Skyrim - All Werebear Encounters

Maybe even werebearsharks, with whale-like tendencies?.. Here, I list All Werebear Encounters in Skyrim. Depending on your personality, and what the weather might be like, these could be the hardest enemy you ever face. I also do other Top 5s, like Skyrim secrets. There are secret locations, even secret enemies and quests to be found. Which usually lead to weird theories, amirite?

Since I'm on PC, I love the Skyrim new mods. There are quest mods and follower mods that are very juicy. They make creating new character builds, and looking for rare and weird encounters, or maybe the hardest boss out there, or even stumbling on mysterious deaths a lot more fun.

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  • Netherstar1215 Inferno

    Glad I'm not the only one who names their conjurables

  • Mysterious Stranger

    Is it weird that I've never encountered a were bear before?

  • brem -

    "Although to be fair, even thought they're rare, you might want to prepare for the werebears there"-Stormcloak soldier guy from The Senile Scribbles Episode 11

  • Ryan Dargate


  • SUB0sandwich

    I didn't even know there were were bears in Skyrim

  • Bailing from the cart

    I fought the three werebears at #1 with Serana and Shadowmere helping me, along with a few frost atronachs, and we got creamed by those werebears like four times.

  • tekkara

    I got killed by one in a snowy mountain but I thought it was a yeti

  • Mr. Fernler

    Meh, id use my trusty werewolf

  • Armadillo Lord

    Somehow I haven't met a were bear despite how much I like going to solsthiem (sorry if it's misspelled, some of the names are hard to remember)

  • Jimmy Bie

    As long as u kill them in human form it is easy pz


    What armor mod and weapon mod are you using

  • szanyi dávid

    Azhidal's boot and you are safe :) (If you are near water)

  • Mark Mahan

    To be fair, although they are rare, you should really prepare for the werebears there. They travel in packs.

  • Neo

    What armor are you wearing?

  • Justin Ye boi

    I kill werebears with three hits...

  • Steve Jobs

    Watchmojang has some competition

  • Es Bern

    Although to be fair, even though they're rare, you might want to prepare for the werebears there

  • Jan Harry Luna

    Top 5 Oyfum Encounters

  • Phantom Wolfgang

    The Armor Wulf wild blood is wearing could I pickpocket it from himReason i like the way it looks

  • littletemtem 5

    What if were a werewolf?

  • Lil'Bones B


  • AntiHeroVisions

    Most channels that do list videos usually put zero effort or passion into them and it feels like they are just going through the motions. Not here, you enjoy what you're doing and it shows. You earned a subscriber.

  • Wesley Molt

    Clearly you missed the Lady of the Lake near Whiterun, the Sword in the Stone south of Broken Tower Redoubt, the four LOTR references, and William Tell in Swindler's Den

  • MINEGEEK0412

    Fight fur with fur. Werewolf vs werebear

  • steven wolfe

    i actually find them easy to kill

  • Daw 309

    RIP Burnerd. Sorry if I misspelled their name 😶

  • allison sharkey

    that opening made my day!

  • Anthony curry-wheeler

    i was traveling to a mine when i was ambushed by the wear-bears so i turned into my vampire lord form then they raped me

  • Stolen Words

    You know you watch too much Graenolf when you find yourself saying "Oyfum" in your everyday life.

  • Gamer Invader

    The hell does oyfum mean?

  • Amie Johnson

    what if a were bear was in a barrel saying oyfum?

  • Micheal Harrison

    When I look for wild bloods brother, I searched along the coast and found him dead..

  • Simon Grillo

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you're too funny!

  • * Grim343

    You should have had the guy from the school in fallout 4

  • Stalin 2.0

    What is the armor he is wearing

  • RandomAnatics

    Werebear vs Werewolf. Try that next time when you encounter them.

  • SalemAl3zmiQ8

    How to kill them werewolf vs werebear

  • Scott FS77

    My first, and last encounter with a werebear was on my very first trip to Soulsthiem. I literally set 2 steps out of Raven Rock and 3 naked dudes come running ready for a fight, and so, as expected I draw my sword chuckling, thinking they may be mages, fist fighters, Sheogorath underlings, ya know the usual.... Then they start the werewolf animation and I start backing up as 3 massive human, bear, wolf, were-creatures 2 shot me.... I literally have not set foot in Soulsthiem since.... Ever.... Never ever.... Never again......

  • Hanna Jane

    Idk what level you are, but i stumbled across werebears for the first time at the last place and killed them all in a 30 second bloodbath :) it was glorious

  • eur0z gaming 91

    I kill the Last 3 where bear by turning into à werewolf and kicked ass

  • Shifter Melees

    Just Unrelenting Force their down hill

  • nathan elston

    I somned three werewolves and three werebears the were bears won and killed three without one dieing

  • What in tarnation

    Best way to kill a werebear, become a werewolf and kill it the most badass battle

  • The Link to the Future

    The worst encounter I've ever had with a werebear is every encounter I've had with a werebear. I see 3 half naked guys running around together, I run away.

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