Skyrim Follower Glitch?

I realized my follower was missing, so I went looking for him. I find him in the Companions Guild and he starts endlessly starting conversations with me and chasing me everywhere, and then his brother joins the chase as well D:
  • h20 soulz

    Does anyone have a glitch where you complete the companions questline but skjor is alive

  • Ella Nicholson

    Oh my god that fucking glitch drives me insane

  • zach bland

    I have the same problem as well

  • patrik římal

    I have another bug with follower.. i have follower and i tell him to leave and he/she dont leave me and continue follow me, how can i fix it please? :(

  • Cade Offutt

    Mine did this through the whole story. I wouldve just stopped playing but i was only doing the companions for the achievements

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