Skyrim Violin Cover

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An acoustic and electric violin cover of two of my favorite themes from Skyrim. Arranged and performed by Jason Yang. Original soundtrack by Jeremy Soule.

I've been a huge fan of Bethesda's games for years and Skyrim is one of the best games I've ever played. That, along with the fact that the game's soundtrack is amazing, was more than enough inspiration for me to create this video. So this one goes out to all the creators and fans of Skyrim! Fus Roh Dah!

  • Saltara1313

    Absolutely beautiful 😍😍😍

  • Tim Carnahan

    (Keep it going)FUS DO RAH

  • trekfall

    I created a whole new playlist for this

  • Co-Opa! Gameplays

    553 people are Thalmor or Imperials.

  • Gregory Bycraft

    You rock that hearing aide like I rock my eye patch!

  • Styxx N

    Violin Level = Asian

  • Uomo Falena

    For the love of Mara... a true bard form the academy, i see

  • Rainbow Dark

    1:18 you face a gigantic legendary dragon and shit's about to get real

  • Omar Sabah

    imediatly after listening to this:-close your browser-opes skyrim-and yell FUS ROH DOV

  • oEverResto

    AMAZING...😁😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 GREAT JOB.....

  • Soapin' ASMR

    I've loved this since my son put it on my playlist. I wish for this song to be played at my funeral. It's beauty and breath, the top of the tallest mountain.

  • Ghost5389 LP

    That is just awesome. No words. Just awesome

  • Assassin's Lyrics

    How could anyone NOT like this?!

  • veranya2074

    This is remind me of Oblivion war veterans in Riften prison. 😭😭😭

  • Samantha Friginal

    I cried. This is so beautiful. It made me want to play skyrim for the 5th time



  • zhaba U.T

    этот парень идеально подошёл бы к фильму "тетрадь смерти" в роли Л, а не тот нигер. этот чел реально идеальный кандидат.

  • Manin intheworld

    Not to be racist but your band look the same

  • Let's be Honest Official

    Bitch are you trying to make me cum!?

  • Alex Diamond

    573 people enjoyed this too much to just like once so they turned their phone upside down and liked it twice

  • LeMe 69

    That moment the first song hits you harder than the main theme :')

  • lordarcas11

    I've said this countless of times. But what the hell! Best game ever! LOL

  • Ignacio Ramirez

    I love how he has skyrim on his computer

  • alexander thiessen

    FINALLY a good skyrim remix

  • actionwolf gaming

    Anyone still watching in 2017 and wanting to go back to skyrim.

  • LilRaisin Acres

    589 people have never tried to play violin. I have, it's difficult... This is excellent.

  • Sandra Planisolis Garcia


  • AmnesiaGirl99

    Love this so much! Prettier than the real music!


    very well done. almost prefer this to the original

  • James Inklebarger

    This is cool I like it👍

  • Pizz2

    Why somehow this remenbers me not only Skyrim but... Witcher:3 ???

  • Pheel Macababe

    beautiful! you earned a subscriber today!

  • Felicia Read

    6 years now... SIX, that I have listened to this every single day. Your music is amazing, and Skyrim will always be my fav. Many thanks go out to you for this masterpiece :)

  • Aardappelsaus

    that first song sums up everything about skyrim. it's beautiful. endlessly wandering around in a giant world exploring everything I can find and whenever I hear that roar or flapping of a wing I jump and a dragon lands out of nowhere

  • ozay armawan

    thats cool. subscribe me yoo guyyss

  • Fian Alfian

    the music is amazing and makes the heart calm

  • Nathan Minnich

    Little bit too fast but she hot all the sounds right!beautiful

  • James Potter

    When you have nothing to do so you walk around whiterun waiting for that music to come on

  • Vitaliy Parytskyy

    "One man army", my ears thanks you!

  • mert sadık

    Adamsın knk kemana devam et

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