Nexus Mod Manager Error: Unable to Write Permissions FIX! EASY!

In this video I will show you how to fix the Nexus Mod Manager Error: Unable to Write Permissions Error Message.


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  • Asher Banister

    DiDn'T wOrK talk slower

  • Cesar Burgos

    Not true 'll you have to do is run it as administrator

  • TulRid

    I have windows 10 and it does not show windows 10 just windows 8

  • George Talbot

    yo its ya boi jesus christ here, when i tried to fix it i did all the steps he did. it did not work.heh although i fixed it, do his steps and then run as administrator. there you go my friend hope it helps

  • JuniorGamer101

    you are awesome thanks man!! :D

  • PenguinVman L

    thx so much, helped me a ton

  • christian kathol

    thank you man ive bin working on this forever

  • Marcella Calarco

    THANK YOU. I've been searching for why it wasn't working for so long and now it is.

  • Unsocial Gamer

    you fucking legend this saved me thank you so much

  • The Gaming Lizard 15000

    THX MAN!! YOU REALLY HELPED ALLOT> AND I MEAN THAT. i've been trying to make the error go away but i couldn't so i gave up on it. but now i saw this video, i can download any mods for my games now. THX ALLOT!!! :)

  • Roxas

    God bless you. Thank you so much!

  • angry20somthing

    Hey thanks man for the help ironically i work as an IT guy and could not figure this out shame to me shame to me hahahaha thanks man

  • Rafał Jaworski

    thx ! I hope that God will reward you with the childrens ! xD

  • Sergei Molov

    Holy shit, friend you helped me i have had this error for two years you got a sub from me man thank you.

  • Games r Fun

    omg i love u thx so much jesus

  • Jaka Kraigherjov

    I love you sooo much man! I cant wait to download some mods!

  • Aron Reitan

    You must run as Administrator or else it doesn't work. thx a lot man!

  • Kitsu Anne

    changing perms didnt do it. the run as admin is the important part.

  • The_Void_Dragon4558

    Thank you was having a lot of trouble

  • Akira Tsugumi

    Why am I watching this in 2017...Anyways this video was helpful.

  • Exited Person

    o my gosh, thanks for the help, i can finaly do my mods

  • sky loraine

    Hey, thanks I was so confused ❤️

  • Kanketo

    Thank you worked perfectly!

  • ReZisT Soul

    Thank you very much. If I could like this a thousand times I would

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