Skyrim Mods: 'The Fast Travel Overhaul'

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Featured Mods:

Touring Carriages:

Ferry-Only Version of the Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul:


Convenient Horses

Blaze of Eventide

More Dragonic Dragon Aspect

Add either Real Flying or Flying Mod BETA to add flying: +
Patch - +
Patch - included as optional during More Dragonic installation

Real-Time Dragon Fast Travel

Marelo's Overhaul (Install 'Disable Fast Travel 32' optional file)


'The Guard Overhaul'

Requiem Overhaul

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  • Sidney Meyers

    I almost never fast travel. I thrive on the beautiful boredom.

  • reachthroughreality

    I could have sworn that touring carriages was in the original least that's how I remember it being. Maybe I had too many memberries

  • Flambr

    I seriously think that the realistic water two mod looks trash when you don´t have an enb with water displacement on

  • Fusiontail Gaming

    dood I have 2985 mods plzzz fucking stooooooop

  • ∞Phantasm

    So no SSE port of Touring Carriages... the best mod of the list. Sigh...

  • John Peacekeeper

    Best airship = Dev Aveza

  • MaxTheMaximumGamer

    For those on the Special Edition, I made a discovery. There is actually a wayshrine mod, and I actually like it even more than the wayshrine mod depicted here in terms of the wayshrines themselves. It just gives you a random quest that sends you to a random boss level chest, so the quest isn't as in-depth as what is shown here, but there is a quest that teaches you the same spell that the Snow Elves of the Forgotten Vale use to activate the wayshrines there, and the wayshrines function pretty much identically to the wayshrines in Dawnguard. You are given several portals along the walls of the wayshrine that lead to nearby towns or cities to the wayshrine you are at. You can still teleport across Skyrim, because all you have to do is chain the wayshrines to the location you want to go to. For example, if you're in Markarth and you want to go to Winterhold, you would first go through to the Rorikstead wayshrine, then Whiterun, then Dawnstar or Windhelm, then Winterhold (Or any other combination that takes you from point A to point B really). There are wayshrines near every town, village, or otherwise important location (Like High Hrothgar or Fort Dawnguard).

  • Jonathan Zorin

    was just wondering what enb is running in the video

  • John Doe

    "Riften? Sure! Climb on back and we'll be off."5 Minutes later"Now if you'll look to your left we've got the beautiful snowcapped mountains in the distance. They say the peak houses the greybeards! But if you look to the righ- HOLY FUCK THATS A DRAGON"

  • Skyrim Potato

    Now I literally never fast travel anywhere....ima DRAGON! BWAH!!!! FIREBALL! FIREBALL!

  • Donald Duck

    Say what you will about The Elder Scrolls Online, they had a good fast travel mechanic. Because they were only in set locations it limited how many places you could fast travel to which allowed for more exploration and walking the Tamriel wilderness, As well if you fast travel somewhere from a random area on the map it would cost a small gold fee which would make players in the early game consider walking instead.

  • Gamer Q77

    I wish this was how it was in default Skyrim. Instead of making fast travel a luxury easily exploited. Defeating the whole purpose of exploration since the game is designed with fast travel in mind.

  • NotApplicable

    "More immersive and realistic experience"Shows Dragonborn gliding above ground on glowing dragon wings

  • thunderstruk033

    Fuckin' hell Brodual. My load order is longer than Jake Paul's ego now!

  • Eric Lin

    Now this is the fast travel mod I've been looking for.

  • Mario

    "Most specifically the whyshrines" lol

  • the Were Dragon

    blaze of evertide phsh Thunderdash ftw

  • Deniz Osmanoğlu

    You mother cracking dick busting feet flanking brain rotting bloated fucks stop reviewing mods you slimy blind uncapble shit nuggets

  • Adragen

    @1:21 The wolf never stood a chance.

  • BabiNugget

    😧 But what was that wolf doing at 1:20?? 😂

  • Jason Godwin

    Yet another thing Modders did better than Bugthesderp.

  • CantFindANameThatIsNotAlreadyUsedSoIUsedThisOne

    Why did I get Skyrim for 360... Now I can never use these awesome mods... :(

  • DIFUNTO666

    I hate travel with horse, every damn time it rushes into a battle and die...

  • Hypernovus

    I wish they had some of these in vanilla Skyrim!

  • Baylund Druidfaun

    how many of these have been or will be ported over to Xbox one so far?

  • Plox

    Hows way shrines lore friendly

  • The Matrix

    Do you want fast travel? Here is a tip ride a sheep and go exploring.

  • Catty Cattington

    While Skyrim is meant to have the dungeons randomly completed, I feel as if I'm missing out on quests, so I never complete a dungeon unless I have a quest for it and when I don't fast travel, I only run by to discover a location so I can one day return with a quest.

  • Zer0_

    aaah i was looking for that carriages mod, thanks.

  • Klavier Gavin

    If you're a vampire lord you can use the "Bat Travel" mod. It lets you travel to each of the major holds, Castle Volkihar, some Solsthiem areas, and a couple of custom locations. It also has a mark-recall function too.

  • Linkolnverse

    I'm going to add this one to my list. This looks really cool.

  • Harley Mohr

    wait, those retarded wings coming from some bad pay2win JRPG are actually in vanilla?

  • Hayden Farmer

    Are they on SE Skyrim?

  • RiC David

    I love your content but man the scripting and delivery kills me every time and really puts me off watching. I may be in a small minority but that's still a bunch of people who must be turned off from your channel.I don't know if you perhaps work in marketting but this is what I'm referring to. The language always sound like a corporate sales pitch or something you might read as part of a product description; it doesn't sound the way people actually speak when talking amongst themselves and while that might be praised as professional in some settings, it just feels soulless in a youtube video."A more complete and fleshed out travelling experience"This is just one line plucked from the start of the video and no doubt a reasonable case could be made for any single quote but when you put it all together it winds up feeling like a powerpoint presentation rather than natural human dialogue.Chances are you'll never even see this but if you do, please just consider this point of view - you don't have to choose between corporate and super-casual or inarticulate, just maybe sound a bit more like you're telling a friend about something that will interest them instead of presenting a product to potential investors. That's all.

  • Tshobe23 _

    lol you said vanilla like 40 times in this video

  • Oskar Martin

    I finally skimmed my mods back down to 150 but you guys keep pushing me up again...

  • Frederick X.


  • David Erinforth

    lololol touring carriages is so buggy ( cant get out of carriage when trip is done ) but so funny cuz everyone in fromt of the carriage gets knocked to the floor xD

  • krazium Kinova


  • Metal General

    I cant find touring carriages on the xbox one

  • Controversy Owl

    So no Swift for the Special Edition?

  • Ardissa Puji Susanto

    Elder Scroll 6 need to have these feature built in and add transportation system or even personal vehicle.. Who agree with me?

  • Mike L

    Damn. Just another instance where the modders have more sense or creativity than the damn DEVS.

  • Alf Stølen

    Did I hear horse armor?!?! Omg how much?! How much?! shut up and take my money!!!

  • Jeremy The Viking

    Are these mods for the original skyrim or special edition?

  • Ruslan Zaytsev

    damn it! spoiled dragonborn for me.

  • Joe Floyd

    a problem i have with skyrim and fast travel in general is the game in almost every quest emphasizes going across map for almost everything.

  • Lupus Gaming

    0:05 What is this mod? cause it looks so awesome!

  • Frederick X.

    Tried this. Fun idea, but it seems to have a lot of compatibility issues. I don't know how this happened but the carriage physics are really screwed up the thing just bounces around like rubber. Probably a conflict with Real Roads/landscape changes and some HDT stuff =[

  • irealAsher

    im correct in saying that this mod is available on xb 1

  • Barry Bee Benson

    Diamonds on my ringPockets all emptyYeah I got coke on the sideThen I got lean on the side of my nutsYeah yeah Ice in my leanYeah yeah ice in my leanYeah yeah ice in my leanYeah yeah always go green


    To bad all this wasn't in the game at launch

  • Kit Kat

    Here's the only reason I use fast travel. To finish a quest. Otherwise, I get off track and finish the quest like 1 year later

  • Sir Lunexul

  • amelia nightwolf

    I've always dreamed of this mod!

  • Hazed

    its 20 17 and you are still giving us skyrim mods holy shit

  • broldakka

    do you know eney mods that let me use more companions that wont mess up with inigo

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