Skyrim Mods: 'The Fast Travel Overhaul'

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Featured Mods:

Touring Carriages:

Ferry-Only Version of the Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul:


Convenient Horses

Blaze of Eventide

More Dragonic Dragon Aspect

Add either Real Flying or Flying Mod BETA to add flying: +
Patch - +
Patch - included as optional during More Dragonic installation

Real-Time Dragon Fast Travel

Marelo's Overhaul (Install 'Disable Fast Travel 32' optional file)


'The Guard Overhaul'

Requiem Overhaul

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  • Romanos

    you should cover Skyrim Tycoon Reloaded on your next mod spotlight

  • sillyninja65

    still cant believe ign rated skyrim 9.5/10 and zelda 10/10 i call bullshit

  • Broken Glasses Gaming

    Nah. I won't check out Thanks.

  • Rynosaur94

    Your Requiem video is pretty outdated, though still mostly correct. Any plans on an update video?

  • broldakka

    do you know eney mods that let me use more companions that wont mess up with inigo

  • amelia nightwolf

    I've always dreamed of this mod!

  • Zeyon

    Hey Brodual, you realize that G2A is a scummy company that knows it's games are bought by stolen credit-cards but doesn't care?

  • Ser Duncan The Tall

    I have a question. How can i have different mods for each of my characters? I mean, i want to replace the mods each time i want to play with another character, just so i can put mods i think would fit best for each of my builds. How do i do that?

  • AssassinXMod

    No... no more... I am overwhelmed with so many awesome mods!!!

  • Ziaireon Friend

    Is it possible for these mods to be brought to the console ?

  • iPsykosis

    Holy fuck, This channel is still active?Damn.

  • Hawaiian Pizza

    will you ever do a face reveal?

  • mikiroony

    I wish Touring Carriages was available in Special Edition, I loved it

  • Dogbehu

    why do people use mods to disable fast travel? Just... don't use it if you don't want to.

  • the Were Dragon

    blaze of evertide phsh Thunderdash ftw

  • Gabe Newell

    I really like your videos, but you will not get any support from me. The fact that you are still sponerd by G2A, a shady site that has been debunked for knowingly selling "illigal" game keys stolen from both indie game developers and triple A title developers disgusts me. I am sure that you do not really care about one person that do not want to support you anymore, but I know that there are more people that are watching your videos that thinks the same way. Find a new sponser and I will come back and support u again.If anyone is reading this comment and don't know what I am talking about, a fast google search will show you. I also recommand watching some youtube videos about it like Total Biscuit's.

  • Abhik Biswas

    I don't think a single horse can carry that many people along

  • Bigg Jobag

    whyshwayn... wryshweyn... waishrain...

  • Kris The Canadian

    G2A profits off stolen keys....

  • Not a Troll

    Trying to come up with my "perfect" mod list, or just something that is new to me. So far have Ordinator, Apocalypse spells(and the patch to make it work with Ordinator), Climates of Tamriel, and Eat Sleep Bathe(correct name?). Going for a more "hardcore" version without making it unplayable, which kind of already happened with the night aspect of CoT. But, next on my list in to do the stuff in this video, and look into Frostfall(this one scares me).

  • Matthew Williams

    Is the real flying mod on Xbox one

  • Numi Nex

    pls tell me what kind of mod are you using that flying mod

  • deepblue153

    WAYSHRINES!!! awesome

  • Pedro Rivera

    It's been a weekI'm can't survive without brodual

  • zzzeasy

    I know I probably sound really ignorant saying this but does anyone know the mod that gets you like those big heavy coats his character has in the beginning of the video?

  • The Last

    can you guys do a list of lore friendly armor mods? both light and heavy

  • Frederick X.


  • Nyan Cat

    lol i prefer buying a horse haha that get to that slow cariage


    Hey will you do a top few mods that make your game more Viking like? And can you use mods that are on the xb1 please that'd be awesome!

  • joe mcguire

    The first one would take ages

  • Ethan Estvold

    can I know what mods you have on? your game looks amazing

  • Gabriel Hernandez

    Does anyone know any good warrior and/or thief based perk overhauls like Path Of Sorcery? I've been looking but could only find perk overhauls that apply to all classes of gameplay.

  • Jaret

    What they don't tell you, is that you need all the DLC for these

  • Tracy Campbell

    something about that single horse pulling a cart of 3 people and a driver doesn't quite look right

  • Jamal

    Can you please do a let's play

  • Alex Odinson

    If you don't like fast travel, then don't use, simple as that. I do like the ability to fast travel however, so don't take it away.

  • James Parker

    The Touring carriages mod is well made, but it really clashes with population mods. The carriage will murder any NPC with low health in its path. I once kill 5 civilians in a single ride. 2 of which where vanilla NPCs. RIP random travelers.

  • InF7ux

    anyone know a mod for change whiterun grass, yellow to green? pls

  • 1Greninja WolfBossDeath

    What about command dragon overhaul? it makes the dragon travel in real time as well!

  • Olala

    what enb you used in the video?is it original game or se?

  • Charles Smith

    when will next top 100 skyrim mods video come out?

  • Adam C

    How many of these have been translated to Skyrim:SE?

  • Ingvar Briggya

    Anyone misses Morrowind's Silt Striders and Mage's guild teleportation,instead of the dumbed down Fast Travel of Skyrim?me neither.

  • Sky Lord Panglot

    My game is starting to have frequent crashes and I cant stop myself from installing more and more.

  • Aelfric Gardiner

    how do i get these on special edition?

  • Muffinz

    I've had 80+ mods from you and it always crashes so I uninstall all of them and being the stupid person I am I also deleted all my saves and then I reinstall and it still crashes

  • Joseph Nuttall

    "realistic" he says as he flies across the land with literal dragon wings

  • CantFindANameThatIsNotAlreadyUsedSoIUsedThisOne

    Why did I get Skyrim for 360... Now I can never use these awesome mods... :(

  • DIFUNTO666

    I hate travel with horse, every damn time it rushes into a battle and die...

  • FroggyBoy

    what enb do you use?

  • Travis letchford

    they changed it to carriage and ferry travel so does that mean it will interfere with touring carriages?

  • jourdan roedel

    Thank you for the awesome video. Appreciate it :)

  • The Universe

    5:52 "youre a fool to fight me!" said the common bandit to the dovahkiin that is currently flying "and" breathing fire on his friends

  • CSB

    Do nexus mods work for special edition skyrim

  • John Peacekeeper

    Best airship = Dev Aveza

  • Gr0s3d

    Console skyrim 3/10, modded pc skyrim 19/10 best mod game ever :v

  • Moe Aphroditois

    I would download the touring carriages just to see the horse & carriage go flying

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