Skyrim Mods: Armor Mod Mashup

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Resplendent Armor
Veteran's Dragonscale
Leather Collection
Grandmaster Ursine
FurArmor Set

Other Mods:

HDT Hair/Tentacles

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  • Sour Meat

    I wish my Male Orc could wear a bikini

  • EzioAuditore117 Ridiculousness

    when is the physics gonna show on xbox one and ps4?


    i want that pig pijama :(

  • Michael Pussard

    what's the mod that gives a Health bar on every enemy called?

  • doctor sharp

    0:05 this could not be more true, literally almost all mod reviewers are people who play as a female and have some sexy mod installed

  • Michael Dobbin

    could you please include links to if any of the mods are available for console

  • Mark Lingongberry

    Those bikinis and shit need to fuck off.

  • Reaper Panda

    Can we get an entire section of nexus for armor mods that aren't skimpy or witcher mods.

  • Combat Medic Mercy

    Sadly the Resplendent Armor doesn't appear to have come over for Special Edition... T_T

  • Keenan Lacelle

    Is the first armour you showed available for xbox one

  • RamboCreativity

    "After digging through the countless bikinis, miniskirts, and frilly dresses"

  • LuckyZevanns 88

    is the resplendent armour available on Xbox one?

  • Jordan Vance

    Why didn't bethesda just apply HDT when they remastered the game

  • Green blade

    Yo that armour in the middle of the thumbnail be looking like Genji

  • Moises Mercado

    oh how i wish i was a pc gamer

  • kidgoku666

    The fur armor set at the end makes sense if Frostfall compatible. If you were trekking through Winterhold you'd want something like that. :P

  • Hash

    Was that remark at the beginning aimed at MxR? Well played

  • Stewartsaurus

    This is what armor mods should be. Not porn.

  • Sean Thompson

    All i need is a bow and arrow that works with the Resplendent armor

  • Natcho.21

    Brodual is the best skyrim youtuber, no doubt..

  • Jonathan Shenk

    I wish these were available for Xbox

  • Drayven Flynn

    Is the leather collection going to be exported to Xbox/PS4?

  • Kroren

    Brodual = Immersion therefore > MxR

  • Jonathan Shenk

    I wish someone could port these mods to Xbox especially the Resplendent Armor with the HDT Physics mod

  • cobaltcatmaster

    Wait how did you make Ulfric dance like that? I was really surprised lol

  • Jake Reynolds

    I need to stop watching mod showcases which contain mods I can't get, fucking Sony.

  • Keino but you can call me Kei.

    The resplendent armor looks fucking dope.

  • Khajiit

    All those skimpy armor mods... Pfft. Those are for desperate horny teenagers.

  • Jason Quiver

    Is there a mod where even if you have overpowered Daedric armor and weapons, enemies will be a challenge to kill?

  • Apollo The Dude

    The fur armour set would fit very good with frostfal

  • Victor Fritoli

    0:05 Artorias is that you?

  • Michael LaViola

    Would old Skyrim armor mods work in Skyrim Special Edition? I can't seem to find any of these in the Special Edition Nexus

  • time to die

    races don't exist dumb goy

  • King Getz Rekt

    No one is gonna reply, but is the Resplendent Armor available for Xbox one?

  • Jordan Barrett

    For anyone wanting a light armor rouge like character get the leather collection, a lot of those armors are really badass when mixed with the bandolier mod.

  • Younis Ajab

    is respladent amour a ps4 mod

  • Gamer's International Agency (G.I.A)

    I absolutely love this mod. It works great along with Ultimate Combat 3.0 and Enhanced Blood with Wildcat. And the fur armor saved my ass in Frostfall 3.0...

  • iCMan//Child



    My birthday is on June 27, thumbs up if you don't give a fuck

  • LostIceCream

    hey brodual. i just whant to say that you guys are awesome. you have no idea how much not lore friendly and crap I have to go through aroud nexus to find good mods. and you guys just do the hard work for me.Thank you :)

  • Plabber Poo

    is there a light armor version of the resplendent armor?

  • angry clair

    when i saw that Veteran Dragonscale armor, all i could think of was Anders.

  • The Renautians

    i almost died laughing at that outro dance thing XD,.....

  • Raspberry Mint

    The pig onesie was the perfect thing to end on

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