Skyrim Mods: 'The Wildlife Overhaul' - Land, Sea & Air

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Featured Mods:

Realistic Animals and Predators

Birds of Skyrim

Birds and Flocks

Sea of Spirits

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Musical Lore - Nir Shor -
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  • Doomguy

    I can tell you this much: whales are lore friendly, yet for some reason you don't see hide nor hair of the suckers in game.

  • Impatiens

    Everyone complains about the tiny spiders but NO ONE mentions the godforsaken basking shark.

  • Sanil Jadhav

    5:35 Literally ! Why is that dance so famous in Tamriel ?

  • Larry Larralde

    Not for PS4 am I right?

  • Artfactial

    Kyne! I had no idea Realistic Animals and Predators was that in-depth...incredible, adding it at once!:D

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