Skyrim - Top 10 Vampire Mods!

Mod links, in random order ;)

Elegant Vampire Armor - Dawnguard

Predator Vision - Vampire Werewolf and Khajiit

BVFE - Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes

Grimoas Vampire Lord

Bat Travel Vampire Power

Better Vampire Lord Transformation

Vampire Lord Retexture

Vampire leather armor set

Lustmord Vampire Armor

Grimoas Vampire Lord

Royal Bloodline - Vampire Lord perk tree - abilities - and more

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  • Kidd kaos79

    I hope you read this but I like the fang mod but not the eyes I like when the eyes glow red cause any other make the person look to demoniac or possed

  • Garrett

    Your body mod makes you walk like a robot

  • Nermaltrash

    But I want a mod where you don't need vampire lord just have the park tree in the skills And you can just tear people in half quickly go towards them and bite them and throw them down and if you drink enough blood your eyes change to an orange ring in one spot and just black for the rest and basically your almost invincible I hate how there isn't a mod for this yet you'd think somebody would hate the vampire lord enough to create a mod like this

  • CrimsonGamer

    This helped me a lot :)

  • Erkin

    fnis sexy move coin?

  • Kevin McClelland

    wish they would have an actual better model for them, I don't like the default

  • MrDexter

    best vampire mod is kain(from legacy of kain series)skin.he's a real and badass vampire

  • gilddo sawazaki

    Does anyome know If there is a mod that makes the vampires around the world, be friendly with you If you're a Vampire?

  • punishment Code

    #3 and #2 are just sexy armor for females, I get that it's your opinion that those are the "top mods", but those don't actually do anything to affect gameplay or immersion. They're just aesthetic, and unless they also can be worn by males, then that doesn't do anything for male characters...

  • rebellionmarch

    No Better Vampires? No Sacrosanct? No Vampiric Thirst? This is just a bunch of aesthetics mods to jerk off over for fucks sake.

  • austin blake

    one mod i like even though it's small is vampires fight with claws mod, i think vampires should sorta be kinda savage when fighting, animal like, well especially blood gorged vampire mode

  • Ethan McDonald

    "It's more HD"... Bruh, something's either HD, or it's not.

  • Matthew

    best mod for vampires and werewolfs is being able to interact with items and doors while in monster form

  • Abdullah Cheema

    u left better vampires mod -__-

  • Cj Mc callum

    how do you get the amount power armor I'm playing Skyrim on Xbox 360 but I wanted to be a vampire

  • Chris Lovitt

    please someone tell me these are coming to consoles

  • Bailey Moroz

    I just noticed that the lead gargoyle in skyrim has the same name as the lead gargoyle on the Disney show; Goliath.

  • Sicibuhat

    How can you have vampire lady with beautiful skin? That is the mod can I have beautiful vampire beautiful skin?

  • AmericanRX

    I basically made character like Bebet.....if I remember her name correctly.

  • Nermaltrash

    Watched clouse on the originals kill shitload of people so I thought Skyrim vampire moda


    Need these mods on console

  • Ihza Anantama

    how do you keep your face from turning to a rotten tomato when becoming a vampire lord ?

  • Death 2758

    we wanted over haul not looks geez

  • Tuosan

    God if all theese triggered people in the comments ever found MxR....

  • Gaming4life Guys

    Anyone help pls it scads I have daymoyl.esm missing and requiem.esm missing anyone willing to help me please I can find out how to download them

  • darkmadrap

    you forgot better vampires by brehanin

  • Aaron Irby (Vampiric Thirst is still the best Vampire mod I've ever seen. Personally I think it's better than any of these other mods. Also it includes the bat travel and bat cloud spells. Also it has the predator vision as well.

  • Dark Riot

    this is for skyrim se but can some one tell me whet the first pic uses for hairstyle mod

  • Randy Livingston

    if you're a cat your fangs are badass

  • Moon Emoji

    A better name for the video: 10 random slooty vampire mods that make my dick hard (random order) (not the best mods out there) (I once ejaculated in my bed)

  • Cayden Epperson

    What's up with your voice?

  • Brooke Kennedy

    hate to tell but none of them are mods it's all on Skyrim legendary edition....:-[

  • Matt Steele

    I also jerk off to my modded skyrim. have you SEEN how good my enb is!???

  • Sam S

    This was cool, but dont be so quick to trust Canadians

  • Emmet Ray

    Wish someone would do something like Terran Vampires (oblivion/unfinished-abandoned) for Skyrim. Better Vampires and Castle Volkihar Redux makes a pretty good vamp experience, and better fangs and eyes for the visual aspect of it.

  • James Frost

    Does anyone remember what mod got rid of the comments about; Don't like those eyes you got and been tending the hounds? I used to have a mod to remove it but I can no longer find it.It dosn't help that people don't name their mods properly and that you can only find some of them by searching in google these days.

  • Cameron Zukoff

    For anyone curious about the outfit used in #1 @4:37 it's from

  • Brendan Lee

    I am playing this on the Xbox one, & I've downloaded the Lustmord Vampire Armor mod, but I can't find the book that lets me craft the armor, can someone tel me exactly where I can find it, it wasn't very clear in the description.


    those walking animations, what are they?

  • Jeffrey Hameline

    I'm having issues not being able to feed on people or the second quest for the vampires

  • Shaturi

    I know this is your opinion.. but a lot of this is retextures.. I may be wrong but I think people is seeking mods that changes gameplay.. But what REALLY hurts is that you didn't include Better Vampires.. It's by far the best Vampire mod (PC) and only a few can be compared. Theres also Vampiric Thirst which I have never tried myself (since It's not compatiple with anything really (not 100% sure)

  • Viper CRB

    No woman has a body like Jessica Rabbit.

  • GDMgamer _

    I'm just trying to figure out what hair mod he used

  • Rust Head

    do all these mods work for Xbox 360

  • AdamCrash14

    I'm guessing you don't have a girlfriend

  • Sain 7417

    doesn't number 9 only work for females?

  • Rest at peace LOLLOLLOL

    I really hate the peoples of skyrim the player was the hero who saved tamriel from Alduin but will get bounty only just transforming him/her self to vampirelord

  • Euro44 GamingPal99

    The female vampires mod look so slutty.


    look up skyrim succbus

  • KingCai72

    Thith ithea wath thuthested

  • Avalicia

    I CAN'T CHOOSE!What would you say? Vampire Lord or Werewolf?Werwolf is much more badass but I noticed that the vamp is stronger.Soo, which one?

  • flamesword 41

    Does the vampire predator sense work with vanilla werewolves

  • paganorcaluva

    smike does't know how to pronounce valerica properly. Dude listen to the characters in skyrim.

  • D.DoT-Z

    It was 2014And yet your game still looked like ass, and there was no background music, or sound,

  • Ronan Terry

    honestly this entire video i was thinking that this had nothing to do with vampire mods and really was like some twilight fan porno just didnt want to say anything but then i read the comments

  • PreciseBaton24

    666k views im dieing 😂

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