Skyrim: Dragonborn - Secret Bow!

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I'm back with a secret bow for Skyrim: Dragonborn! Enjoy ;D

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  • Beowulf

    Hunting is how I make fast honest money when I have to start over or if I need money

  • DesLoh

    Looks like a noob, you still have the skeleton Key, I mean with your lvl you can Skill your Char that you never ever need more than one picklock. This skeleton Key is so useless in Skyrim with all this god-like skills...But you're telling it good, don't mind the people without much Synapses ;)

  • Chilton Stuart

    Oh. I already gotten that bow. I didn't have to steal it. I just killed him and took it like a boss

  • Unity T

    I usually only use bows is this better than auriel's bow?

  • Shibby 316

    Can u disachant the bow ?

  • david gregory

    How many times do you have to visit until he shows the bow?

  • Joey Aldrich

    Blething of the thtag

  • ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed

    You're not a man unless you hunt. Real life folks.

  • josh wesley

    I can't get the bow&I play on xbox360

  • JJ Runswick

    what is the armor and bow and arrow in the thumbnail for this video? how do you get it?

  • Wind Maker

    You can also get it from Dawnstar in the invisible chest lol.

  • Chilton Stuart

    Is this about Dwarven Black Bow of Fate? I have that a long ass time ago. lol Not a secret.

  • Hackmannhasstaudi

    Professor Frink? is that you?

  • thegrimlife21

    can i break the enchantment on the bow and put it on a more powerful bow by chance?

  • Hoostan McIdk

    The deadly floating arrow

  • Beastly Dragon

    He doesn't even have this bow for me all he has is an Ebony bow

  • Paul Bornman

    Also I found the guy but he doesn’t have it at all

  • Hoeseph

    Awthome little bow i found in thyrim.

  • Anthony Harness

    You gotta practice pronouncing those S letter words.

  • Marian Curic

    You can also give him an useless dagger

  • Darth Revan

    Couldn't we just kill him and take all his stuff?

  • Carl Woods

    Smike is Khajiit, no?

  • Jason Brody

    how do you get him to unequipped the bow

  • Kenny Keating

    I hunt a lot to fill soul gems that charge the soul trap bow

  • Scrap Lee

    Can you take the enchant?

  • tony weir

    thnx for upload i know where im going wrong, i always tried waiting till midnight at same spot he appears but he never does appear i can finally get my hands on that bow cheers..

  • Titan is real T.i.r

    Are u able to kill the guy for the bow?

  • Max Hobbs

    Let's take a moment to recognize that he's wearing a dwarven helmet with shrouded armor

  • Cody

    Good stuff bro. Tyty

  • 83rdox

    Actually a pretty cool effect for me, I go on runs where I bring tons of empty soul gems(all sizes) and hunt everything (besides foxes and sometimes rabbits) on my way in between giant camps which I also hunt along with their mammoths.

  • Bunker Gamer

    1. Voice2.advertising?

  • Paul Bornman

    What’s the Dragonborn dlc?

  • Nazeem cloud district

    I mlnot tryin to be mean but is this channel called smike becase you cant say mike

  • Mojodajojo13

    Spiders and all those things you listed are animals :) Nothing ambiguous there.

  • Andrew Bowen


  • Joshwa Villanueva

    Awesome dude. I have played Skyrim since it first released, and have yet to discover everything and every place. Youtube and Skyrim are best of friends!

  • XxTeamwolfRulesxX

    dont kill foxes, if you do i'll kill you and your fam

  • Robert Silvers

    Reverse pickpocket an iron dagger onto him. Then punch him in the face. He'll equip the knife and attack. Then hit him with a level 2 Bend Will shout. He'll stop being agressive and you can now buy the bow.Also, yes, netches do count in the kill count.

  • Ashton Whiffen

    I was once an adventure like you, then took an arrow in the ass!

  • georgio rodopoulos

    i cant find the place....... help!!

  • Hillbilly Jim

    Good video. Thank you.

  • Selena951

    he never showed up for me

  • sagich dirdochnicht

    Well.... I'd simply kill that poor guy. Problem solved. You can argue, that killing people won't fit a playstyle as the nice guy, but as the nice guy you won't have pickpocketing on high level either.

  • I'm A cow woop

    Can't u just kill him??

  • migman75482

    Thanks for the upload. My favorite thing about "Skyrim" is finding unique weapons and armor.

  • Amith Kumar

    i dont have it....he doesnt have that bow

  • Tyler Aragon

    Somebody get this boy an apple.

  • Isaac Rexroat

    he never shows up for me 😡

  • Luke Tarry

    Do familiars count as animals and how bout wolves summoned as werewolf

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