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    besides, redguards built all the Nord tombs for real, actually, Redguards were the actual Kings and defecation of skyrim.

  • Tyrael

    Can someone pls tell me what Vanilla is? I didnt find it yet... Great Video again :)

  • M Mirlas


  • Lee Goldson

    Race-mixing is financed and led by THALMOR


    oh no!!! too many white people alert!!!! quick!!! hurry and DIEversify!!!!!!

  • Mr. Frost

    The Empire helped hammerfell discreetly. When they handed over Hammerfell, the dominion sent just enough troops to secure their power, but the empire discharged all their redguard soldiers so they would go home and surprise the dominion, allowing the resistance to begin. The empire still hates the thalmor.

  • Excrble

    This needs to be on xb1

  • Lone Avohkii

    Well the funny thing is that the vigilants of stendarr already has some diversity, I know that because I encountered a dark elf vigilant without the mod and probably before it came out

  • Grim Chronos

    Ulfric: Make Skyrim Great Again

  • Harley Mohr

    People fight against racism everyday.Then these hipocrit scums go home, and go for the imperials

  • Survive the Jive

    isn't a world full of elves, scaly lizard people and cat gypsies diverse enough already???

  • Aden Johnson

    I can just get beauties of skyrim and it does the same thing

  • MrAnimepredator

    its a plot of the kike elfs

  • ThePieMan

    is this compatible with Wico?

  • Stephanus Tavilrond


  • Mark Kramer

    Update description with link to SSE version

  • Vospader21

    Lol this must be the sjw's dream mod.

  • Robert Silvers

    I've seen Orcish vampires in vanilla.

  • Carl Fletcher Junior

    idk if I'm as into the redguards into the stormcloaks

  • Super Mayro

    I mean I saw this and thought welp the fuckin left is trying to touch skyrim. But you know some of the decisions in development here are actually clever. But still it doesn't really make sense for there to be much diversity. Because Nords do not like a lot of the races, lets see they hate elves, argonians etc. So I can't wait to go into the comments and look at the shitshow that is these comments and probably join in on the shitshow.#nordgenocide

  • drakegod84

    Skyrim doesn't need diversity, Skyrim is for the Nords!!!


    this was a (((Thalmor's))) idea.

  • JoJo is not an anime

    It would be funny to see nord say skyrim belong to the nord then you see hundred of beast races elf and redguard walking skyrim immersion broken

  • Friendly Sand Man

    I got here by typing in "Skyrim Communism Mod"

  • Henry Albrecht

    Just like Trump is a Russian shill/agent, Ulfric is a Thalmor shill/agent. Don't fall for the nationalism meme.

  • Adonys Xdominating

    Hm, Ulfric reminds me of Trump while Imperial Legions remind me of Obama, well i vote for Obama, because i aint racist and i like peace, even tho that Skyrim belongs to the Nords

  • Lolux1701

    Is there a mod that does the opposite? Make Skyrim more ethnically Nord?

  • Johnny Fucking Explorer

    But skyrim is for the nords

  • KyoKurumi

    wtf was that thing in the outro? freaking terrifying

  • Offensive Stuff

    I was expecting Diverse Skyrim to be a "Fuck the lore" mod

  • JoeMcBob


  • cum cum

    Argonians are resistant to all diseases so I don't think they can be vampires

  • Selwrynn

    The real reason the Stormcloaks are fighting the Legion is because they want to have full beards while in the army.

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