5 Things Oblivion Did Better Than Skyrim

Skyrim is a great game, but after many hours of playing it, I’ve come to the realization that there are some things that Oblivion did a lot better. So here are the 5 Things Oblivion Did Better Than Skyrim.

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  • Amos Esra

    There is no variety overall in skyrim. The only monsters you fight while wandering in skyrim are fucking wolves, and every now and then giants trolls or maybe ice wraths, and obviously dragons. But mostly it's just bandits... Every dungeon is also exactly the same, just full of some lame traps and draugrs. Just draugrs, draugrs and a couple of draugrs. It gets boring as shit.

  • DomSchu

    The quests and world immersion was way better in Oblivion. All I did in Oblivion was do quests and I loved it. After a while in Skyrim I would just find and raid dungeons without even getting the quest to go there.

  • HipsterBot

    i love skyrim but... ive but more time into oblivion than any other game. if oblivion was remastered .... boooooooooi! id buy it in a heartbeat lol

  • Keicam

    Oblivion is just a better RPG, in a lot of ways. This is what im expecting from TES6, to be a better RPG, at least on the Oblivion level.

  • Josh Ward

    O B L I V I O N S U C K E D

  • Alessandro Valleri

    Cities in Oblivion are better than cities in Skyrim, they are a lot larger and each one has it's own design of the buildings, they really look like Medieval/fantasy cities

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