Skyrim Lovergirl Custom Race Mod (Female)

Skyrim LoverGirl race mod makes it easy to create a pretty, young, cute, Asian looking female character. Kind of anime. I also had something called the Sophia Face (which was supposed to go with this mod) but it didn't work so I removed it.
This race also has a 25% magic resist passive I forgot to mention.

Download: (my upload)
(I think I downloaded the one by echonova12)

Note: I have the CBBE body and SG Hair Pack

The Armor in the video is zzjay's wardrobe:

This is my first video, please comment and let me know what you think.
  • Sinon Asada

    how do you install this mod :) mine was pirated with the dlc

  • Fretzen Xenomerx

    Thanks boss for download link

  • alex mercer

    Does it require any anything ???

  • AlphaRecon

    how did you add the hair to the lovergirl race me sister is having trouble with it

  • Lol Bob

    They look so European.

  • Uriel Castillo

    666 i ruined it i liked it and made it 667 😈

  • Thanh Long Nguyen

    Hey bro, what is the clothes mod did you use for the first girl?

  • AutumnBreeze

    What clothes are you wearing on your (i assume) main character? with the quiver on her back

  • Miguel Alzael

    Great video! Just a question what body mesh did you use? You use the cbbe but what hands and body mesh did you use?

  • Charanjeet Singh

    does this require dawngaurd dlc

  • una persona

    Awesome I SUSCRIBE andLike

  • Vincent Barber

    got this mod to show but now when i go to change sex's the game crashes

  • Ujimar

    Where can I get outfit mods for this ?

  • Lawrence Chan

    This doesn't look like an asian race mod.

  • Mirella Delmonaco

    mi piacerebbe giocarci su i paid Huawei

  • Stemara Bella the Cat

    4:00 what outfit most is that?

  • Joaquin Perez

    This mod needs dlcs?

  • IncarnationOfImmortality Taylor A. Jones

    Does This race support CBBP, and TBBP

  • fdjw88

    thank you so much for uploading this mod to dropbox! this mod is no longer available on Nexus

  • Miss Silhouette

    hey can u link the hair mod plz i cant find it. thank you

  • PCGameFanatic

    Sad that BSnake who is the original author, creator of the LoverGirl race is no longer running it. Would have been good if he implemented it for use with ECE, still runs well on Racemenu as that recognises the Race.If anyone wanna add me on STEAM for mod help add me PCGameFanatic

  • Tomie Kaneki

    How to install the mod bro?

  • justine polancos

    is this Mod only Available on Dawguard?

  • Rem

    i dont have dawnguard . esm .. damn... anyone have that files?

  • No Loli No Life

    fucking click bait xD

  • lm M

    What is the thumbnail image ??

  • Gabriel

    Does this mod has any requirements? i get instant CTD when selecting race...

  • The Real Dovahkiin Miraak

    Does god stay in heaven, because he is afraid of what he has created?

  • Alucard Gameplays

    what's clothes mod


    Why did i get this vid in my inbox for no reason xD ?? Cuz i mean... It's 2 years old, and I've never left a comment here, or seen this vid lol

  • De Gabutz

    the thumbnail :'v

  • Hannah139005

    So it took me quite awhile to figure how to get this mod in the game and I finally got it! Now I have a new problem everything seems to be working fine except for I can't change the hair which is weird but other then that It's perfect! At first I tried NMM and then I thought about putting in manually but that didn't work either so I feel quite stumped on this one hehe

  • Mana Drakes

    it isn't working

  • Erin Cannon

    Hey it's AndroidNub! wow over a year old I'm late lol

  • MilkGotWarm Brah

    What if... skyrim was an anime?

  • Sevintrix

    'Hmmm lets choose something a little less dark'. Can you say 'I just made a faux pas'?

  • Honeysmile13

    it looks like Bratz doll

  • justine polancos

    Guys can Help me ...How can i install Lovergirl Manually? Pls...

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