Paid Mods 2.0 (Creation Club) - Breaking down the Micro-transaction Process & Why

Recently the Creation Club has been released for Fallout 4. We all knew this was coming since E3, but I keep getting people asking my my take on this. I've actually expressed my opinion in Podcasts and other medium, but it's always good to have my own opinion up in a more condensed format. Plus, I don't have to be as level-headed as I was with them and I can just throw out my biased opinion like all the regular viewers enjoy.

The Playstation 4 crowd are their target Demographic, not the Xbox or PC, although they'll still take your money if you'd like to give it to them.
  • Zaric Zhakaron

    Podcast with Authors of 3DNPC & Chinese Stealth Suit Mod - Video /w Eskarn & Mech -

  • deadpan237

    is it bad that i'm sitting here on my PC, this video running in the background while i'm happily building my FO settlement, being all like: watch?v=4quXTwAiMVA

  • matt mutchler

    so would this allow the ps4 to get external assets just from bethesda?

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