Skyrim Real Estate: Frostvale Estate - Multiple Adoption Friendly

Skyrim Real Estate: Frostvale Estate - Multiple Adoption Friendly

Mod Description:
"Frostvale Estate is a medium sized, adoption friendly player home located just outside of Windhelm, it includes plenty of Safe Storage, Armor Mannequins, Displays for Dragon Priest Masks, Claws, Black Books, Paragons, Weapon Racks, Display Cases, New Marriageable, Merchant and Follower NPCs, Indoor Smithing Area, Plenty of room for Followers."

Mod download:

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  • David Romine

    This house has a perfect view for when I destroy Windhelm in the Name of the Empire.

  • Alpha catz .... meow

    can i move a family into it ?>

  • Casey Drought

    how do you move/adopt children to the house, when i hover over the kids beds its says owned but i don't have any children? please help

  • tigurius555

    I made a comment how this was fantastic aside from a tad bit bland (although that's the style of homes in eastmarch) and too spacious as i'm not a follower-hoarder, but then i got to the part where he goes to the small armory, i hate it when they place predetermined armor/weapon models for a storage

  • Arnold Kluge

    Any Large Sized Homes, multiple adoption friendly?

  • Shelley Cline

    My god. It’s so dark.

  • Hail Sithis

    How to get kids in here on xb1?

  • 1oAce

    Good house for Stormcloak general role-play.

  • GamingHD

    Is someone able to hel me? I downloaded and activated this estate, i downloaded and avtivated a Multiple adoption mod. But how can i move my Family There and how can i adope more children? Thx in advance :)

  • A Random Person

    The mod isn't too bad but your commentary is really good.

  • _Dylan- _James2018-

    wait this is a mod? shit

  • Maliki Eash

    that would be a great place for the guild mod

  • Jerry Smith

    The house looks so much as the house from the one hwere you build the city lol

  • Wff IV

    This mod worked for a while but it keeps crashing every time i try and go in. I just want to get my stuff out of it lol

  • Zylice Liddell

    A nice looking home! 

  • Zyon Fejeran

    does this work for ps4

  • Danielle Raath

    ive got xbox one, I downloaded this house and found it very glitchy and i ended up unable to enter my house so had to remove! any success stories with this house if you own XBOX ONE

  • William Henry

    Nice home, a little cheap for the price, and the sub basement is a bit over kill.

  • goagăl minus

    I love the house so much, and Aubrey is the best merchant.

  • Klawz

    Why I need heartfire for this mod if I dont build the house? :/

  • Xzait Dgizs

    At first i was like, ergh, looks kinda cool i guess, but i don't think i'll download it... 5 minutes later, i am on the nexus clicking the download button.

  • Samuel Smith

    you sound just like Cgp Grey...

  • Arkanious

    how do you adopt children to be able to live in this house?

  • Ian G

    I know that skyrim is a small world with only a few hundreds of people living in it, so the land should be cheap... but really? 7500 gold get you a mansion like this? The mod author obviously want you to experience the winder of the new house right away so it can't be too expensive, but this is so immersion-breaking. A house like this should at least cost a million gold just for the construction few and the material cost alone.

  • PsiJohnics

    Annoying that the fireplaces do not emit light.

  • Just call me ORANGE!

    The house was perfect for me. But after a while, the game crashed every time I entered the house. Had to restart my gameplay once because I lost 99% of my shit. Can anyone tell me why this is happening

  • dmitri chehova

    This game is crazy..

  • Chowder Musket

    I think you missed the secret room in the master bedroom

  • DisconsolateFlower

    1) I love how fast you go through the house. I really do. Every other youtuber I've watched takes forrrrrrrrrr-ever to get through a house mod. 2) I like the touches of comedy here and there, and that you recognize it. :3 Keep it up man.

  • Bryan Sammon

    we loved this mod moved everything in and then we after everything was set up it would crash everytime we tried to enter !!!!!!!!!! sucks its the best mod weve found been looking for weeks but nothing like it please tell me how to get it fixed and who to contact

  • Hexen Jager

    I keep trying to enter and it's crashing , should I change load order

  • Wilhil Ingreso

    and How many follower you can get ??😅

  • Zzarcon1

    I'm not sure if I should use this house, or sjel bald castle for my next playthough. Both have a lot of what I want, particularly the displaying, but I was wondering if there were any other house mods that were like those two. Location and acquiring methods are also important factors.

  • S1lverdragon11

    you sound like you need sleep, get some sleep.

  • Ernie n/a

    somebody's voice during the video sounds like white trash

  • tigurius555

    okay this house is big, a bit too big...

  • Plysdyret1

    The man on the bed: I was talking to a man one day in the game, when he suddenly stood up on his chair. While his was standing on his chair, another man came and sat on the chair! And the first man was still talking to me. LOL.I do also hope you said "follower beds!" To me it sounded like "falmer beds."

  • India Jones

    hope this player home mod make it to special edition for consoles.

  • supultra

    what does possibly work with multiple sandboxing

  • Zach

    Once I saw the front of the inside, I knew I had to download this mod from Nexus.

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