn't this make people, at least moders who want to get in on the system to make high some high quality free mods before applying?

  • Astariol

    I've known since I first logged on that the free internet would die, that DLC would ruin games, and that mods would eventually cost money. I also planned to quit the day this happened. Time to take up sailing

  • AnarchoArchitect

    I was thinking that another possible benefit of this whole Creation Club thing is that there will be kind of a direct line from the modding community to Bethesda in that some things the community might need Bethesda to do for their games can be relayed by modders who have contacts there. Hopefully with the next game they'll be more forthcoming about the capabilities and limitations of their engine, tools, and game records that modders have had to find out by trial and error. Heck there are still ini settings that nobody understands what they do or whether they work or not.

  • hweeddemon

    I'm sure you could just pirate it in the future. So no big deal :)

  • Daniel

    Wow, if you really look into it I just noticed Skyrim's cities are (basically) copy paste architecture from oblivion. Markarth:Anvil Riften:Bravil Solitude:Chorrol

  • Swapnil Gopalka

    "This is Sundas of June 11. The year of 2017. These are the closing days of the Nexus community and the final hours of free mods"

  • dead1yassasinn

    where can I find your pc specs m8

  • Gil Telvanni, The Mage

    Moral of the story: They going to make the Modder's feel like professionals doing official add-ons for the games, and make the user's feel that they are buying little official add-ons for the games that they love, and because of this love for the games Fallout and Skyrim they going to buy the ''official add-ons'' and Bethesda gonna make a lot of money as they do with DLC's.

  • Corey Miner

    What the creation club is offering right now is not good and not at all worth it and do bare in mind I'm speaking as a PS4 only user true that some of the things on are neat and cool but fuck no I'm I gonna spend money to get them like with what Zaric had said I would be more than happy to pay for actual dlc content like wormstooth and such but I have a strong hunch that we won't see much or any content like that which is why I'm writing a script for such a mod in fallout 4 to give that content to the people and honestly Zaric is right in the fact that probably us PS4 users will ultimately feed the fire of the the creation club and I wish I'd speak for the majority of PS4 users but I sadly do not so I'm a minority when I say that micro transactions are a blight on the gaming community and a shitty business practices and right now what the creation club is offering is exactly that micro transactions small or joke things like that should be free or at least stupidly low priced because they either should've already been implemented into the game or are so small of a detail they shouldn't have to cost money but there is some kid with a PS4 who's gonna see all of this and by it all without realizing this is little to nothing in actual content and sadly that's the majority children and stupid people who will fall directly into Zenimax and Softworks' plans to make easy's times like these where the fallout universe and our universe aren't so different seeing how we both have evil corporate scum but as much as we should try to stop them there's not much we can do seeing how the majority isn't self aware enough to tell them to fuck off anyway love your vids Zaric keep up the good work and to anyone reading this I hope my ranting got you to think on this situation or just think about something in general and I hope you have a lovely day or night wherever you are

  • yellow6100

    I sexually identify with being a crab armor

  • yellow6100

    This is paid modding in spirit? Well Bethesda loves you in spirit bro.

  • ElvenSupremacist

    As a modder, some money wouldn't go amiss. As a mod user, hell no am I paying for this. I wouldn't mind the CC if it released DLC-sized mods ONLY. That way it's quality work, the price is worth it, and modders get money/experience. My big worry, though, is what this will do to the community. Right now, I'm a 3D modeler on a DLC-sized project and I can tell you that you WILL NOT be able to do some of this stuff, at least in the beginning, without piggybacking off of someone else's work and copying their methods until you have your own style/skill. When everyone can suddenly make a quick buck off of their assets, no one's going to share anything and the whole community will be lesser for it.

  • Turkost

    Modding has been driven by grassroots hobbyist communities for as long as the concept has existed. The promise of monetary compensation introduces competition and rewires the objective of creativity and art into creating supply/demand products.It's Bethesda releasing a huge basket of snakes into the grass.

  • Otherworld Game Design

    Man you explain issues cleanly and clearly. Thanks Zaric!

  • Jacob Daly

    I agree totally with this video. But why is this dude looking like the matrix wearing fucking sunglasses indoors staring at a PC monitor.

  • Lombra

    I would agree with paying for real content, at least if it was maintained properly. My main issue with paid user created content is the fear of it suddenly ceasing to work one day because the creator has retired.Will not pay for things like graphics mods.Biggest danger is, as mentioned, the step towards a potentially unmoddable future.

  • cody depappe

    You remind me of a more laid back Jim "Fucking" Sterling Son... which is one of the highest compliments I could possibly give.

  • DaaaYmeeoN

    Does anyone know how the creation club could affect skse64

  • Colonel RPG

    If horse armor is merely cosmetic today, it wasn't merely cosmetic when it came out. It increased horse health from 500 to 2500, if I remember correctly.

  • Xiaohan Liu

    Paying money to get mod does not equal to paid mods?! WTF people, do you even logic?

  • coffeecup918

    Personally, I like the idea of serious modders being able to make reliable money off their work. They should leave the nexus alone and let that act as their alpha testing ground. Let people make whatever the hell they want and if it has potential, contract the modder to develop it for consoles so it can be QC'd properly.If developers were thinking ahead they'd be thinking of unionizing though. Otherwise softworks is going to play them against each other to drive down costs.

  • yellow6100

    Moder turned Software developers assassin haha

  • Andrey Russian

    I would like to pay for game skin from Calvin Klein of DLC story from Howard Lovecraft (even using micro trans actions :)) instead paying to nobody for doing average skins and storyies! They do not doing promo to creators coz their arts is lowest!

  • Mrlolpie

    I own a ps4 and xbone, but play Bethesda games exclusively on xbox. I doubt I'll spend any money on the creation club unless they're is an addition like that of an official expansion pack.

  • Zaric Zhakaron

    #BE3 Reaction/Creation Club (Previous Video) - Day 1 Video - Nexus Problem - regard to my comment on the PC vs Console Market-share, first thing you have to do is throw out everything that doesn't apply to Skyrim Special Edition or Fallout 4. Nothing else applies to this system.

  • Dark Ness

    man PS4 users going to get nicked and dime

  • Lucas Phoenix

    I haven't bought shit from the Creation Club. I play on PS4 by choice and when I heard this and I said "Well thats bullshit." Most of the stuff on the club isn't worth shilling out money for these things. That being said if something along the lines of DLC quality comes out for Fallout 4 (thats honestly the only game by Bethesda I play anymore because Skyrim is boring as hell to me) then I may consider getting it.

  • Halsaufschneider

    Looking at all the shit coming out of Beths asshole. Some one could imply, the PC version of Fallout 4 runs like shit on purpose!So people would need a beefier PC, or outright buy the Playboy$tation 4. And with that, are only able to use payed mods.You can now throw around tinfoil hats like a maniac or not. But it still stands, as a valid but shady way, to make money.You make the one, free platform as unattractive as possible. Just to push your customers to another heavily regulated platform.That way you can cash in the most. You can call this many things, but absurd it is not!

  • Chris

    Tell me the truth Zaric, what's your real name? I promise I'll get offended and still sub your channel :-)Ok, in all seriousness Zaric. I think you're getting ahead of yourself when you said PC Gamer's aren't going to buy mods for the reasons you've stated. While it may be true that PC gamer's won't buy mods, I believe they are more likely to learn how to mod. At least that's why I wouldn't buy mods. I took the time to learn how to mod. I've talked with other modders and gained knowledge and experience to accomplish whatever modding goal I had at the time.

  • Random Dragon

    For now I'm glad I'm on XBONE. However i do feel sorry for PS4 users. On top of that I hope to god that if they do this again, it doesn't go too far. I don't want to have to pay for a levitation mod in the next TES game or better plasma rifles in the next Fallout. Though as long as the CMDLC (Community Made Downloadable Content) are cannon in the comming games, and little standalone CMDLC don't happen (again), then I'll be happy to buy a thing or two. Though I believe a close eye is in order. Sure it may not make a difference in a day, but we won on the XBONE not being internet only. If things get out of control and developers or publishers need a boot up their ass, we HAVE to do it. For now I'll watch very closely.

  • Bluer Sora

    Im on ps4 but before I used to play on pc and I even modded and uploaded my tes mods to the nexus always for free didn't even wanted donations because money and politics ruin creativity and since the first paid mods attempt I lost interest and a bit of respect for some modders and "bethesda" because playing and creating mods was the most fun I had with theyre games and seeing modders users and bethesda going crazy and hostile to each other made me move on to ps4 to try new games and exclusives but then skyrim came out on console with promise of free mods so I got it with a discount on ps store but the mods and beth net suck and I realised this is just another step for the paid mods scheme and I see console players craving for more content like crazy console players throw money for any stupid dlc they see so the creation club will be a success there, I wont pay or even use it I think skyrim has been milked enough and there are other games and other things to look for they wont let go of this so the best way to respond is to just walk away and leave them with theyre own shadow.

  • Goran Novakovic

    so you are saying digital copies dont count? are you kidding

  • Dylon Taylor

    I'm just going to be upset if they nab up the elder scrolls renewal project crew

  • niikolai768

    I think it's a good idea to start downloading and hoarding mods right now, while they are still available on nexus.

  • Noah Alexander

    What are the odds Softworks uses drm to take down creatin kit mods that competes too directly with Creation Club content, or otherwise uses their control of the rights of mods made using the creation kit to give creators an unfair advantage at the modder's expense?

  • xx 88

    I'm happy for the mod makers, they deserve a real shot at becoming pro, but I'm worried that in the future Softworks is going to encroach into the modding community and shut down mods that interfere with their profit margin because they happen to be to similar.

  • guns

    Bethesda's creation club video should of said '' Bethesda game studios used to make good open world games , these days we only care about dumbing our games down and milking because we can't be bothered to do any work, give us your money. We don't care about our fans and know you guys are stupid so buy our paid mods..oops I ments dlcs so we can destroy mods. These days we truly are a lazy, shitty out of touch non fan caring disgusting company '' .

  • boren81

    Glorious PC gaming Master Race here, so my thoughts if I see stuff in here that really comes down to full expansion quality (not contraptions level like Old World Blues level or better) I'll buy those that kind of work is worth supporting so we get more of it. If it's simply more crab armor and sword retextures no way, not spending one dime of real or fake money on that I don't care if they give it away with achievements no, nyet, nein, not happening.

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