One They Fear (Skyrim Animation) смотреть онлайн в хорошем hd 720 качестве

A short film based on the game Skyrim by Bethesda which has been a side project of mine for well over 2 years now. I want to thank everyone who helped me out on it:

Production Design:
Ruby Xia

Katelyn Pellow

Pre-production help:
Connor Glachan
James Clark
Maude Ashby

Steven O'Brien

Feedback and critique:
Maury Whyte
Jason Groh
Jason Teeuwissen
Chris Marleau
Frederic Djoenaedi

After Effects

All 3D work on film done by Vladimir Mokhov

Sound effects used from
(and foley recordings)

Credits song by Kevin Macleod
  • Babouchek9

    loot the draugr u fucking noob

  • Warden97

    Please tell me this is being nominated for some kind of award. as far as animation goes, this is by far the best skyrim short i have seen on youtube. i could see this being shown on a tv, christmas morning, as a short inbetween two larger cartoons. 10/10, top quality work.

  • Queen Lady ice

    When a level one enters a dungeon

  • Ahri

    2:43 - Dragur Death-Murderboss-Annihilating-Rapekiller-Overkill-Slaughter-Lord.3:30 - Dies to giant wooden mallet of supreme woodness

  • YETIeFER69

    i like how the draugr are literally corpses but still are way more ripped then dragonborn

  • Blackeye games

    sould of taken the axe

  • Bolitboy1 Grand

    Why the fuck did you make the dragon born a scout from tf2

  • Hellbender 290

    Skyrim VR: A Unforgettable Experience

  • Marty _YYZ

    Wow, the ragdoll part's kinda reminding XD

  • DMGamer99 MacAdams

    When you get oof'd

  • Twosocks42

    Damn leveled chests. >.>

  • Archomir

    2:56 When you are in a mountain in Skyrim and you fall

  • SabatonSaint

    Yea draugur death Lord's suck

  • Pavel K.

    вот всегда так такооой грамадный сундук и всякая хрень валяеца )

  • Skid Rocket

    This > Los Pulentos

  • Littleladyseraphine

    Also.. I died when he fell like a rag doll. Like in the game. 😂😂😂😂

  • *Rafael* Souza BR

    Good anination!! Hey make a movie: the adventures of ronald

  • Joey Carbonara

    That Dragon Born is pathetic

  • Joel Turner

    that ragdoll hahahaha

  • chicosredhead


  • Spidey_cosplayer1243

    I actually wouldn’t mind seeing this in theaters

  • Cussin' Collin

    This video actually has a moral to it

  • Soulfest You activated my T R A P C A R D

    The real MVP is the traps, kudos. 👍👌👏👏👏

  • jim jimjim

    'Gold (1) Added' made me smile.

  • skyes gaming

    not fus ro dah, it's MAYONISSE JAR!

  • Genesis TV

    do you got a patreon to donate to you? btw keep up the good work its amazing probs to everyone making this thing possible :)

  • Roman Donskoy

    Why dovakin so weak?

  • Nikita Mayorow

    Lol отсылка на Dungeon 1

  • Calvin Nelson

    I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I got a shity chest.

  • leetlebob

    There are no good skyrim animations like this one

  • Littleladyseraphine


  • DizNutz yahBish

    Increase the speed to x2. So much better.

  • NisekoKilla

    Deja vuI've just been in this place before

  • Sabrina Lindemann

    These animations are so cute! Amazing video

  • scar the dark lord

    You kow most players just try get what they can get by by the way he should of grab the drugers axe

  • KiqRawX AsNeAxL

    Wish I found as many lock picks as this guy.. also I need more content like this

  • Exotic Coffee

    he could've fus'ro'dah-ed em'

  • Bman

    I want to play skyrim pretty bad but I still haven't found a way to make it work ><

  • joel 56

    And rognar the red was boastfull no more

  • ETthoerysGaming reacts

    Nice work on the draugr

  • Joey Carbonara

    Yup that's my luck

  • Timothy Rivas

    I know how that feels.

  • Themadmansminder

    I honestly feel kinda bad for the guy.

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