Hope you all enjoy the new glitch for Skyrim Special Edition! Thank you all for the support and be sure to turn on post notifications to know when the new vids drop! Love you all and thanks for all the support! :))

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  • Crazy Jay

    also 2 more companions with the Dead Thrall master lvl conjurationnspell

  • Eyad Zahran

    Omg dude I'm so sorry I coped your idea at the beginning I thought I discovered that sorry

  • Dawson Sell

    get the speech option for "follow Me" when talking to female brotherhood initiate, but she will immediately recognize that i have a follower, it seems no matter fast i do it or slow i do it (or anything in between) just doesn work

  • jay j

    This isn't working I talk to Serena tell her to part ways talk to her again iv even pushed my camera around so it's looking at the dark brotherhood assasin. Click follow me click O on ps4 talk to the assasin and only option there is "follow me". And she always pretty much says piss off.

  • EnigmaticRPG

    Anyone know how to do the Karliah/Brynjolf Blindsighted one?There was a trick to getting them up the stairs, but I can't find any old example vids. Haven't done it since like 2013 so I forget how it was done, but someone gave me SE for PS4 and I'm trying to rebuild the old nostaligia army.

  • Joel Rodriguez

    Bedesthda should just make it so you can have two at a time at least by default it doesn't feel like much of an adventure with a party of 2

  • It's NJG

    Hey everyone... so I'm back into skyrim and wanna make more vids for it! Any ideas?? GOOO! Leave what you want down below, and if you're new check out the other glitch vids!

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