If TF2 Was an RPG

Hey there everyone, this was a really big project of mine so I really hope you did enjoy it. It was my first ever real animation/long video so I hope that any errors are forgiven.

List of people who helped tremendously:

- The Snetch (Thumbnail) http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheSnetchOfficial/

- MidTown (Animation)

- Skymin (Voice Actor)

- Sozo-Teki (Logo Designer)

Majority of sound/video is not owned by me (as in the things used to produce it) so companies, please don't sue me. This is just for a video, I don't own a lot of these things.

Music/Soundtrack Used (In order):

Dreams of Cruelty (TF2)
10 - A Tense Situation (Sword Art Online)
31 - The First Town (Sword Art Online)
03 - Office Tohoho (Plastic Memories)
07 - Weird Place (Plastic Memories)
Combat Music (Skyrim)
14 - Left in Suspense (Sword Art Online)
15 - We have to defeat it (Sword Art Online)
17 - Confront Battle (Sword Art Online)
02 - New Kings (Project K: Movie)
  • Tephlin

    Thank youSO FREAKIN MUCH

  • Arcane 24

    I hope you can make it like sword art online

  • slutyteddy bear

    If tf2 was skyrim* not if tf2 was a RPG

  • Cursed Sword

    its skyrim parody!!! lol

  • FatheredPuma81

    Glad you chose to rip off a decent game rather than a shitty game at least :P.Would have probably instantly clicked off if you tried to make this based off of Fallout 4.

  • Wood Choppa

    This should be an actual mod in skyrim

  • HeadHunter 2000

    Literally the intro is VERY similar to Skyrim the elder scolls introEdit: Wait. It is EXACTLY LIKE Skyrim....

  • Qork

    this is beautiful and I wish it was a real game good job

  • Dr. Fiz

    The elder hoovies online DLCs: spy brother hood, scouts guild, pyroswords. Coming this summer 2017

  • Not Gordon Ramsay

    Was spy selling Genjis dragon blade?

  • Gilamex

    "Apple (Damaged)"I lost it xD

  • TimiK

    tbh i would play this

  • FadeCloud

    Should have went to 2fort

  • Mizzmic

    holy shit realistic as fuck

  • Ty Tolley

    When you realize some of the music is from SAO! Great video by the way

  • OsmarPg dcb

    Witcher 3 is not a RPG, it's the lonlynest mmo Ever

  • SrPinguim

    Still better than Artifact

  • Not Gordon Ramsay

    Im getting somewhat a metal gear solid vibe...

  • Mateus Deathbringer

    Out fucking standing.

  • The Untitled Project

    fuck sake man, now I want this to be a real game

  • Austin MC.boston

    Danm that was lit +rep

  • TheMasterMind

    now i wish this was a mod :c

  • Hamaji Neo

    Hey everyone, I'm glad to be back! My room is still under renovation so any live recording or streaming will be done in 2 weeks or less/more.

  • Nitrexx

    Wait did he actually make a simulation or game to film this? I wanna have this as a game, or at least a game mode. SOMEONE GET INSPIRED BY THIS!

  • Whiterun Guard

    I used to be a Soldier like you until I took an arrow to the knee.

  • TheMisterioso2000


  • redd ztone

    if only if only it was a real skyrim mod

  • Sultan Elke

    If this is a mod then this will be fucking amazing

  • Pervitin Gave

    What's the ending song bitchass niggers?

  • Pada LAN

    Still has better combat than in skyrim

  • KamBOI

    Someone make this an actual game

  • Khalid Albenne

    If this was a game I will play it for hours

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