Skyrim: Top 10 Player Home Mods

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This video features the Top 10 Skyrim house mods!

Remember this is a list of our favourites, so be sure to include yours down below!
We've covered a ton of other great house mods that deserve to be in the list and you can find them all here:

10. Haven Bag

9. Dovahkiin Hideout

8. Rayeks End

7. Deus Mons

6. Silverfish Grotto

5. Legend of the Eagles Nest

4. Reapers the Dark Tower

3. Gypsy eyes Caravan


1. Dev aveza

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  • Ecco wolf

    Shame that it seems some of these player homes are lost to time, I would really love Gypsy Eyes Caravan on Special Edition.

  • Potato McPotato

    thanks Bro, lets dual

  • Aslan Ormar

    Elisdriel is beautiful

  • nuvi O2

    Havenbag is soooo nice! ^^

  • Mr. Uncut LP's

    were can i finde the caravan?

  • The bane of kings

    Plz if any one could make no 3, 4, 5 and 1 possibly

  • behave nigga

    well, this channel is still better than MxR Mods

  • RGR red the redneck

    How many of these mods are on Xbox one

  • John Harrison

    When I see "Silverfish", I think of the annoying insect. Unfortunate name for a well-designed house. If small & Hearthfire-compatible upgrading are your thing, try "The Hideaway".

  • Wilmo Wildcat32

    Castle Gonduin is an amazing mod

  • D - Rob

    No love for Bluecreek Estate?

  • Tree Sapp

    youtube cribs nerd edition.


    I got a home insurance ad for this

  • Mason Campbell

    is the gypsy eyes caravan something that would work with frostfall?

  • Isa H

    Drinking game, every time he says "home" you'll take a shot

  • Kasey Woodman-Njordr

    The Reserve and The Reserve II are pretty sweet player homes,too.

  • J WG

    Wow dragonborn hideout is legit

  • ethanpenn5

    Aemer's Refuge is a great choice for 2017. Unfortunately, these houses are kind of outdated. :/

  • WarbanderLasty

    do 10 castle/fortress theme homes please?

  • Daniel Hani

    uh bathing beauties ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • King Marsh

    I play as a Lich King themed character, so I need a house that looks like Icecrown Citadel.Any suggestions?

  • Stewartsaurus

    I would honestly use the legend of the eagles nest.

  • Aphantom47

    That caravan house is perfect lol

  • Favier Wei

    the no.1 mod is really cool, it'd be cooler if you can have crew, like flying pirate ship or something!

  • prabhu deva

    click bait...we must remove such chanells frm youtube plsssssss....every1

  • Jaded Old Joe

    Eagle's Nest? Wasn't that the name of Hitler's house?

  • Matthias Beboux

    Hello I miss this on the list..Caranthir Tower Reborn SEGreat Player-home-tower with quest

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