Hope you all enjoy the new glitch for Skyrim Special Edition! Thank you all for the support and be sure to turn on post notifications to know when the new vids drop! Love you all and thanks for all the support! :))

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  • Heavy Metal Panda

    Thank you so much, been trying to find out how many I can get to follow me. How many animal followers can I get? I want to have multiple animals and humanoid followers.

  • Josh Nietzel

    Can you do this on the Xbox 360

  • TheNLHunting

    I had Serana as a follower and was able to recruit Farkas (one of the companions) as a follower. No glitch, no nothing, he just joins and thats it, boom two followers. possibly a bug with SE? Oh and I have never installed not even a single mod ever, im on my vanilla playthrough.

  • It's NJG

    Hey everyone... so I'm back into skyrim and wanna make more vids for it! Any ideas?? GOOO! Leave what you want down below, and if you're new check out the other glitch vids!

  • Dayjon Baugh

    In case anyone is still wondering, it worked for me just now on my first try. I finished Dawnguard, waited for Serena to cure herself, I picked up Teldryn Sero while I was waiting and came back to meet Serena a couple days later at the Fort. I did this trick and it worked like a charm. Thanks!

  • YuhNinja

    How to get 11 followers: -2 Dark Brotherhood initiates-Cicero-Serana-Pet Follower-2 Dead Thrall followers-Any follower of your choice-Horse-Summon 2 Thralls of your choice

  • Overlord Titus

    I'm trying it with teldryn sero and Serana but it won't work. P.S. Please help

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