5 Things Oblivion Did Better Than Skyrim

Skyrim is a great game, but after many hours of playing it, I’ve come to the realization that there are some things that Oblivion did a lot better. So here are the 5 Things Oblivion Did Better Than Skyrim.

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  • Ghillie Dhu

    6) Forests.Do you guys remember playing Oblivion and looking around you and above you and seeing leaves covering the sky and the sunlight through the branches? Even the godrays were better in Oblivion. Skyrim does not have forests, just separated ugly trees. I remember playing Oblivion (i still do) while wandering through forests and thinking "wow, this is beautiful!"

  • DesertFerret7

    To be honest with you, Oblivion was colorful and cheerful while Skyrim is dark and gloomy but I did like Skyrim don't get me wrong. Oblivion had things well crafted and there was no patch for the patch's patch for the patch's patch's patch with a patch on the patch deal. While I do like the way Skyrim was made, Oblivion had a lot of places to go. The quests and guilds to join were well constructed and you make a name for yourself while in Skyrim, it was all like MEHEH... The skill system in Skyrim is good but Oblivion had it right. Skyrim gives you perks which is fine but Oblivion tells what you did and how you improved. The crafting system in Skyrim is good thus giving you ability make armor of your own was good and I can give it that. Oblivion had realism when it comes to armor and it breaks and your weapons do after wear and tear and you need to fix them. While it is real hard for me to choose what Elder Scrolls game I like and like better. The answer I can give you is BOTH. So what if Oblivion is better than Skyrim. I just like them both. They are good games. Morrowind looks worthy too.

  • SpinoRaptor44

    For a long time I tried to enjoy Oblivion, but in the end I just gave up, for several reasons.To start, I played Skyrim before I played Oblivion, so when I heard of Oblivion I didn't expect the game to necessarily be any better, but I expected to find some new story elements, some similar characteristics, and a more classic feel to the Elder Scrolls game I loved so much. But when I played it, it was really a letdown.The combat is really lousy. Whereas in Skyrim, where you have a variety of weapons, which have a variety of their own distinct bonuses, and a variety of attacks you can carry out as you move around, as well as some pretty awesome kill moves, the combat in oblivion was "swing over and over really fast until they're dead". There wasn't really any variety to the combat at all, I just ran around swinging like a madman until the bad guy died. And that isn't nearly as fun, and throws out any chance for a plan of attack or room for builds and character setups, which are all parts of actual combat, and in many instances, RPG games.The enchanting is really confusing. I could never figure it out. In Skyrim Enchanting is very straightforward. You have soul gems, cast a special spell, kill the victim, get the soul inside the soul gem, take it to the enchanter, select the gem, select the enchantment, select the item, there you have it. But with Oblivion I was never able to figure anything out. I was stuck always relying on those stupid oblivion orbs with random enchantment abilities, carrying around three hundred soul gems, with no idea how to use them. There is practically no information given on even how to learn enchanting, or where to start.And finally, the world just didn't feel like you could really explore it. In Skyrim, there are some areas that are dark and swampy, others that are snowy and mountainous, and others that are open and expansive. When I traverse the world, I feel like I am actually on a journey, like I'm actually going somewhere. And the music, along with the atmosphere of the world, gives a whole new feel to the game. But Oblivion, everything feels congested, like I was in this small, stuffy box. The world felt not only limited, but repetitive, and overall without much provision for the want to journey, to explore, and that is something that is a serious hindrance to an open world game, because any game that provides a world to explore and no real urge given to explore it, makes the world totally useless, and the whole game a real drag.These are all just things that hindered my game play, and ultimately, ruined by Oblivion experience. When I compare the two games, I always enjoyed playing Skyrim, and while I saw how repetitive many aspects were, it was the variety I had in my character that easily made up for this loss. But with the world feeling so inaccessible, Oblivion didn't live up to the praise it received from everyone around me.

  • Hyr Zuhows

    "I fight because I must." – Skyrim in one sentence.

  • Mansa Volaita

    fuck i want to play oblivion again...

  • Aaron

    Mods:Arrows fly faster'Horses run fasterFOV adjustment These made Oblivion so much more entertaining for me.

  • Doomin

    Idk, I though the Sanguine questline in Skyrim was pretty fun. I mean, a stranger challenges you to a drinking contest, you wake up in markarth after thrashing the temple of dibella, then find out you've married a hagraven and owe money to Ysolda.Btw, I always thought that the way nobody cares about you being dragonborn in Skyrim made it more realistic. I mean, I live in Finland, doesn't matter if you're the king of the world, people will still disregard you. Famous people in the nordics don't get masses of mindless fans around them like they do in places like america, instead people just mind their own business. And if you decided to walk around there with a "don't you know who I am?" -attitude, the only thing you're going to get is a punch in the face :D

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