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  • Sir ravix of fourhorn

    One of the best skyrim mod channels around.

  • Grim Chronos

    Ulfric: Make Skyrim Great Again

  • Rich R.

    A couple months ago, I went through my entire mod list to try and find out why SSE was quite predictably, in some cases, CTDing on me. Turns out that Diverse Skyrim was doing it.I started a bone stock + USSEP + Immersive Patrols game and saved just after getting out of Helgen. Taking my, now hundreds, of mods 10 at a time, consoled my way to Meridia's shrine then started walking to Solitude. If I got to the main road, I'd swap out another set of mods.Diverse Skyrim killed me with a minimal mod count when I ran across a patrol in that area.(ETA: Clarification)

  • American patriot R

    This is nordic genocide, damn liberals

  • désolé

    even in a game you get fucking racist, wow people

  • Ra wr

    Am I the only khajiit here?...

  • Clarence Alger

    I liked Immersive patrols combined with Populated Skyrim mod. They made Skyrim feel more alive plus there's an increase protection since playing with combat mods and dragon combat overhaul on legendary difficulty makes life hard for level one players. But I had to get rid of immersive patrols... my game crashes every time I head for Rorikstead because there's always a war there and my laptop is low end hahahaalso, you think Diverse Skyrim also compliments Sacrosanct for Dark Elf vampire playthrough?

  • ThiccGoddess 25

    When I download these type of mods the characters faces are untextured, any tips on how to fix this?

  • Mr.SofaKing1230

    I don't understand why Bethesda made the stormcloaks so xenophobic and "racist". Well, I do know why, it's so they could make it so there's more conflict in picking a side, but as far as the nordic lore goes and just practicality, it doesn't make a any sense. you'd think they would be willing to accept any help they could get. No matter who it's from. you know, especially seeing as they're a REBELLION. I mean their whole shtick is about freedom and that they believe they can protect and treat their civilians better than the Empire can. The Nords know the argonians and dunmer have no stakes in war, and also that both sides hate the Empire, so it doesn't make sense to force them in the slums or kick them out. after all, During any rebellion, it's very common to accept foreign help, even if it is a shaky alliance. I don't have a problem with each side being flawed, but the Nords being "racist" is just really forced and it also kind of retcons some of their culture.

  • jor r

    This is the future the liberals want. "Cultural enrichment" even in a videogame. Stop pushing your misguided agenda cucks

  • Vengeance Games

    looking for some triggered feminists down here

  • Ancap

    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for Nord children.

  • Sione Fonua

    skyrim belongs to the nords.

  • Neagle

    Argonians are immune the like all diseses in the lore including vampirisim I believe

  • pringleboyo

    i love all of these comments and i love skyrim. talos bless.

  • Yung Wells

    All those crackers that never leave there moms basement can finally make a friend in the comments. Keep tying im sure it'll make your lives better

  • Alaric Winchester

    Nordic Brothers, Skyrim belongs to us!

  • Poppy

    (((aldmeri dominion)))

  • Blakbox21

    i'm adding this video to my favorites for the comment section alone

  • Corva

    Kind of stupid only Redguards are added to the Stormcloaks. Even though people like to paint them as racists, we meet plenty of races "On their way to Windhelm to join Ulfric". The only hardships Dunmer face because of Nords is in the Gray Quarter, which was set up to accept refugees from Red Year, not as a ghetto to move the elves to. Sure, there wouldnt be as much diversity among the Stormcloaks, but it would still be there. Plenty of people of all races hate the empire now

  • Allie G

    Poe's Law: The Comment Section

  • xXxAlmightyForcexXx

    this is exactly what I was looking for

  • Big Smoke

    Nord genocide, fuck this mod, it's like modern day Sweden

  • Redanian Guard

    There are no actual female infantry in the legion, females play non combat roles like medics and officers.

  • EliteHD

    Can someone make a mod like in ghost recon wildlands?Where if you're in third person with a bow, if you aim with the bow it will go on first person and when you let to it goes back in third person?

  • Areguil

    Is this compatible with Requiem?

  • Lone Avohkii

    Well the funny thing is that the vigilants of stendarr already has some diversity, I know that because I encountered a dark elf vigilant without the mod and probably before it came out

  • McParker

    Oh man I'm so glad I've found this channel I recently got into modding skyrim and now that I've watched your videos I get to see all these mods that I should download!

  • NexGenration Gaming

    that giant face at the end XD i always love all the funny stuff you guys put in the endings

  • Jonas Eikrem

    If the Nords want to rule themselves without the United Empire they should be able to do so. #Skexit

  • Lolux1701

    Is there a mod that does the opposite? Make Skyrim more ethnically Nord?

  • Gamebum Treeman


  • ILuv Muffins

    qiestion: can I replace immersive patrols with warzone

  • Brain-dead Surgeon

    Damn elves, stealing all the jobs, can't ride horses for shit, speak that weird language. SEND EM BACK!

  • Stanisław Seliga

    #OrcLivesMatter he dindu nuffin

  • Super Mayro

    I mean I saw this and thought welp the fuckin left is trying to touch skyrim. But you know some of the decisions in development here are actually clever. But still it doesn't really make sense for there to be much diversity. Because Nords do not like a lot of the races, lets see they hate elves, argonians etc. So I can't wait to go into the comments and look at the shitshow that is these comments and probably join in on the shitshow.#nordgenocide

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