Skyrim Blades - Recruit Followers for Delphine & Dragon Slaying

This video shows how to work with the Blades, Delphine and Esbern. The first step is to recruit followers / companions to join the Blades. After recruiting the maximum of 3 Blades members, you are able to begin dragon slaying quests for Esbern. This guide also covers what else the Blades have to offer, including a temporary buff Active Effect that increases your critical chance against dragons, and the bugged Esbern's Potion reward that is supposed to grant "Dragon Infusion" (25% less damage taken from dragons) but is currently glitched and unable to be obtained on consoles.

PC users, you can force the "Dragon Infusion" active effect with the following command:

"player.addperk 000E6DF0"

See this reference for a list of companion followers, including whether they can be recruited to the Blades:

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    hey is the glitch with potion reward patched on skyrim remastered? please let me know if anyone have anyone knows about it.

  • Eryk Rejner

    Huh... so I pulled it of yeras ago in my first shitty playthrough...

  • Flavor

    5100 gold from the "store"? Holy shit i can't belive you spent 51 days in game without talking with your wife

  • 노현태

    3:40 something falling down from the sky wtf

  • McCarney 420

    I'm squading up with Darkeethus, Janessa, J'Zargo, and Valdimar.

  • Jonny Mars

    Has the glitch been fixed?

  • Fritigern

    Imagine a Cicero as a Blade hahaha :D

  • Jose Avila

    every time i tried to talk to esbern he does not give me the quest. i think my game is glitched is there a way to fix this or will i need to start a new save?

  • zoutig.

    i have a problem i recruited mjoll as a blade but she didnt het blade armor???? what to do

  • Moises Mercado

    my blades are so diverse lol. ghorbash, erandur, and lydia!

  • Fearnyrunt9

    Does this work with nodded followers, more specifically a fox, coz I uninsalled him while he was following me so now the game thinks I have a follower when I don't... This is the only thing I can think of doing

  • M Radisa Pratama

    Thanks,So i can see the blades lore without kill paarthurnax.Actually i killed Esbern and Delphine on my Dragonborn when thy ask for kill Paarthurnax.

  • Reptile King

    Imagine a reverse dragonrend? Instead of making the dragon temporarily mortal and unable to fly, it makes the dragon godlike?

  • fr0stcr1ms0n

    I wish I did not ask for this quest on Delphine. It is the only one now stuck at my miscellaneous quest tab. I brought followers to her but she gets stuck at some point of the scene not giving the oath to my follower resulting the quest to get stucked unfucking finished. I use UFO as follower mod I think that mod is the problem.

  • Matthew Baker

    idea, Cicero as a blade with random dialogue... thank me later

  • Vryomancer

    I accidentally gave my fav follower to the blades, how do i get them back...

  • Jonny Mars

    Hurray to the blades the real heroes of Skyrim who actually have protected, and boo to Par and the Greybeards the do nothing who let evil happen and are part of it. They are future dragon priests aiding evil dragons.

  • julio holmly

    For some reason it wouldn’t let me talk to esbern about dragon lairs it would only let me ask “What’s so important about being Dragonborn”

  • Lava91point0

    Me and Lydia have been through a lot together, I feel sad letting her go but at least it'll give her more purpose than to sit on her fat ass eating sweet rolls all the fucking time! She's costing me a fortune

  • Αδαμ Φιλος Θρυλου

    so they dont keep they old outfit... and i gave them Teldryn Sero, while he had some pretty unique stuff like the Dawnbraker, some rare rings, amulets, e.t.c...

  • Cristian Moreno

    so if you bring a follower to join the blades can they still die while in combat with a dragon?

  • مشاري الشمري

    guys can any 1 tell me how to get back a flower from the blades ?


    Has it been patch now?

  • would you kindly destroy

    Do you have to kill Paarthurnax for this to work or not

  • brandon davis

    Before i could mod it i never did the blades quests. Paarthanax gives better benefits than theyll give you for killing him

  • Akuma Shogun

    What if you bring Mjoll the Lioness? Will she bring her fucking friend?

  • TheChinaMan 25

    I think im gona pick 1 orc from a strong hold, lydia and probably a thane i have in Markarth. it's good to have diversity in the Blades

  • Lars The Dovahkiin

    I didjennasa,Calder and mjoll

  • Pred X

    Can you recruit Cicero?

  • Shadowrider1032

    Can you get another follower to be a blade if 1 dies?

  • Nathan Fernandez

    anyone see that hagraven fall from the sky at 3:39?

  • Sibby Flowers

    Ohhh, I didn't go with the blades, that's why

  • kylie caperton

    I have the worst blades here they are sven,cosnac,and the only good one aela

  • Arry

    I would bring mjoll, a house Carl, and some warrior like farkas. To bad Delphine glitched out and I can't beat the main quest line on Alduins wall :/

  • World war Soldier

    i use the command console on the paarthurnax quest to be finished as both blades and graybeards are both my fav factions i support both of them

  • Tyler Maxwell

    I did the potion before recruiting and it worked Dragons do 25% less melee damage

  • smai

    If I start this, will I no longer be a Companion or apart of the Brotherhood?

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