Speech 1-100 in Minutes - Skyrim Fastest way to level - YouTube

This video Guide show you the fastest way to get from level 1-100 in Speech!

For those PC players that are using the who are using Skyrim Unofficial Patch you can use Eorlund Gray-Mane from Whiterun instead. Eorlund has a hidden chest just under him.
(Suggested by user Sviatoslav Davydenko).

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  • Banana 9000

    Actully the fastest way to 100 is to do the restoration potion exploit. And when you have one of those potions worth 100000000+ sell it and your speech jumps sraight to 100

  • N

    Buy the shits and sell the shits, rinse&repeat.

  • Kirito XxX

    Search chest does not work for me :(The chest was there but the search chest action does not apearIn shortI cant open it

  • Dakota French

    Just get a item worth 999999999 and sell it to the dawn star khajit then take it back

  • Joni Haipus

    Since you are using exploit (which i consider cheating) wouldn't it be simpler and faster to use console command to do the same.

  • Dovakhiin The cat

    Stop using those girl gender characters without clothes ok it’s weird

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