® WLB's Dawnguard Song (Musical Machinima)

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WLB's Dawnguard Song (Musical Machinima)

From the maker if Pills Here 2 and Day of the Dovah, Johnny Medlar (aka WEIRDLITTLEBRO) presents a brand new tale full of singing and dancing in the world of Tamriel. This time it's all about the epic war struggle between Dawnguard vampire hunters and the Volkihar Vampires, and the Dragonborn that must choose between them. But in the end, both sides must unite to drive off the twihard menace. Because the Dawnguard will hunt anything that sucks blood, even animal blood. And the Volkihar are just plain insulted by the idea of vampires sparkling in the sun. Dracula would surely be turning in his coffin ;)

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Now for the lyrics:
Come my children, let's conspire
to blot out the solar fire.
Let the Dawnguard feel our ire:
we the lords of the vampires.
The lords of the vampires.
The lords of the vampires.

Maybe I implied that I would help you hunt vampires, but I lied.
I went and I joined the other side. And now when I walk outside, I get deep-fried.
Because I allied with a shawty named Serana who's mother tried to lock her inside
some kind of crypt for a million years, or however long it was until I appeared.
Then she took me to her creepy vampire pad;
introduced me to her creepier vampire dad.
And the guy said he was really glad,
but the reward that he offered made me think,
""I got a baaaad feeling about this."" And he's like, ""I insist.""
But vampires aren't exactly people that you want to piss-
off, or scoff, or imply that they feed their cattle from a trough.
By ""cattle,"" I mean ""humans."" That could be you!
So run up north until you find a midnight sun.
Unless they block it out; in which case, they've won.
Now I know you want some silver bullets and a submachine gun,
but unless you've got a mod there's no way you can have one.
'Guess you'll have to settle for a really awesome crossbow.
Make your way past Riften to the Dawnguard's little chateau. Yo!
Buy some armor for your new pet troll. Hey, Serana's come to join you
and she's brought an Elder Scroll! Whoa!

Fellow mortals, we aspire-
to safeguard the solar fire.
Let the undead feel our ire.
We the Dawnguard hunt vampires.
The Dawnguard hunt vampires.
The Dawnguard hunt vampires.

Elder Scrolls, you need three to decipher the prophecy,
and Serana got you one for free. The next one's gotta be
in Winterhold that's what I'm told, assuming that you sold-
it to a really old orc dork. Now it's time to show your guile.
Break under the castle isle. Run around for, like, a mile.
Be a sneak, if that's your style. Play detective for a while.
Solve another freaky trial. Rummage through the rubble pile.
Fix the broken moon-dial. Step into the Soul Cairn.
Idle Masters gotta learn there's no way they gonna stop you.
You gon' find Valerica and return to Tamriel.
And once you're back here, you can summon Durnehviir.
He will gladly volunteer to make your enemies disappear.
Now you gotta find a Moth Priest to read the Scrolls and go blind.
So you can go and find Ariel's bow, guarded by the last Snow Elf
living all by himself. When you come by, he does his best to comply
but something has gone awry. 'Cause now his brother is a bad-guy.
He doesn't know why. But he wants you to try to go to his bro and say ""hi""
and then make him go bye-bye. Now you've got the bow.
Now it's time to go say, ""Yo! Harkon, think fast! Too slow.""
But whether you sided with the Volkihar or a Dawnguard,
we got a common enemy. They're called, ""TWI-HARDS!""

Fellow gamers, let's conspire
to drive out the sparkling liars.
Let impostors feel our ire.
Skyrim has REAL vampires!
(Wanna-be vampires, we detest.

WLB's Dawnguard Song, composed and produced by Johnny Medlar (me).


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  • Scorpion Sub-Zero

    A werewolf version with the Companions and Silver Hand would be great or a werewolf and vampire one.

  • Chad Branch

    love it stevie says it is amazing

  • Hollowed Mantis

    This 2016 we love this song

  • Joker Lyon

    awesome video man I love it

  • Mike Hardy

    Damn Lord Harkon has some impressive dance moves

  • Sarah Madden

    erm.... looks at description the lyrics get cut off... could someone tell me the rest? (i want to know as what you think you hear is not always what is said...)

  • KK Marsh

    anybody watching in 2017

  • Rex Nitewings

    why'd did you do that to serana?

  • Trevor Oliver (STUDENT)

    Wow Serana Got the Moves 😏. 😍😍😍😍😍

  • daemonCaptrix

    The dance is hilariously unfitting! xD

  • The Unknown One

    This video is weird.... and I like it

  • AyeItzScience!

    Praise The Sun! oh sorry...wrong video game walks backwards into portal

  • Black Smith

    Ummmmmmm😐 no one say 🤐 but I killed the dawngard and the vampires but there's a bright side.........🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😅 that's right I'm the richest person in tamrel

  • Midnight Shamalan

    hm. only 75 twi-hards have found this.i suppose the rest are still busy trying to convince themselves that twilight is a good love story.

  • Josh McKenna

    next skyrim dlc the rave dragon a dancing dragon on skooma

  • PartsuPihimys

    Not bad... even if my ears are now bleeding...

  • Mars

    99 twilight fans dislike this.

  • Jamal Powell

    This crap song was so good this $#!T was bad! (In a good way ofcaurse!)

  • jack Daniels

    i feel verry sick because there is no new things for skyrim anymore. skyrim is forever the best game ever. this game is my live and i never forget it

  • lily jones

    hahaahahahaha nice job i may like twilght but it doesn't mean all of use twilight fans hate skyrim i happen to love it

  • Ricky Bitner

    This one must find the spell that can make orcs enemies dance while he kills them........... Shit!!!!!! Uh, Orc know nothing! ~slowly walks back into black reach while muttering "gonna kill somemore falmer and those demented ear wig bugs"

  • Timbert.T. Able

    Which mod was used (if any) to make Serana dance like that?

  • Scott Lightfeather

    Anybody think of cosplaying this

  • Scott Lightfeather

    This now my ringtone permanently

  • lynzylu

    2016 is almost over, and this song is still awesome

  • iceman3317

    Anyone else watch this when halloween is about to come up? I do. For the last 4 years at least.

  • Roda Presa

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk muito bom

  • zonicay

    This needs to be on iTunes

  • Narose Draconis

    anyone else feel like there in a night club from the underworld movies well listing to this?

  • PaRaDoX 0120

    This is my new favorite song.

  • Joseph Bird

    Just ruined serana for me 😞

  • Beck Bezerk

    Play this at my funeral

  • Mister GRAM

    02:10 Dawnguard 1: Dude! you suppose to swing your arm aroundDawnguard 2: Yeah like we practice! where the team dawnguard spirit go!Dawnguard 3: Come on everyone's doing it, even the dragonborn.Dawnguard with arm crossed: Cause I'm Swaggy, Bitch >:DI really surprise no one comment about this

  • iceman3317

    WOuld love to see a Companions one to go with these.

  • Michelle Mclinden


  • Spartan252525 25

    "In a land where vampires don't sparkle.." Lol

  • Keegan Smetanko

    has anyone ever had serana attack your horse once you get to the island

  • LazyGuy4203601 69

    I still don't get it..... how is it that when you are turned into a vampire as a chick, you are very pail and you have this disgusting ass bat like face expression, and the other vampire chicks can pass for a normal human as long as they don't wear their vampire cloths and conceal their eyes....

  • Música de Garagem

    Serana is so damm hot

  • DontKnow9000

    This deserves soooo much more views. Simply awesome.

  • Russell Stauffer

    ROFLOL! Definitely an awesome effort to capture Dawnguard in 4 minutes. Love the dancing!

  • Lara Caldin

    Yeah shake that booty ! XDthis is the best song i have ever heard XD hail to the real vampires ! XD

  • FireRabbit

    This vid deserves way more likes and views

  • sirblockepic mcswaggins

    I need to learn Harkon's moves!

  • Sarah

    I broke the replay button.

  • wolf pack

    still the best song in all of skyrim's history. ahhh the memories, i think i shall do another playthrough. who wants to join me?

  • Fail Tage

    if anyone is wondering what the part of the lyrics that get cut off is.... it's "we eat prissy little sissies like you for breakfast"

  • Astral Darkness

    disquasting song i ever can recall

  • Christal Wolf

    Lord Harkon dancing in Michael Jackson style is <3

  • Shinra Arano

    How does one make NPCs dance? This one is curious.

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