If TF2 Was an RPG

Hey there everyone, this was a really big project of mine so I really hope you did enjoy it. It was my first ever real animation/long video so I hope that any errors are forgiven.

List of people who helped tremendously:

- The Snetch (Thumbnail) http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheSnetchOfficial/

- MidTown (Animation)

- Skymin (Voice Actor)

- Sozo-Teki (Logo Designer)

Majority of sound/video is not owned by me (as in the things used to produce it) so companies, please don't sue me. This is just for a video, I don't own a lot of these things.

Music/Soundtrack Used (In order):

Dreams of Cruelty (TF2)
10 - A Tense Situation (Sword Art Online)
31 - The First Town (Sword Art Online)
03 - Office Tohoho (Plastic Memories)
07 - Weird Place (Plastic Memories)
Combat Music (Skyrim)
14 - Left in Suspense (Sword Art Online)
15 - We have to defeat it (Sword Art Online)
17 - Confront Battle (Sword Art Online)
02 - New Kings (Project K: Movie)
  • Fenix Minerva

    “Watch your tongue! You’re talking to the Spy, the TRUE high gentleman!”

  • Jason Baber

    Thiss should ne called tf2 elder scrolls

  • Mr. Dingo

    Holy shit, if this was in Saxxy, that would win for sure

  • Bepo BS

    Who ever disliked this is retatded.

  • Hamaji Neo

    Hey there everyone! Feel free to join my discord to chat with me or to show off any cool skills you have. https://discord.gg/bYRxz5U

  • stefan beaubut

    EXCELLENT choice of music

  • Shen Yang

    THIS SHIT IS AWESOME. WAY BETTER THAN TF2 ITSELF... except for the times 10 randomizer

  • Ash Williams

    Somebody Make This Real1

  • AchmodinIV SWE

    Oh I want to play skyrim now

  • L G

    soooooo its like funke's video but with deggroot keep

  • GabeN S

    How much time you used to do this more 1 like and sub

  • Cloud Nine Team Captain

    Well of course you died you were only level 8 and was using the stuff you had at the start

  • Markus Hagues

    It's skrim just tf2... HELL YEAH

  • Torby

    So.. How Much is it?

  • Oscar Dshjorth

    Somebody make this into a REAL thing PLEASE

  • Pseudo Coffee


  • MLgaming strandin

    Coolest shit i ever seen!

  • ungurianu romica

    Its skyrim but with tf2 characters :P

  • Jas DoppelpunktD

    omg i love this can i actually play it like this ? xD would be so dope

  • Burak Kıngır

    thats fuckin amazing

  • paula g

    U put rpg and its a Skyrim game and your characters sword is form legend of Zelda. Logic am I right

  • Joel Acosta

    One word for your videoMagnificent

  • BlayzeFather

    If tf2 was a RPGMe:What is this ?!!!? SO MANY QUESTIONS!?!Great Animation Though

  • roze

    I'm glad to see other people watch ClickyCrisp

  • beets gamer 20

    nice i love it and references as skyrim 10/10

  • Let's Do This

    i wish this cinamatik was a game

  • caden Macdonald

    You made TF2 into Skyrim, I applaud you good sir.

  • Cristian Ferrón

    this need second part

  • Mid Night

    So this is the beginning of skyrim

  • Robert Sulewski

    Looking forward to the full version :D

  • Chris Kemp

    You can be:A scoutA paladinA wizardA barbarianA brawlerA scientistA clericAn archerOr a rogue

  • TheBeanBoy

    Holy fuck this is some good shit

  • lala jecko

    YouUndefeatedDadEliteAppleDead read the capitals

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