Skyrim: Divine People All-in-One Overhaul

This will not end well....



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  • cory levesque

    I have just started modding with my xbox one your videos are awesome and high quality thanks for making this modding thing more understandable

  • Jim Campbell

    Is divine people safe to use for xbox one (posted question on another video)

  • Jim Campbell

    So totaly subed and shared vid with my ff11 friends( its a mmo incase people didnt know its a 14+ yr old game)

  • Jim Campbell

    Idk where to put this question so here goes down loaded divine people divine skins eyes of beauty divine citys loaded my mage save all good i saved quit and loaded my 2handed imperial get to white run and the beggar bruinin is butt naked lol is that a glitch/bug well in his undies i pick pocket himband he has 7 beggar robes found 2 more naked npc's the 1 beggar in markath the one u steal a dibila staue firband last npc is the meat merchant in riften the dark elf other than that i found no more naked npcs i ran the whole map almost each tiwn i just did the big holds ive yet to do dragon bridge irokatead ivarstead and kynestone just read cloak mod some npcs will be naked due to outfit changes....

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