Skyrim Volkihar Door bug PS4

Special Edition PS4
This game is 6 years old and this is still here?!!

  • Andrew Martin

    I'm having this same problem, sadly their seems to be little helpful info on this for ps4. you ever find a work around?

  • Stilonmajor

    Strange, I'm having this problem as well, and we both have the nemesis follower. And multiple followers as well, perhaps it's one of them?

  • Mister Sandman

    You probably already know this by now but if you have the mod called Alidons armory it has a room where you can go to all locations including volkihar castle and it works

  • austin baker

    I'm am stuck the same way on bloodline and elder knowledge , discerning the transmundane

  • Giffplays

    ive made my own vid asking people suggestions but no responses eny idea im on ps4 and i do have the multi follower mod

  • Allelujah

    Restarting the game doesn't help...

  • Dee Jones

    Hey sup guys idk if y'all have a ps4 but if you go just download the mod TRAP DOOR

  • DisgruntledBlowTorch

    I've got the issue where the door doesn't work, gate opens fine. But the door doesn't do anything when I try to get in

  • Adam Swanson

    Lol why post the video without a fix? Basically click bait

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