Skyrim Mods: The Uchiha Clan Version 2.0 Update!

Something that a lot of you have been waiting for. Here is some of the changes that you will find in the 2.0 version of The Uchiha Clan Mod!

Link to mod

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  • Ahkakaya Chashechka

    Can I get the music from the video?

  • Raychel Diaz

    and here i sit with my crappy skyrim(not so) special edition. wanting to play with game changing mods. only mods availble recolored armor and cheat chest with all resources. i fucking hate sony im boycotting all their product

  • H'o'G_Ricochet

    Can anybody tell me name of song on background?

  • TheLoser27

    I need this mod on xbox

  • Chris Seeton

    one of the Uchiha paths is Nagato? fake news

  • Sindor

    No Madara giant meteor? smh

  • Westley Wharakura

    Why is nagato on here he is an uzumaki

  • J I

    That thumbnail is so dope. Anyone knows the link to the original picture?

  • kingjoshua1788

    Is this mod on consoles??

  • ry ko

    do you go blind eventually?

  • jacob ahola

    What the fuck Nagato is an uzumaki, not an uchiha fuck the creator of that mod

  • Michał Sitek

    Nagato mentioned as a Uchiha clan meber XD mmmbuhahahhaaa

  • LulzSec

    Your pronunciation triggers me

  • G30 Dangerous

    Clearly the guy who added the path of Tobi, doesn't know about he's real name obit0.

  • Goji Senpai

    Is this mod available on PS4? This would be the on,y reason I get this game again.

  • The Dragon Shinobi

    Nagato is not an Uchiha. .. ...

  • Hi I'm Bayo

    I just came for the thumbnail if any one could link it please <3

  • KylorC 1994

    I want to watch all of the first and second narutos now

  • james bond

    Hey hirostormwolf Can you summon more than one clone ??

  • russell anderson

    is it available on ps4

  • Jazz Warren

    Nagano wasn't an uchiha, nor did he have a sharingan you casual

  • budzhomie29

    is this mod available for console???

  • Jared Griggs

    only if nagoto was a uchiha and not an uzumaki

  • Hank Dankson

    9:37 "Ack-Ro-Nack" bruhhhh i love the way you pronounce shit 😂😂 this mod needs to make its way to PS4, my pc got fried.

  • Shannen Hayes

    For Tobi, the spell should 100% have been Frilled Neck Lizard Jutsu xD Also, that Amaterasu looks bomb!

  • NiftyGam3r

    Nice mod but Nagato breaks the Uchiha immersion. Hes not an Uchiha.

  • Dream Strider

    What armor is that????

  • Chase Cronin

    Do you have plans to put this on console?

  • Vampy Chan

    I thought i heard sumthin'.... <commit suicide>

  • X Hydra

    Nice mod but nagato isnt uchiha

  • John Lemond

    this is cool.but horrible pronunciation and wrong details about the naruto verse

  • Zack WhoAmI

    Jo this is dope. This either needs to be hella updated or there should be a garry's mod type game for skyrim because this has wicked potential. Model design and game use for the COMPLETE susasno'o for example.

  • ALI .B

    Nagato is not uchiha lmao



  • Benjo Plata

    Nagato isn't an uchiha

  • kenneth lawson

    I thought nagato was a uzamaki

  • Matt Saljanin

    Can I get this mod on Xbox one skyrim remaster ?

  • michael pham

    Sorry guys gotta weeb out for a second, but isnt nagato a uzumaki

  • Nicholas Wolfe

    Were the hand signs at 😂

  • A. Adam

    Kotoamatsukami 3rd is the best. Can it targeting a large group of enemy?

  • Kobe The Gloat

    I'm lost what game is this

  • DuelFusion

    LUL why they say tobi, its obito

  • Duku

    Link for the thumbnail pls

  • CoolBros

    How can ı close enton clocke

  • Asker Rikvang

    Can you get this to Xbox

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