Skyrim: Dragonborn - Secret Bow!

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I'm back with a secret bow for Skyrim: Dragonborn! Enjoy ;D

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  • Robert Silvers

    Reverse pickpocket an iron dagger onto him. Then punch him in the face. He'll equip the knife and attack. Then hit him with a level 2 Bend Will shout. He'll stop being agressive and you can now buy the bow.Also, yes, netches do count in the kill count.

  • david gregory

    How many times do you have to visit until he shows the bow?

  • Tim de Graaf

    You can also reverse pickpocket him an iron dagger, then attack him at close range so he Will attack you with the dagger, then use bend Will on him to calm him down, then ask him if he has anything for sale and he Will have the bow for sale

  • Hoeseph

    Awthome little bow i found in thyrim.

  • XxFresh SkyrimXx

    If you have already meet the guy in the can you still see him in there?


    Are u able to kill the guy for the bow?

  • Adam F

    Um... Smoke literally everyone that plays skyrim knows this bow exists

  • thegrimlife21

    can i break the enchantment on the bow and put it on a more powerful bow by chance?

  • ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed

    You're not a man unless you hunt. Real life folks.

  • Anthony Harness

    You gotta practice pronouncing those S letter words.

  • HollyBananaCake

    I tried and he just had an ebony bow. I can't kill him either. Help!!!

  • I'm A cow woop

    Can't u just kill him??

  • 83rdox

    Actually a pretty cool effect for me, I go on runs where I bring tons of empty soul gems(all sizes) and hunt everything (besides foxes and sometimes rabbits) on my way in between giant camps which I also hunt along with their mammoths.

  • Paul Bornman

    What’s the Dragonborn dlc?

  • Turtle Gaming

    give him a dagger bring an enemy towards him then buy the bow

  • RoeGi 1337

    you talk like u got a dick in ur mouth

  • killoway502

    Also is that solesthiem?

  • migman75482

    Thanks for the upload. My favorite thing about "Skyrim" is finding unique weapons and armor.

  • georgio rodopoulos

    i cant find the place....... help!!

  • Murasaki Ookami

    Can you get it from him is you kill him?

  • Bunker Gamer

    1. Voice2.advertising?

  • Hackmannhasstaudi

    Professor Frink? is that you?

  • Chilton Stuart

    Oh. I already gotten that bow. I didn't have to steal it. I just killed him and took it like a boss

  • Chilton Stuart

    Is this about Dwarven Black Bow of Fate? I have that a long ass time ago. lol Not a secret.

  • Unity T

    I usually only use bows is this better than auriel's bow?

  • Blaise Zabini

    Couldn't we just kill him and take all his stuff?

  • Damian Winchester

    are there any special crossbows.

  • Joshwa Villanueva

    Awesome dude. I have played Skyrim since it first released, and have yet to discover everything and every place. Youtube and Skyrim are best of friends!

  • killoway502

    If you kill him, can you still get stag bow?

  • Luke Tarry

    Do familiars count as animals and how bout wolves summoned as werewolf

  • Max Hobbs

    Let's take a moment to recognize that he's wearing a dwarven helmet with shrouded armor

  • JJ Runswick

    what is the armor and bow and arrow in the thumbnail for this video? how do you get it?

  • josh wesley

    I can't get the bow&I play on xbox360

  • Austin Murre

    Is it a permanent blessing?

  • Shibby 316

    Can u disachant the bow ?

  • Hoostan McIdk

    The deadly floating arrow

  • Ardin Boer

    Me: If its the glass bow of the stag prince again i'm quitting skyrim altogether.DAMNIT

  • Jared Robinson

    Areals bow has a max damage of 50+ so ya just saying

  • Joshua Tamer

    Get the NUKE BOW and set it off in Riverwood or something....

  • Paul Bornman

    Also I found the guy but he doesn’t have it at all

  • Cody

    Good stuff bro. Tyty

  • Isaac Rexroat

    he never shows up for me 😡

  • Vincent Williams

    What Bow, Arrow & Armor are in the thumbnail? It kinda looks like a cross between Ebony&Glass!?Does anyone know?And how to get it??

  • youtube gamer

    I mlnot tryin to be mean but is this channel called smike becase you cant say mike

  • Somthin Something

    he don't have it when I go to by it or pickpocket him

  • Beastly Dragon

    He doesn't even have this bow for me all he has is an Ebony bow

  • Jason Brody

    how do you get him to unequipped the bow

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