Top Ten Wives of Skyrim

I do not own the music or the pictures used in this video. This is a hard-thought-out video about what I think are the best wives in Skyrim.
  • Blyxx Black

    amazing job on this top 10, you just got yourself a new sub

  • Majin Ryuusei

    1:48 She's available?

  • Hellqueen Demo oppion if your a werewolf go with a werewolf after all then you know what to acpect plus theyll understand you better..just dont turn infront of your kids ..

  • RedGeoBlaze

    The top two are the only ones I've married in the game.Brelyna is the best Wife, but Aela is still the hottest.

  • vince guy

    I'm torn between a priestess of dibella, senna and Brylenna Maryon. My character is a breton male who is the arch mage and contracted vampirism after defeating harkon's clan. He got booted from the dawnguard for contracting vampirsm {he is just a normal vamp not a vampire lord}For RP reasons I am not sure if it makes sense to marry a student at the college my character now runs or to go with someone from his homeland in the reach. My character maintains the limiting lifestyle of a stage four vampire. refusing to feed for honor reasons but not curing himself in order to live long enough to face the coming altmeri Dominion attack. He needs to stay alive and make the peace treaty signed over alduinn last longer than a mere generation so that skyrim may be united against the altmer, high elves live long lives and can thus wait for a mortal dragonborn hero to die before launching their conquest on skyrim, my character, Varen wants to prevent that even if it means living as a hated undead. As an undead a breton wife seems a bit short sighted since my character would outlive her. Blah, shouldn't be this hard to decide, brylena would live longer but she is technically my student, so ethics, or a breton girl from my homeland who I could RP was a childhood friend who became a priestess. Any thoughts?

  • SkyrimDrauger

    Sounds creepy, but I love your voice. You should voice in a movie/cartoon.

  • Arken Prime

    Holy shit you sound adorable...

  • Mark Magallanes

    somehow this pick is kinda intersting

  • Liam Garvey

    What's that song called at the beggining ? Is it a jasper something?

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