Skyrim: Using the 'Moveto' command

How to use the Moveto console command to free a stuck NPC.

List of Mods used.

• XFLMain
• HighRes Texture Pack
• Unofficial Quest Fixes
• Chesko's Frostfall
• Rainbows
• Rooster at dawn v1.0
• Real Rain(COT)
• Main Theme by Lindsey and Peter
• Natural Skin
• Detailed Rugs
• Auto Unequip Arrows
• Chesko's Wearable Lantern
• Exhaustion
• Fishing in Skyrim
• Immersive Menu Background
• Improved Container Names
• MC Camping Lite
• Sabre Fur Bag
• Wet and Cold
• Character Creation Overhaul
• Skyui
• Dr Bandolier
• Buildable House
• Hunting in Skyrim
• Level One Perks
• Markarth Plus
• Run for your lives
• Shezrieut's Falkreath
• Whiterun Exterior Enhanced
• Better Swimming
• Character Creation Overhaul - Oblivion carry weights add-on
• Character Creation Overhail - Permanent birth signs add-on
• Guard Dialogue Overhaul
• HQ Workbench and Grindstone
• Improved Daedric Artifacts
• Lush Grass and Trees
• Convenient Horses
• DD - Enhanced Blood Main
• Female Walk Mod
• Riverwood Enhanced plugin
• Towns and Villages Enhanced - Riften
• Towns and Villages Enhanced - Solitude
• Towns and Villages Enhanced - Windhelm
• Whiterun Interior Enhanced
• Towns and Villages Enhanced - Falkreath
• Open Cities Skyrim
• Sounds of Skyrim - the dungeons
• Sounds of Skyrim - the wilds
• Sounds of Skyrim - civilization
• Realistic Lighting
• Climates of Tamriel
• Imp's more complex needs
• Arods Inventory Control
• Arods Inventory Control Mod FIS
• Bury The Dead
• The Dance of Death
• Private No Kill Blur Test
• Yield
• Archery Dummy XP
• Character Creation Overhaul - dynamic skill progression
• Consume Food
• DD -- No Spinning Death Animation
• XFL Dialogue
• XFL Plugins
• Specialized Followers
• Female NPC Animation Fix
• Follower Trap Safety
• Random Alternate Start
• Character Creation Overhaul - diverse races and genders
• dd - realistic ragdoll force
  • Homeslice

    Excellent, very helpful, if a bit long. I had four characters from the College of Winterhold standing around on a section of cliff right under the college, no idea how they got there and it was driving me insane when I needed to talk to any of them. This command made is easy to respawn them back where they should be.

  • Ouxucike.

    Thnx m8 bt i cant find the npc to get it

  • Beast Leor

    Thank you you helped me get hulda back😁

  • Matheus henrique dos santos

    para telepertar unbroken usei moveto player 00091918 moveto playernao sei pq mais so funciono assim aqui

  • Kevin Mahoney

    You could of made this 3 mins.. But thanks anyways

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