Skyrim Mods: Armor Mod Mashup

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Resplendent Armor
Veteran's Dragonscale
Leather Collection
Grandmaster Ursine
FurArmor Set

Other Mods:

HDT Hair/Tentacles

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  • Mark Lingongberry

    Those bikinis and shit need to fuck off.

  • leetlebob

    As soon as I saw the first set I knew it was gonna be good.

  • Scull Crusher Fragoso

    Is there anyway that the resplendent armor could make its way to consoles.

  • Combat Medic Mercy

    Sadly the Resplendent Armor doesn't appear to have come over for Special Edition... T_T


    My birthday is on June 27, thumbs up if you don't give a fuck

  • Sean Thompson

    All i need is a bow and arrow that works with the Resplendent armor

  • Victor Fritoli

    0:05 Artorias is that you?

  • kneeger

    Brodual is the best skyrim youtuber, no doubt..

  • Jake Reynolds

    I need to stop watching mod showcases which contain mods I can't get, fucking Sony.

  • angry clair

    when i saw that Veteran Dragonscale armor, all i could think of was Anders.

  • Khajiit

    All those skimpy armor mods... Pfft. Those are for desperate horny teenagers.

  • Adam Xei

    Finally a mod channel without a perverted amour selection

  • ThePTR Chanel

    how do u make ur armor shine?

  • doctor sharp

    0:05 this could not be more true, literally almost all mod reviewers are people who play as a female and have some sexy mod installed

  • Jonathan Shenk

    I wish these were available for Xbox

  • shane Flood

    Am I the only one who thinks the Fur Armor addons look amazing? They totally look like the garb of a bronze age or early iron age Germanic or Baltic tribesman.

  • LuckyZevanns 88

    is the resplendent armour available on Xbox one?

  • Jordan Vance

    Why didn't bethesda just apply HDT when they remastered the game

  • Moises Mercado

    oh how i wish i was a pc gamer

  • Stewartsaurus

    This is what armor mods should be. Not porn.

  • Jason Quiver

    Is there a mod where even if you have overpowered Daedric armor and weapons, enemies will be a challenge to kill?

  • Younis Ajab

    is respladent amour a ps4 mod

  • Sour Meat

    I wish my Male Orc could wear a bikini

  • Michael Dobbin

    could you please include links to if any of the mods are available for console

  • RamboCreativity

    "After digging through the countless bikinis, miniskirts, and frilly dresses"

  • Keenan Lacelle

    Is the first armour you showed available for xbox one

  • EzioAuditore117 Ridiculousness

    when is the physics gonna show on xbox one and ps4?

  • Commissioner Tachanka

    That truly is a missed opportunity for the fur set mod. If it were compatible, like the narrator said, with Frostfall, Wet and Cold, and maybe add some crafting for the armour, I'd give it a try as well. It honestly reminds me of a Frontiersman you see in your history book. Saying you use a Nord or Imperial.

  • DanDraco

    Now if someone can get those coat phsyics to all the armors with coats and capes in the game then I would be so fucking happy.

  • Green blade

    Yo that armour in the middle of the thumbnail be looking like Genji

  • iCMan//Child


  • Reaper Panda

    Can we get an entire section of nexus for armor mods that aren't skimpy or witcher mods.

  • Jonathan Shenk

    I wish someone could port these mods to Xbox especially the Resplendent Armor with the HDT Physics mod

  • Raspberry Mint

    The pig onesie was the perfect thing to end on

  • Goodboirook

    Was that remark at the beginning aimed at MxR? Well played

  • Plabber Poo

    is there a light armor version of the resplendent armor?

  • Wight Wulf

    The resplendent armor looks fucking dope.

  • Gamer's International Agency (G.I.A)

    I absolutely love this mod. It works great along with Ultimate Combat 3.0 and Enhanced Blood with Wildcat. And the fur armor saved my ass in Frostfall 3.0...

  • KingGetzRekt

    No one is gonna reply, but is the Resplendent Armor available for Xbox one?

  • Alduin The soul Eater

    I do this when there's an option to wear "New" or "worn" for armor so what I do is wear the new armor for around 50-100 days (in game) wearing the new one and then I give my new armor to my companion (or sell it if I don't have one) and get the old one.

  • Michael LaViola

    Would old Skyrim armor mods work in Skyrim Special Edition? I can't seem to find any of these in the Special Edition Nexus

  • cobaltcatmaster

    Wait how did you make Ulfric dance like that? I was really surprised lol

  • The Renautians

    i almost died laughing at that outro dance thing XD,.....

  • richboi8

    I know that I'm late but is there an cXb1 version of resplendent armor

  • Jordan Barrett

    For anyone wanting a light armor rouge like character get the leather collection, a lot of those armors are really badass when mixed with the bandolier mod.

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