Unlimited Blade Works in Minecraft

Archer's noble phantasm, Unlimited Blade Works, in Minecraft.

Note: I didn't put more swords because they cause massive lag, and it hurted the redstone a lot.

Also, if you people want, I can make a tutorial on how to make those swords.

Archer is a character from Fate/stay night, a visual novel by Type-Moon.
  • Shal ucard

    I don't remember a fire circle in ubw

  • TheSonicfanx1

    Where did you get this?!

  • Monier Elmardi

    You should post a download for this on Planet Minecraft. I love the fact that you added the audio btw.

  • shwe thanlwin

    I love fate very much!

  • Lienfox

    I love Fate stay night Bit where is Saber's Sword?

  • Ohh Hai Dere

    Weirdest fucking Minecraft Video I have seen in a while. +1

  • Archer

    Please leave map download, I'm planning to make a server with it

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