Skyrim - All Werebear Encounters

Maybe even werebearsharks, with whale-like tendencies?.. Here, I list All Werebear Encounters in Skyrim. Depending on your personality, and what the weather might be like, these could be the hardest enemy you ever face. I also do other Top 5s, like Skyrim secrets. There are secret locations, even secret enemies and quests to be found. Which usually lead to weird theories, amirite?

Since I'm on PC, I love the Skyrim new mods. There are quest mods and follower mods that are very juicy. They make creating new character builds, and looking for rare and weird encounters, or maybe the hardest boss out there, or even stumbling on mysterious deaths a lot more fun.

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  • Emma SpAce

    whenever you need him he'll be bear

  • Rex3577

    i thought this was a joke at first, i had to look up werebear on the wiki

  • Emma SpAce

    You do the same thing to your were bear as I do to in-corpi (corporeal) boi, my familiar. And frosty the ice man, and the lady flames... I try to make cool names but it's hard for them.

  • Nico Alejandro

    is this from a dlc?? how many dlc has the game?

  • Virr 3run

    Что за броня на персонаже?

  • anime Springtrap

    Is there a way to BECOME a wearbear ?

  • Alex Mills


  • The Meme Archives

    I didnt even know werebears were in skyrim

  • Lit_Coal

    WereBear... More like WhereBear

  • Tony Serrano

    8:21 bernard be like f this sh!t im out

  • SkullCrusher243w

    What’s the weapon this guy has?

  • Peter Poulsen

    I remember a werebear pack ind a outside cave in the north of Solstheim

  • Lauren Gillis

    "A hairy dragon" 😂😂😂💀 dead

  • Jared Knoope

    Dont try to fight them as a weerwolf they Will tear youre ass up

  • Coyote's army

    The wear bear don't care.

  • Sharian Francis

    My sister and I keep dying when we hear Oyfum 😂😂😂😂

  • XxDoNotTouchMyBreadGovernmentxX HISS

    I’ve had a pack of six chase me in Skyrim. On the mainland. Of Skyrim.

  • Techhunter Talon

    With that last encounter, all I did was punch them. Yep... just looked at all three and went 'I'ma punch 'em! :D'. Yes... overly happy/joyful face included. I mean... it's scarier than you'd think. Imagine a Khajiit making that face as they start punching your face in.

  • Ruining Your Day

    One time... a were bear swiped my character Frofdir the Fuckboy and he died, and was flung off of a waterfall. The deathcam followed my character until he finally hit the ground.

  • Emma SpAce

    The first time I yelled at them before the transformed and then only knew what they were when looting them, weird experience. skyrim, you can sceam at people so they die.


    I thought he would change into a werebear using moonlight

  • Levi Herendeen

    You fucking suck at roleplay. Even that guide dude who sounds boring is better at roleplay.

  • FuriousGreenWereWolf

    Fight werebears with werewolves the best counter and I believe they're rivals

  • shadowthehh2

    Werebears? Where? Bears? Men that are bears?


    Dragonnordwolfspirit MUDCRAB

  • Rashaun Causby

    I to do a werewolf vs werebear battle 3 killed me I didn't have time to transform

  • Anakin Skywalker

    Then all locations of cheese 🧀

  • Dillon Animates

    Although there’re rare you may want to prepare the werebears there

  • Laura Turkia

    I love your humour and all the comments your make (seriously I almost choked my own laugh), yours is my absolutely favourite youtube channel 💙👌

  • Everfree

    One ware-bear: oh dear. Three ware-bears: RUN AWAY!!! RUN AWAY!!!!

  • FakeRedRobi RedRobi.

    H A I R Y D R A G O N

  • Startion

    Wow totAlY kool RoLEplEy

  • jay-the-bat

    I went werewolf vs. werebear. Thank goodness for that strong dash attack (until one of them did a "normal" swipe and sent me flying. Got torn up while my character struggled to stand. Got out just in time.)

  • BulletKingIsHere

    did you try taking the three bloodthirsty werebearsharks to the redoran guards and the ash spawn

  • Andrew Gonzaga

    I came here from the Senile Scribbles

  • Anonymous

    You should get a dragon on the werebears

  • Billy Yoder

    Funny guy with his werebear pet

  • Michaela Neal

    I killed them but I turned in to a werewolf to kill them

  • Kaitlyn Buck

    I had my first werebear encounter a few days ago and lets just say I had my ass handed to me XD

  • Raging0Wolfen0Girl

    I live for the slight emotional breakdown at 6:13

  • Cayden McNeal

    Am I the only one who thinks that he can describe something so well

  • JP Sillick

    What does oyfum mean?????

  • Sliver Fire

    the 3 at the end I never ran into, but then again I also use storm call while in the wild at all times

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