One They Fear (Skyrim Animation) смотреть онлайн в хорошем hd 720 качестве

A short film based on the game Skyrim by Bethesda which has been a side project of mine for well over 2 years now. I want to thank everyone who helped me out on it:

Production Design:
Ruby Xia

Katelyn Pellow

Pre-production help:
Connor Glachan
James Clark
Maude Ashby

Steven O'Brien

Feedback and critique:
Maury Whyte
Jason Groh
Jason Teeuwissen
Chris Marleau
Frederic Djoenaedi

After Effects

All 3D work on film done by Vladimir Mokhov

Sound effects used from
(and foley recordings)

Credits song by Kevin Macleod
  • Kevin Louey

    When you're out of ammo and running like hell

  • Christian McNally

    I really really really like how you snuck in those rag doll animations

  • dovaking

    This is bs a true dovakiiin would kill the bad guy no prob

  • Codered08

    This deserves more views.

  • Matheus Pacheco

    What's the name of the Credits song?

  • HallOfFamersFTW


  • Narwhaleducky _

    Just steal a horse. Much better idea...sortof

  • LCkegster22

    This ain't no dragon born more like pussy born

  • Deadvolt

    what was that ragdoll animation

  • Chris Jiang

    dat ragdoll was just too good

  • Whiterun Guard

    My cousin's out fighting dragons, and what do I get? Guard duty.

  • emerald creepr

    Soo realistic to the game

  • definitely Not Yi

    That chest would be more worth to bring than that gold nuggets


    i usually yol those draugr

  • bafo12 21

    2:54 bethesda and yours mechanincs

  • Droxxie

    this is pretty lame. like Skyrim for 3 year-olds lame.

  • Wolfie Gaming

    Dovahkinn isn’t supposed to runaway and why so skinny

  • knifepoint king

    Anyone else remember finding the dungeon with literally over 10k in it this is so relatable

  • Slenderlink99

    Dude fuck the coin, stack up on them lockpicks 😂

  • PathlessSpore

    No!!! Take the lock picks you nerd!

  • night shadow

    Maxed lockpicking skill so he only needs 1 lockpick. High enough sneak skill that he doesn't trigger pressure plate despite rolling over it. Can't hurt draugr.Theory; he put all his points in noncombat perks, and the level scaling screwed him over :P

  • Shawn Sweet

    Dude make more of good man

  • Diego Alarcon

    wtf... they have no sword? is retarded right

  • Jaythan Newby

    2:50 it was at this moment jimmy knew: he'd fucked up

  • Deci

    every low-level legendary skyrim gameplay

  • RougeZer0 GamingAndMore

    I thought he was gonna get an arrow to the knee.

  • coolio diablo

    Who else has a chest in their player's home that you horde all of their jewels in?

  • Manof TwoBamz

    Damn,you should make a game with these graphics! Lmao

  • Some random weirdo

    3:48 At this moment he understood that it is time to install some mods.

  • JCP

    Lets face it this is how everyone looks and feels when they start a new game in skyrim

  • gaming with the cool kids

    Why is this sad to me

  • Mituna Captor

    Lol, I love how he gasn't even hit puberty yet!

  • Ang G

    Should be renamed "my first playthrough in a nutshell"

  • Chloe Howland

    lol me in nordic ruins XD

  • Ellende Nocturnus

    2:56 Skyrim Physics,it never seems to age away. XD

  • Biswayan Bagchi

    wow awesome animation dude!!

  • Bibekananda Das

    children can't be harmed in skyrim duh

  • QueenThoria

    I love this. I want to see more of this Dovahkiin!

  • Mega Toad

    minecraft is better than this stupid game 👎😒😣😖🙄😡😾👬🤘✌

  • nightb4day

    Hmm if it were real the skull woulda set that trap off and fucked me, good animation

  • Suibian 随便

    Omg this wax so good. Please make more!!

  • The Odds

    That’s basically what it sums up to in the end of any RPG. “ ooh look more money I don’t need and weapons I can’t use..” I feel the creators see the game as a challenge to the player. It isn’t. We all have lived the hardest game ever made “ life” so these games are mere escapes from it.

  • Rickaaayyy Hoffman

    Incredible! And he looks like Tom Holland too

  • nicoya taylor

    Some awesome dreamworks like animation for a good game good job🤗

  • Gavin Parker

    Why the fuck is Andrew Garfield the dovakihn

  • Mako Roadhog

    dude! just check the draugr deathlord!

  • yaekman s

    “I am a practice wizard not a pack mail, oh very well make it quick” fastest idea change in the world

  • rajhetti6

    what software did u use to create this? if you could please tell me that'd be appreciated

  • Brother Coduss

    lol, that ragdoll though

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