Skyrim Mods: The Uchiha Clan Version 2.0 Update!

Something that a lot of you have been waiting for. Here is some of the changes that you will find in the 2.0 version of The Uchiha Clan Mod!

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  • Felix

    Ничего из слов не понял, но like)

  • Dende The White Mage

    why is nagato there???? he's a fucking uzumaki that just happened to be a fucking op guy with the rennigan

  • Nate Hendo

    Uchiha eye remover?.. U mean ur fingers? Ain't nobody has to be fancy just go with the show and pluck those fools out😂😂

  • Fahri Nugraha

    well nagato isnt uchiha, even though he has rinnegan which many people says to be rikudou's version of sharingan, but he still is not an uchiha. his parents is not uchiha either. Not that it matters really, this mod is still awesome.

  • Shaz

    Does Xbox one have the Amaterasu at least?

  • VainRumble3

    I know Kakashi isn't an official Uchiha but it would be cool to see an add-on that added a Kakashi path.

  • Daniel Johnson

    Hey, whats that Health/ Madig/ Stamina HUD Mod youre using at 09:50?

  • Nightmare2night

    "Rinnengan" XD

  • Ashwin prakash

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song. Sounds like an Uchiha theme or maybe"the" Uchiha theme. Anyway would like the name.

  • cam 10

    Tf is a "riningan"

  • XxxJay Boogie

    Is this on Xbox or pc?Edit:nagato is a uzumaki lol not a uchiha

  • Shadow Wolf

    Hey, Stormwolf, I noticed that in this video, the Moku Bunshin had correctly colored Madara armor.However, in every other video I've seen on this, Madara's armor was black with a white robe.Can you tell me what's going on?

  • BG Sanchez

    Should have shown chibaku tensi

  • ecanoya

    All I wana know is how to get that Amaterasu Cloak Is it a path power or what?

  • Daniel Williams

    I play skyrim on PC but am gonna get it on my Xbox or ps4, do you think this mod will ever come to Console SE?

  • Aaron

    Can you tell me how to intall uchiha mod in version

  • Sahin Attila

    The Kamui spells in this mod have almost infinite possibilities, I love it. I beat the ebony warrior by placing a teleport mark and warped him in front of a giant and it just one hitted him :) :D

  • bastiisalive

    I wonder if u can acquire ALL of them hahahha

  • Limitless Beast

    Wait wasn't nagato part of the uzumaki clan? He is not in the uchiha....why is he there if it is because of his eyes why not put kakashi there?

  • Stealth Archer

    Sup Everyone !I wanted to ask has anyone ever came across a "Susanoo like" Purple shield spell ? Any mods that active this? I've been looking for one for like 2 months asked a lot of friends no one sadly couldn't help.

  • steve

    Cara eu gostaria do link das suas armaduras

  • apple pie

    Is it possible to let npc use sussano or naruto/uchiha spells? I use asis but never seen someone using it.

  • Alpha Master

    Wait , Nagato is an Uchiha ?

  • TheTrioGaming

    I wish someone would add it to steam workshop

  • cjakabuck90

    Is this available for special edition?

  • Shane Does Shrimp

    get this weeb shit off my recommendations

  • Life Of Revolution Surasame

    Does the Kotoamatsukami work on a dragon???!

  • david allen

    yes yes nagato is an uzumaki but his eyes are not his . given to him by an uchiha who progressed his sharingan to the rinnegan. rinnegan begat by sharingan should fall under uchiha abilities.

  • Bagas HP

    I have Skyrim Special Edition,can I use this mod?

  • legit gabe

    omg he is saying every thing wrong

  • Kadeda

    Yoo... incase you didn't know. This is out for Special Edition. I think it's a perfect time to do another playthrough if you're up for it.

  • IDNOTAVAILBLE \ADrunkenIrishMan

    How do I get Madaras rinnegan

  • shamrock legend

    Bro nagato is an Uzumaki


    When i start game with version 2.0, its crashed (

  • Pancake Paladin


  • Knight Israel Tordesillas

    where can i download your mod?its not in the nexus.

  • AussieMate

    how do you make the eye change when you use sharingan if you could reply it would be really helpful

  • Haku infinite

    wow, WAY too many people keep bitching about Nagato being an uzumaki... how do you people know he's an uzumaki, but you somehow DON'T know heHAS A BLOODY RINNEGAN!?

  • Antonio Benejan

    If you don't have the original skyrim and only the special edition how do you get this Mod because it's too cool not to have

  • Honza Očko

    Can someone help me ? i installed and i cant choose between the paths ? Also i tried new game but i didnt work

  • King Toonz

    Look at 5:16 lol use the subtitles and look at 7:54 with subs

  • GoldenEye

    None Naruto anime mods are shown when I search for it at PC, Why?

  • Bagas HP

    Ey man,I did subscribed on steam workshop to download but the download didn't startCan u please upload the ''Naruto Ultimate Overhaul'' Mod to Google Drive or Mediafire or other same things so I can download? Because I want this mod so bad

  • Djmike Lost

    Uchihaaaa sharingaaaaan!!

  • Saness Crap

    Is this mod on Xbox one please tell it is

  • Divine Mind

    What outfit are you wearing in the video?

  • CrazyMonkey 0117

    When he said the names, I was like well done, until he said Susano'o

  • Dom Gibson

    Wat armor was that on ur last character

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