Skyrim Dawnguard HYBRID How to become a Vampire Lord/Werewolf Hybrid on all Systems Walkthrough



You will need to already be a Vampire Lord and far enough along in the Dawnguard quest line where You can be turned into a Vampire Lord for the SECOND time by Serana. It does not matter which side your on. Then get to the mission in the Companions where they give you the Werewolf blood. Have Serana with you before you go into the underforge to drink the blood. Save once you get in the Underforge (in case you mess up). You want to press your Vampire Lord Power button at the same time as you Drink the Werewolf blood. Once you exit the underforge you will need to quickly revert your Vampire Lord form back to Human form and tell Serana to turn you back into a Vampire Lord. BOOM! Hybrid Fussion.

I found this glitch on my own so if you would go ahead and give the video a thumbs up.
  • Andrew Hopkins

    do you still get the vampir lords weekness to fire or does it go away when since your both werewolf and vampire ?

  • Angie Durham

    it glitched and wouldn't let me get off of vampire lord

  • Angie Durham

    I keep turning into a vampire lord

  • Blue Lightbulb

    Does this still work in 1.9?

  • Evanzilla2003

    Will this work on the legendary edition?

  • Xenolord

    when i revert form, i turn into a werewolf

  • Ryan Aitkenhead

    god damn it everytime i get it too work i end up as a vl after the awakening other people have said this too and noone gives a response ><

  • Grzegorz Jarzebinski

    what are benefits of hybrid anyway?

  • Toxic Creeper

    wouldn't it be easier if you were vampire lord and become hybrid when using the ring of hircin ?

  • Vexille

    Oh shit! And this glitch still works too. Must not be well known. And you sound like a regular guy with a expensive sports car who has too much to do to play a game like skyrim. I'm impressed!

  • Projekt 312

    is there a way to become a hybrid of both if you are a werewolf first?

  • AnyOneGotThe Bleach?

    can't you just wear the ring of hircine

  • Cmrtnll

    I've seen lots of people are having trouble about the buttons. So, this is the problem: you actually don't have to press them at the same time. When you press to turn into Vampire Lord, there's a second of delay, which you take to drink Aela's blood. I did it in my second try, while everyone ends up trying around 10-30 times. Just press the transform button first, and you'll do it quickly.

  • Lemmings-Gaming

    If u keep turning into werewolf,turn into a vampire then revert to human and then, do this glitch

  • Andrew Hopkins

    dude thats op as hell

  • Jimmy Breen

    what happens if you go to try this but Serana already bit you

  • Hyper tortillas

    Okay.. I used Setrace to make myself look like a vampire for fun, while i was a werewolf. I changed back to imperial, and what do i see? This super annoying purple thing that keeps swirling around my character, which is the effects from being a vampire. I cant drink blood and i dog look like a vampire, i just have this... Thing around me blocking my view. I cant for the life of me get rid of it, extremely frustrating!

  • 19smooshes

    too late for me, i got the werewolf power a week before i saw this. (◑_◑)

  • The Gaming Phoenix

    hey my serana is glitched she wont follow me any suggestions

  • proXcore 2000

    so happy this glitch worked

  • Gainful Throne

    Well this works on Xbox

  • TWrecks

    How come your voice went from deep to devil at the beginning

  • Kains Legacy

    so I need to restart my game and become a vampire lord before I even mess with the companions then I could turn into a vampire monster and a werewolf when ever I want

  • Vaas

    A new breed of creature has surfaced! Predalien! I mean Were-Vamp Lord.

  • Shane Stern

    Do you need Sahrana?

  • Alienus Daemonium

    Nice trick but technically this doesnt make you a vampire lord/werewolf hybrid. A hybrid would have abilities of both siimultaneously and a form with features of both. This just makes you a dissonant werewolf or vampire lord that wants to be more like the other lol.

  • Andrew Martin

    My question is will the necromage exploit still work if you do this?

  • Grzegorz Jarzebinski

    gj man u suck at this.... u cant be a hybrid

  • X Master U

    Serana is the most Op Comp I have ever had it get annoying when I want to do stuff with the bodies like drink there blood she revives them


    Did this get patched or...?

  • Nathaniel smith

    So my question is if I take on the werewolf effects will I still be considered a vamp to the dawn guard

  • Flaming Female Gamer

    If you're already a vampire does becoming a werewolf take away the vampire ability

  • Krook Dogg

    anyone else think the vamp look on his character is sick

  • Coorooo

    thx man, really helped out.

  • Krook Dogg

    anyone else think the vamp look on his character is sick

  • Justice Grant

    On the PS3, it makes you immune to the weakness of the sun and no longer have to feed. It may seem like a great thing, but with out the abilities like vampire seduction on stage 2, you can't turn in the side quests you get from the vampire clan to turn other people into vampires.

  • whip nae nae

    is it possible to have the weakness of vampjre after[you drink a vampire blood potion ik] and later be able to get rid of the effects because i dont like them that much

  • Grizzah

    will this work on skyrim special edition?

  • Derek Chapman

    Dude no lie your voice kinda sounds like mine a bit. just saying

  • Jacob Moorhead

    subscribe to +RedGhosts777 new hybrid variants video dropping includes bonus armor unarmed and vampire lord powers in human form!

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