A Quality World Map - Skyrim Mods

This is a overview of the latest version of the mod as a few changes have happened since I made a video of it last time :)

Link: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4929
  • Marijn

    Too much talking. Too slow. You could easily cut this in half, 3 times. Just show the damn things and move on.

  • Cabbage Roller

    How do I uninstall it, it lags my game and i've tried deleting the files from my nexus mod manager but its still there :/

  • joe polkadot

    "I must say"

  • Qwerty-Space

    Warburg's 3D paper map, looks better than than classic map

  • NutBuster

    This looks incredible, definitely gonna give it a DL

  • mehmet holbert

    careful with the parchment map cause it tends to just past the look to the world like you will see orange on the mountains in the distant

  • Sky Lord Panglot

    But how in the world do you install this manually. I cant find any understandable or reliable info around.

  • johnjacob jingleheimershmidt

    thanks for the review, and the console command... i need to remember that one.

  • TheUnDeity

    finally we can 360 degree rotate and looks a little better.  but where the hell is the compass?? we need a map with a compass.

  • WeGameEXP

    Such a shitty speaker

  • Kouga

    remove the clouds from the parchment map lol :b

  • Mayweather_Retires_Undefeated

    Don't download this mod if you don't want to kill the mystery of exploration. :)

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