Paid Mods 2.0 (Creation Club) - Breaking down the Micro-transaction Process & Why

Recently the Creation Club has been released for Fallout 4. We all knew this was coming since E3, but I keep getting people asking my my take on this. I've actually expressed my opinion in Podcasts and other medium, but it's always good to have my own opinion up in a more condensed format. Plus, I don't have to be as level-headed as I was with them and I can just throw out my biased opinion like all the regular viewers enjoy.

The Playstation 4 crowd are their target Demographic, not the Xbox or PC, although they'll still take your money if you'd like to give it to them.
  • yellow6100

    The funniest part about all of this is that this non mods are something nobody even gives a fuck even if we were getting it for free from Bethesda directly .Its shit

  • Zaric Zhakaron

    Podcast with Authors of 3DNPC & Chinese Stealth Suit Mod - Video /w Eskarn & Mech -

  • Kim Andre Li

    Is this a big deal? I only see positive things. They make small mods that people who do not want to learn how to install mods themselves, can buy. If you can work 3 hours extra and buy some mods with that money, it might be easier than spending 3 hours trying to install mods yourself. My only concern is that if they decide that the creation club is the only way to get mods for future games. Because I usually play with 150+ mods from the nexus myself.

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