How to Become a Sith Lord in Skyrim (Star Wars Mod Spotlight)

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Mods Shown
● Zabrak Race -
● Sith Academy -
● Imperial Credits -
● Light Sabers -
● Jedi Robe v2 -
● Force Abilities -

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  • kai the gamer

    opres is yellow so ur right hibum

  • Raddium & Zebraman

    i installed the Jedi robes and when I put them in my character, they are invisible......

  • Tarjei Koglin

    The lightsabre seams a bit weak, that ruins the feeling a bit for me that you have to attack multiple times to take down enemies.

  • StarWarsNerd101


  • x\ Dokuujin /x

    Your rant on Zabraks made me sad as fuck. 1) Usually Zabraks are red?LOL no. Most of the Zabraks show in the series have greyish skin. There are dozens of Zabraks in the series and Maul is the ONLY red one. 2) A female Zabrak would look like Assaj Ventress, or any of the Witches of Dothomir, seeing as they are all female Zabraks. 2) Warpain. Zabraks look human with horns instead of hair. The warpaint is on plenty of Zabraks, but there are also several shown with just skin. (Such as the Zabrak in KOTOR, since you mention it.)Other wise, great video, glad to see all these mods. :D

  • Borotalko


  • Joshua Edwards

    I can find these mods

  • FatalSajko

    U have killed a kidlings!

  • Music Brush

    Where'd you get the info the Zabracks are mostly red? I've seen a number of Zabracks that have more natural to grew skin colors, and the Zabracks in season three of the Clone Wars were mostly yellow and orange with the darker colors tattoos.And I realize how old this video is, so now I need to point out that there's been a number of upgrades to some of these mods.

  • Potato Purry

    Sith Academy was on Korriban, Korriban is extremely HOT. That academy was the Jedi Academy

  • Mookie La Souye

    I have a problem i d'ont have the Hatsing's Note

  • Bru Master

    Zabraks aren't usually red, I don't know where you got that from... red is more rare than anything

  • NuttyAnimationz

    They should make all these mods available/compatible for Xbox one 😫😖

  • Emancipate the Sky

    theres more than one type of credit

  • Idiocy Incorporated

    that is not a sith academy it is Jedi

  • Starfighter 246

    R u serious rn wtf is eredena what the actual fuck dude Zabraks aren't usually red, it's rare for reds fucking idiot

  • Darkwolf523

    Bao-dur is a zaback. But doesn't have tattoos unless you make him sith


    so sith lightning is basically a re design for sparks…was there even any point in changing the design ? also those sith robes look like crap

  • The vR Clan

    Does this work on XBOX360

  • Steven Jewell

    darth maul reminds me of the dremora

  • Sean Harrison

    Replacing the flags with Jedi symbols and retexturing the entire place bright colors with a basic sci-fi pattern doesn't exactly mean it fits in Star Wars...

  • Mark Anthony

    Dual wield lighting, be like Sidious

  • garrett traughber

    Looks like battlefront


    i gaved it a thumbs up

  • Alex White

    One problem the emblems in the college... They are jedi emblems... Not sith... -_-

  • Grineer Researcher Tyl Regor


  • The Ultimate Succ

    actually the females look totally different than the males. no horns or anything. solid skin color. they were also witches

  • UnStealthGamer

    Witness the power of the dark side!

  • The ToastedBuns

    The martial arts mod would be more of a sith doing flips and kicks as Darth mual

  • Andrew de la Mennah ☣

    Dark Jedi>>>>


    i like darth maul too

  • Bruno Mars

    Once I get a new pc, im downloading game, getting zabrak race, lightsabers, and forcd lightning.

  • szafirowaty 420

    You dont know antyhing about star wars dude....

  • Joel Lorange

    female zabrak is a dathomir witch, an example is asajj Ventress

  • Starfighter 246

    sith robes in a Jedi robes chest? tf is this

  • 7thSmurf

    IF ONLY they would make a game like skyrim in a star wars theme. Why dont Disney HIRE Bethesda to do one for them.. damn that would kick ass.. ESPECIALLY reelased near to a new movie release. There is no good looking Star wars themed RPG. of course there is SWTOR .but thats OLD .

  • Daniel Poteat

    Can i ask 4 a Request?

  • Wataaa!

    zabraks are usually brownish and grey, not red.

  • NotGoodAtRaving

    if they get lightsabers on xbox when it comes out i will be sooo fucking happy lol

  • Bru Master

    Darth Maul isn't a full Zabrak btw, he's Dathomirian, which is half-human half-Iridonian (Zabrak)

  • Thomas van de Walle



    and strinking sry there's no jedi academy

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