Going to Morrowind and the White Gold Tower in SKYRIM.

Sorry about the awful B's and P's that are said, I lost my foam piece form my mic so now it has to be awful every time I say Boat, poo, pack, balls, banana, pail, phil... Ect.
Add this to your Skyrim.ini via my documents/my games/skyrim under [General]


And for the No collision and speed increase type this ingame.
Player.setav speedmult 500= enhanced speed.
Tcl= No collision.
And for mitchmazda6:
http://www.skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2672 ^__^
Thanks for watching, this is my first video.
  • Connor hecker


  • Planet Galaxy

    The mic is way to close to Ur mouth dude.

  • Bird

    When you are doing a tutorial on how to get to Morrowind, out of nowhere, a dragon appears. It appears as if the dragon wanted to know first before anyone else.

  • Jesse

    Now all we need is an elderscroll game where we can explore all of tamriel and the game is not online....

  • Rem the Nice Cat

    how was he walking in air

  • samcroniermusic

    get off novice you noob

  • ShootToKill 21

    I'm surprised they added the white gold tower in the game.

  • cool Hoots

    I have a question to ask

  • cool Hoots

    can you enter the cities like dawngurd,cycidill and the other places on skyrim

  • Taylor Harris

    Lol i got of my horse at the barrier then I went through

  • CubeNewb

    This would have been a great starting point for Beyond Skyrim, since it already has the base terrain, but they already went with Bruma instead.

  • Mr. Tophat

    get a pop filter please it will stop the pops and it is like $20

  • Beau Murray

    this nigga playing on novice

  • Fawkes Mc LOUD!!

    the reason that the white gold tower is there is to use it as a reference point while designing the game

  • singleshot2113

    I loved oblivion anyone else?

  • Reaper Panda

    Where's the huge fucking moat in between morrowind mainland and vvardenfall?

  • Bradley McQuade

    (Joke) If you jump off the edge of the map in Skyrim, would you fall into Oblivion?

  • oni wolf

    Your fucking mic dude Jesus Christ

  • Tyler Joseph

    they need to just remaster and update the concept of arena

  • Neon Lights

    "Theres always mountains in the way"Hey! you just described Skyrim!"

  • Megablaze259HD

    I laughed so hard when he went to High Rock instead of Cyrodiil

  • sulsty

    TES6 will probably have all provinces becuase they say they don't have the tech yet

  • cool Hoots

    how do ya fly like that

  • Lewis Alexander

    That's super cool! I wonder if they had plans early on to extend the game further out...

  • JonTron Plays Saxophone

    there's some areas you can escape Skyrim from but I dont remember where. I did at one point swim out of Skyrim on xbox

  • Goll Koll

    "You can find (*mic break*)ictures online." When you're so excited about a low res tower protruding from an island that you have to put your mouth on the microphone without a pop filter.

  • Ryan G-P

    Are you implying that an FoV of 85 is high?

  • Meme Tube

    Skyrim was going to be a mashup of all the other provinces together.. that's why they did it that way, they are building up to it.. one day they will have the entire map as one map.

  • sulsty

    How are we sure this isn't a mod

  • Aaron Yandell

    The White-Gold Tower must have been curcumsized in ES V.

  • WeSunSap ONE

    This guy clearly plays on novice, or maybe, just maybe...apprentice.I play on Master.

  • Dildo CumFart

    The tower is actually blue and black.

  • Nicholas Adkison

    My dude use a pop filter

  • cool Hoots

    Are you using a DLC if you are I don't have one and. how do ya get it

  • _liberty _

    this video didnt need to be 9 minutes long

  • emilee woods

    Do you know how to go to oblivion

  • Bryce Krispiez

    I’d rather them fix the goddamn game than put the effort into making half of the tower that you can’t even see unless you use console commands on pc

  • Mysterious 1118

    Maybe be they were planning on adding the imperial city for part of the war between the stormcloakes and imerials

  • LingKiin


  • carian draws

    Morrowind online is coming out on Ps4.

  • Jordan Sohl

    There's a glitch in my game rn where I can see Cyrodiil, High Rock, Morrowind, and Hammerfell on my map.

  • Smarmy Slayer

    how r u geting dragons blood, and dragonsbane arrows when i kill dragons they never have it, im confused

  • Zheng

    You still havent mastered the cheats though bro. Do the same thing but also increase your size at max. You will be covering distances like Flash. 😉😉

  • Taylor Spaulding

    anyone by any chance know what armor he was using?

  • Gabriel Kellar

    6:22 ur in hammerfell

  • Zachary Jones

    1. you can see these in the dragonborn dlc when you get on a dragon who then fights another dragon in the rift, gradually moving south because of this fight was my complicated way of seeing this without commands. (they likely planned for this and you might be able to glimpse the white gold tower off of the throat of the world) 2. please turn the fx mod off next time you do something like this, as it is hard to see anything you tried to show with it on

  • Inger Garcia, Esq.

    We can go here via the Dragonborn DLC or Tamriel Unlimited


    Why when I watching tes 3-4 videos that has been recorded on xbox I am remember my childhood?

  • the venom54

    Morrowind is just ash deserts

  • Danny boi apples

    You can see the tower from karthspire


    Skyrim > Oblivion >Daggerfall > Morrowind

  • Icy Bite

    I can't wait more DLC for skyrim i hope the maker this game will make this sorry for grammar

  • Procrast

    Or you can...Press ~ Then type tcl

  • Warfire

    There is a full DLC in morrowind in Skyrim.Solstheim counts

  • 4psilocybetribe20

    one day this game will be available to everyone in virtual reality

  • Angela Jones

    what bow is that you have

  • Shix Lo The Crusading Slav

    I would love it if Elder Scrolls VI could let you trave to the whole of Tamriel

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