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  • No soy gay

    You say Skyrim was inspired by Sweden? Now i understand

  • JoJo is not an anime

    It would be funny to see nord say skyrim belong to the nord then you see hundred of beast races elf and redguard walking skyrim immersion broken


    this was a (((Thalmor's))) idea.

  • Davi Carlos

    what's that mod who you use to that HUD with all race status ?

  • callah jensen

    So Skyrim meets Australia?

  • Lord yasha

    Would this work with custom races?


    oh no!!! too many white people alert!!!! quick!!! hurry and DIEversify!!!!!!

  • Jonny Williams

    thanks, now i can kill them all for the stormcloaks.

  • NightLock 235

    Be nice if the other races used their racial abilities. Don't really know if there's a mod for it.

  • Brendan Golledge

    I installed this mod, but it says that it needs "Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch" to work. I installed that too, but then LOOT says that this patch is incompatible with "Unofficial Skyrim Patch", and several of my other mods need that patch. So I guess this means that I cannot use this mod unless I want to uninstall all my other mods?

  • Meme Daddy

    I can just get beauties of skyrim and it does the same thing

  • Jammy The Goat

    hi i just wanna say ty for keep updating mods for sse ty

  • C D

    As soon as i saw the video title, i knew the comments were going to be cancerous as fuck.

  • Shratath

    Hmmm why the vigilants have imperial bracers in video ? Lol it seems now i know why companions had imperial bracers and boots :( and if diverse skyrim worked with WICO it would be the best :D

  • Chicken Tenders

    But skyrim is for the nords

  • thatbarneyguy 657

    More vampires? Great just fucking great

  • Barbara Brys

    Mum:Go to bed,Now!!!Me:No!Mum:Now!or I spank you!Me:That's it,Fus Ra Da!! Mum:Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  • spudbrain

    Diversity is white genocide.

  • EndLessDream

    Vampire Argonians looks creepy as hell


    Does this work with the increase population mods for roads, forts, caves, and cities?

  • Paula Lang

    *Brodual, You know what they say about the enemy of my enemy...*Me, They have curved swords?(I'm so sorry... I should be better than this. 😟)

  • BulletsFTW

    Sadly I can't use both these mods, Diverse Skyrim needs USLEEP, which causes pc to CTD on start up and immersive patrols cause Morthal to hate me, figuratively

  • Mark Kamphuis

    Skyrim already was extremely diverse.

  • MariothekidGamer

    With this mod I saw 2 female imperial soldiers one orc and one redguard with one male imperial.

  • Tyrael

    Can someone pls tell me what Vanilla is? I didnt find it yet... Great Video again :)

  • nobody important

    What ever happened to imperial battlemages? The kind we see in helgen?


    5:20 Anyone else notice the stormcloak soldier at the front get completely obliterated by 8 imperial soldiers?

  • Chancellor Palpatine

    I srsly don't get why the orcs joined the Legion. I mean, really, the Stormcloaks seemed right up their alley. Whatever, I like Argonians the most.

  • Jimmy Walker

    0:51 one must play the Stormcloak fraction before making assumptions such as that one.

  • xr xr

    seeing as the redguards are the only active people that are currently at war with the dominion it makes a lot of sense for them to make a alliance with the stormclocks and help them fight the traitor imperials and thaumor

  • Christopher Kaas

    So it's going after real life scandinavian countries?

  • ᅚᅚᅚ ᅚᅚᅚHEAD

    "Diversity" ew

  • Petargrad 2

    (((TIDF))) strikes again,Skyrim is for the Nords!

  • MrAnimepredator

    its a plot of the kike elfs

  • Sinan Alay

    Skyrim getting ulturally enriched.

  • Shrimp

    Skyrim belongs to the Nords!

  • Mitch Roberts

    am I the only one that loves his voice😂👌


    besides, redguards built all the Nord tombs for real, actually, Redguards were the actual Kings and defecation of skyrim.

  • Albert Suriñach

    154 alt stormcloacks disliked this

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