Skyrim: 100 Dragons vs Whiterun

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  • GHOSTMONKy22 2

    mr.dragonborn we kinda have a dragon problem

  • Gents McCarny

    this is what probably happens if the dragonborn didn't appear at all

  • Matthew Milliken

    you tried to kill whiterun but you only killed your graphics card. rip <3

  • OrbitalFilms

    why just why whiterun cant take on 2 dragons let alone 100

  • Raptormann0205

    By the nine and all that is holy, what plane of oblivion have you unleashed upon skyrim…

  • NordicWarrior

    Dragonsreach was only built to hold 1 dragon!

  • War Monkey

    do you get to the cloud district very often?

  • Imperial Palace Guard

    By the nine, what sorcery is this?! This is even more of a disaster then when kvatch was attacked by daedra!

  • Cojultad

    I bet heimsker was still preaching the entire time

  • lazer t

    Watch the skies traveler

  • GamingBandana

    man just spawn 100 fucking dragons at the time !!!!!!

  • Ryan Benton

    Ladies and gentlemen you just witnessed the death of a graphics card

  • Firefox Pro1

    Wow I can't believe what happened at the end

  • Gildarts Clyde

    Ummm... rip frame rate...

  • Hexiel154.1

    My lord!!It looks just like Clash of Clans o_O Thats 3 stars for sure :-D

  • Lloyd

    More like 100 dragons vs your pc

  • Zovlo

    Just trap them in Dragons Reach


    they say Ulfric stormcloak murdered the High king! ... shouted him apart with his VOICE !

  • Crystal Sky Gaming


  • Do Not Subscribe

    I think he should of did it in rounds like round 1, 1 dragon round 2, 2 dragons like that not 100 hundred at a time

  • Sharon Brown

    my dragon born is on 160 a god lvl and even I can't kill this much dragons

  • HowlingSnail

    And Ysolda doesn't give the slightest fuck.

  • Kamari Thomas

    Tinvaak jor!!!! U fool!!!! Wait. Nvm. The kids will take care of it. Lol.

  • michael reiersøl

    Its an awsime pc but the grapich card is shit

  • Temujin

    What are your specs?

  • Brickelz

    This might burn a little..

  • Phoenix Beck

    NASA called they want their computer back

  • corehazard

    This looks like the scene in Jurassic World where the pterodactyls break loose.

  • Ratched Viper

    That video compression just took 100 arrows to the knee

  • Sam Richardson

    This is the loyal dragons avenging Alduin

  • Hailey Vlogz

    Lol that is so funny

  • DanMetalHead1

    Balgruuf: Farengar, are you finished with that research yet?Farengar: I'm still trying to figure out the source of these dragons, my lord.Balgruuf: Well you better hurry up because THERE ARE 100 DAMNED DRAGONS DESTROYING THE CITY!!!

  • a potato

    can you not have just added 100 at the end of the command instead of stupidly spawning each individual dragon?

  • Lucas Silver

    What are your computers specs?

  • Joe Momma

    So it's a WWII dogfight with dragons?

  • Mira Franco

    O titulo do video deveria ser: "Sem mais nada pra fazer em Skyrim".

  • Rookie

    How do you get the codes for spawning stuff

  • ZER02

    I like how some of the people don't care about a hundred of dragons attacking

  • DYbJizzle

    do you get to the cloud district very of.... mother of god

  • Douglas Goldbach

    Impression or the Dragons are attacking each other sometimes?

  • Krys0lovers0sos

    Using dragonrend would be like musical chairs here

  • Art Bnd

    I like how the ending is "fuck it, nuke the hell out of whiterun"

  • DJ E20

    this actually looked sick

  • Yudha Cahyo

    I wonder what could happen if you use 'killall'

  • türkan hut

    how you can draw this so fast

  • anakin skywalker

    Lingraav fin skies wunduniik, Zuk arrows hei fen praag, Zu'u ahk brah wah kos aan siirodiilen tinvaak med hei, nuz ruz zu'u took dovahzul wah fin lovaas pok. Happy translating :D

  • Benjamin Stef

    I rather take an arrow to the knee...

  • TheArchDemon

    You summoned them all now you get to slay them all 

  • - Roger -

    IGN 9/10 "needs more dragons"

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