How to Make Skyrim Look Next-Gen: TES 5: Top Graphic/Visual Mods (2017)

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim, with the right set of mods, can still be looking good in 2017 thanks to the efforts of various modders who have gone through the efforts of re-creating textures, designing entire new lighting systems and more to keep Skyrim’s visuals up to par.


Nyclix’s ENB Re-Shade:

Enhanced Lighting and FX:

Skyrim Flora Overhaul:

Verdant – Grass Plug in (Xbox One/PC):

Vivid Weathers (Xbox One/PC):

Static Mesh Improvements Mod (Xbox One/PC):

Forgotten Items Retex (Xbox One/PC) :

Nordic Snow:

Gecko’s 4k Textures:

Simply Bigger Trees:

HQ Tree Bark:

Footprints (PC):

Wet and Cold (Xbox One/PC):

Osmoduis Textures (Xbox One/PC):

Realistic Water 2 (Xbox One/PC):

(Not in video, but still HIGHLY recommended by me) Matso's Immersive Sun:

Background Music: Footballhead - Flamingosis

Outro Music: Good Ol' Days 1 - Martin Landh
  • Ezequiel Pereyra

    are these for Skyrim SE ?

  • InsanityStormGaming

    if i were to put all these mods in my game will they all work?

  • Matthew Barger

    All of these mods are for special edition why did you fucking lie?

  • Divided Reality

    Dislikes are coming from people that want over-the-top ARPGs with bug-eyed plastic sex dolls.

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