Unlimited Blade Works in Minecraft

Archer's noble phantasm, Unlimited Blade Works, in Minecraft.

Note: I didn't put more swords because they cause massive lag, and it hurted the redstone a lot.

Also, if you people want, I can make a tutorial on how to make those swords.

Archer is a character from Fate/stay night, a visual novel by Type-Moon.
  • Sadistic Sam

    Deserves a like just for the atmosphere , I don't even like minecraft ... but damn if u didn't caught the essence of Archer and ubw right ! ;)

  • Shal ucard

    I don't remember a fire circle in ubw

  • Fahmi Tajjuddin

    karadawa......tsurugi de dekiteiru

  • Jc Dizon

    I am the bone of my sword

  • PaulNBlack

    Engines in the sky missing :v

  • Michael Mattson

    I don’t even really care about Minecraft any more, but this isn’t half bad

  • bmgetinawywithmurdr


  • Diego Aldair

    😮😮😮😮 Damn... that was so cool

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