Skyrim Blades - Recruit Followers for Delphine & Dragon Slaying

This video shows how to work with the Blades, Delphine and Esbern. The first step is to recruit followers / companions to join the Blades. After recruiting the maximum of 3 Blades members, you are able to begin dragon slaying quests for Esbern. This guide also covers what else the Blades have to offer, including a temporary buff Active Effect that increases your critical chance against dragons, and the bugged Esbern's Potion reward that is supposed to grant "Dragon Infusion" (25% less damage taken from dragons) but is currently glitched and unable to be obtained on consoles.

PC users, you can force the "Dragon Infusion" active effect with the following command:

"player.addperk 000E6DF0"

See this reference for a list of companion followers, including whether they can be recruited to the Blades:

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  • smai

    If I start this, will I no longer be a Companion or apart of the Brotherhood?

  • Reptile King

    Imagine a reverse dragonrend? Instead of making the dragon temporarily mortal and unable to fly, it makes the dragon godlike?

  • ainz overlord

    Do you have to kill Paarthurnax for this to work or not

  • Shadowrider1032

    Can you get another follower to be a blade if 1 dies?

  • brandon davis

    Before i could mod it i never did the blades quests. Paarthanax gives better benefits than theyll give you for killing him

  • M Radisa Pratama

    Thanks,So i can see the blades lore without kill paarthurnax.Actually i killed Esbern and Delphine on my Dragonborn when thy ask for kill Paarthurnax.

  • Matthew Baker

    idea, Cicero as a blade with random dialogue... thank me later

  • Ghoul Kagune

    3:40 something falling down from the sky wtf

  • Tyler Maxwell

    I did the potion before recruiting and it worked Dragons do 25% less melee damage

  • Cristian Moreno

    so if you bring a follower to join the blades can they still die while in combat with a dragon?


    hey is the glitch with potion reward patched on skyrim remastered? please let me know if anyone have anyone knows about it.

  • fr0stcr1ms0n

    I wish I did not ask for this quest on Delphine. It is the only one now stuck at my miscellaneous quest tab. I brought followers to her but she gets stuck at some point of the scene not giving the oath to my follower resulting the quest to get stucked unfucking finished. I use UFO as follower mod I think that mod is the problem.

  • Zer0 Gaming

    But I reaaalllyy want to sacrifice resting bitch face... I mean Lydia

  • Julie Holm

    For some reason it wouldn’t let me talk to esbern about dragon lairs it would only let me ask “What’s so important about being Dragonborn”

  • meme machine

    its making me mad that i need to kill PAAAAAAAAAAAArthurnax to do these guest... well i think i will kill him some day atleast he is only a dragon not a human lol

  • World war Soldier

    i use the command console on the paarthurnax quest to be finished as both blades and graybeards are both my fav factions i support both of them

  • Sibby Flowers

    Ohhh, I didn't go with the blades, that's why

  • Arry

    I would bring mjoll, a house Carl, and some warrior like farkas. To bad Delphine glitched out and I can't beat the main quest line on Alduins wall :/

  • Pred X

    Can you recruit Cicero?

  • Eryk Rejner

    Huh... so I pulled it of yeras ago in my first shitty playthrough...

  • Fearnyrunt9

    Does this work with nodded followers, more specifically a fox, coz I uninsalled him while he was following me so now the game thinks I have a follower when I don't... This is the only thing I can think of doing

  • Flavor

    5100 gold from the "store"? Holy shit i can't belive you spent 51 days in game without talking with your wife

  • Lars The Dovahkiin

    I didjennasa,Calder and mjoll

  • Jonny Mars

    Has the glitch been fixed?


    Has it been patch now?

  • zoutig.

    i have a problem i recruited mjoll as a blade but she didnt het blade armor???? what to do

  • Nathan Fernandez

    anyone see that hagraven fall from the sky at 3:39?

  • Akuma Shogun

    What if you bring Mjoll the Lioness? Will she bring her fucking friend?

  • kylie caperton

    I have the worst blades here they are sven,cosnac,and the only good one aela

  • مشاري الشمري

    guys can any 1 tell me how to get back a flower from the blades ?

  • Moises Mercado

    my blades are so diverse lol. ghorbash, erandur, and lydia!

  • McCarney 420

    I'm squading up with Darkeethus, Janessa, J'Zargo, and Valdimar.

  • KingStarr

    Me and Lydia have been through a lot together, I feel sad letting her go but at least it'll give her more purpose than to sit on her fat ass eating sweet rolls all the fucking time! She's costing me a fortune

  • Jose Avila

    every time i tried to talk to esbern he does not give me the quest. i think my game is glitched is there a way to fix this or will i need to start a new save?

  • TheChinaMan 25

    I think im gona pick 1 orc from a strong hold, lydia and probably a thane i have in Markarth. it's good to have diversity in the Blades

  • Fritigern

    Imagine a Cicero as a Blade hahaha :D

  • Αδαμ Φιλος Θρυλου

    so they dont keep they old outfit... and i gave them Teldryn Sero, while he had some pretty unique stuff like the Dawnbraker, some rare rings, amulets, e.t.c...

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