Skyrim Mod: Alternate Start - Live Another Life

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Alternate Start - Live Another Life

Skyrim Unbound

Random Alternate Start

Intro/Outro Music:
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  • smolder breath

    warning if you the Alternate start- live another life mod.if you get a mod that crashes your game while you have it, you wont be able to play the game at all.beware of having to delete the save files of your character to make it run at risk.

  • Last Dragonborn

    Am I the only one who really enjoyed the Thalmor agent start?

  • Justin Milbrandt

    I just want to avoid the main quest line but still do alternate start live another life😣

  • Sir Fortesque76

    So I recently downloaded this mod and chose the start where I came into Skyrim by sea.Is it still possible to get dragons into the game?

  • Dexter Morgan

    Fucking Sony doesn't allow external assets

  • Jane Doe Deer

    the statue of mara has the best voice acting I've heard in a mod

  • Child Of God

    I love the fact that they bothered to still leave in the vanilla start but add to it a bit, this mod can definitely add to the background of your character!

  • da da702

    I hate I can't get this mod for Ps4

  • Rest at peace LOLLOLLOL

    does this mod affect my saved game?

  • Seb Sundquist

    I don't have all of the DLC, so I use Random Alternate Start. It's pretty fun.


    ok so if i dnt to to helgen and i join the imperial legion. will i eventually become dragon born during the whiterun mission or not? cuz i did skyrim unbound instead once and it glitched at the whiterun battle like no one attacked it.

  • Martin Mařík

    Steam link on Skyrim Unbound is not working.There is a link to Skyrim Nexus page

  • Delve

    I never know what to choose when I first load up a game with Alternate Start.

  • The Magic Alakazam

    Feel pity for me I play on ththe good ol 360 PITY ME

  • aperture AI#2020

    It would make way more sense to join the imperial legion if the game didn't start with them almost executing you.

  • Spookeh xo

    I like being a hunter and blacksmith near river wood

  • Djule Mule

    when i install lal mod,skyrim instantly crashes,any fix for problem?

  • Grandma's Baked

    how do you go on with the main quest

  • CyberGeek

    I have live another life enabled but when I click new game I just start off in Helgen as usual.

  • Alex Wolfblood

    i love this mod. thank you for doing this as a video

  • badrun run

    is this for skyrim remaster, what sistem do require

  • CannonFodder

    fucking retarded that this mod now requires all the dlc make that shit optional now my choices are to dump money into bethesda or sit through the 10 hour fucking long fucking opening FUCKING CUTSCENE fuck you....whoever made this mod

  • Kaitlyn Buck

    I dont really like the live another life mod. While it is nice to be able to choose a different path its still awkward when you still get treated like you escaped from helgen when you started as like a vampire in a secluded lair

  • vanilla coke

    Fucking PlayStation...

  • Luxai

    I guess Mara took pity on your poor self and decided that you deserve a second chance. Such is her love.

  • EpicGameplay

    I'm on ps4 so i can't download this mod😢😭

  • OpenWindoManiac

    Ok so i used the Random Alt. Start mod.So now how do i start the main quest line?

  • A.J. Bensinger

    I'm mad lol I started my Imperial story first without this so it makes no sense I would side with them..

  • Oakscroll007

    Hi am i able to get a version of this on steam without the need of the 3 DLCs?

  • Flavor

    before this mod i once saved a half second after Ralof finished the sentence "who are you", got a faster beginning for every character of mine but this is so much better

  • dan c

    Morrowind intro:5 minutes Oblivion intro:20 minutesFallout 3 intro 40 minutesSkyrim intro:1 hourElder scrolls 6 intro:10 days

  • Account Name

    Skyrim character creation was a piece of shit compared to Oblivion

  • Aqua

    Can't start the mod.If I want to play a new game it just loads forever.

  • robert montgomery

    So you don't absorb dragon souls when you kill them?

  • Symonki657

    Who plays guys in skyrim?

  • Kenneth Wagner

    You can't play the dlc on live another live as far as I know.

  • DoYouKnowTheWay

    It won't start for me when ever I start a new game it will play the hiya from a new game and it will be stuck on the loading screen

  • SavageCabbage TNT

    Can you start as a werewolf

  • A Majestic Goose

    Lol my game takes like 10 minutes to load in XD

  • Basement Dweller

    Buggiest mod ever. Great idea terrible execution. Crashes my game like no other mod has

  • HopGaming

    Just got Skyrim to run at 25-30 FPS with a few mods on a Pentium and Intel hd graphics

  • Delvin Oosterbaan

    is there a version where you dont need dlc?

  • Narphin Miller

    Every time i go to sleep my game crashes can any one help?

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