Skyrim: Getting an army of followers

Ill be going over a few methods for building up a small army to follow you around in skyrim. You get two DB initiates and Cicero (if you didn't kill him) from the Dawnstar sanctuary after buying all the upgrades from Delvin of the thieves guild.

I unfortunately break my rule of not tricking npcs into following you by not completing their quest, just with Barbas the dog, I wanted two pups.

Once you have conjuration up to 100, you can use the spell "dead thrall" to gain more permanent (but not invincible) followers.

You can only use two thralls/atronochs/ undead/ conjured ghosts aat any one time, thralls will fall dead again and atronochs will disappear.
  • icereaper88

    you think that's excessive try this.

  • Remove Cheeseburger!!!

    Barbas is a useless dumbass

  • 69MetaMemeLord420

    This is all well and good until they get in your FUCKING WAY WHEN YOU GO THROUGH A FUCKING DOOR! FUCKING MOVE BARBAS!!!!!!!!!

  • Kathariana Direnni

    you forget Karlia, that ghost can be glitched by dont ending the quest "Lost of the ages" .... she doesnt count as follower....

  • FxFamine

    Does this still work

  • Reagan Shelby

    I have a dead thrall nightmaster vampire (with full resist fire and magicka enchanted daedric armor and nightingale shoes), A Storm thrall, Marcurio (with an enchanted circlet, Master Restoration Robes, Enchanted Legendary Daedric Gauntlets, and Miraak's boots), Illia (With Master Destruction Robes, Dark Brotherhood boots, Fortify Magicka Daedric Gauntlets, And a Circlet of Fortify Health), A Dwarven Sphere, Sceolang, Beleval (with a Dragonbone bow, Dragonbone Arrows, Full daedric armor with party shoes, And a Necromancer hood with fortify Archery),

  • JustSomeGamer

    Say aside from Cicero and an initiate could I also get Serana and Ilya? I know from personal experience that whenever I do the dawngaurd dlc Serana always joins me regardless of my current companion giving me two upon starting the dawngaurd quests.

  • snipearkk GAMING

    it's 2017 does it still work

  • John Zapotek

    dope got a team of hittas💪

  • Jason Meyer

    It's not working for me

  • Drake Army

    why i  dint think of that thanks

  • SerpentLungs

    Doesn't really work, sadly. No matter the speed I do it, Cicero always knows I have a follower :\ even when I do it the other way around, I can't get the initiate...

  • Phil V

    If you want two more followers, find Seranna then don't lead her to her father's castle. She will follow you until you do and doesnt count as a follower. The same goes with Brother Verulus. Do the Namira quest a taste of death up to the point where you get him to follow you to the coven to be sacrificed then just dont go there and he will follow you too hes pretty good also he casts lightning. serana will reanimate a dead corpse in battle so there is another follower.

  • Babyyooshi 16

    did they patch this becuase im trying it but no success ):

  • MrTRS86

    whats the music at the beginning?

  • Gasmask IV

    I have a total of 10 followers, shits fun

  • Erica Thurman

    now that I think about it imagine having all of the companions at once


    when i found out how to do this(on my own) i get rid of barbas dumb ass.. hes the worst

  • Zman 5058

    If u have the danguard dlc I am pretty sure that if u have all of them u can get sarena and she will follow you

  • Terrence Kelly

    barbas nudged me off a cliff he didn't last long ;)

  • Lore

    Or do this, Conjuration max / Summon 2 Dremora Lords at once.Followers who can conjure Atronachs or dead bodies.Have a dog or cave troll.Boom, you just got your very own deadly platoon.

  • Andrew

    I do it as fast as I can and it still doesn't work


    Also armored trolls and if not wanting dead thrall could always have that summon assassin guy or one of the soverngarde heros also kargstaag.

  • Venom_

    You can also give them the club that the Giants have and those things do like 400 damage although the dbi can't use them

  • Radiant Rose

    Omg yesss it finally worked now I have Serena, J'zargo and Cicero ~ I was getting ready to choose which 2 I really want but then it worked so yas tbh they're my favourite followers so yas

  • Fragonus

    1- Does it really have to be with the Dark Brotherhood, or can it be with just anyone?2- Does this work only in PC, or in any console?

  • Nea Kat

    Can you get Cicero as A follower only if you belong In The Dark Brother hood? Or do you Need to do something before you can find him at Dawnstar?

  • James Tang

    I somehow managed to get Rayya and Serana follow me. But I can't seem to be able to do that again on my another character after updating to Does it works on that update? Help please. :)

  • Jared lariviere

    Is this patched? ive been trying to do this for a half hour and i do it really quick. Any ideas or help?

  • rocky benson

    i did this for fun since i was bored but i have more than 20 followers. I have aela the huntress,cicero,both the dark brotherhood initiates,serana, delphine, esbern, spectral assassin, dead thrall who can summon another thrall,thonnir, maurice jondrelle, frea, brother verulus, enmon, barbas, armored troll, shadowmere, gleda the goat, avulstein graymane,geirlund, thorald graymane,vidrald, brynjolf, karliah, farkas,ralof,katria, fjotra and bilgemuck(random) and im not sure about valdr as im trying to find a way for him to follow.

  • Phil V

    If you use Belrand as your regular follower instead of Cicero, then in combat he summons a spectral wolf so that's kind of like another follower. He is also unkillable so you don't have to worry about him dying. Also instead of Vigilance or Barbas, get an armored Troll as pet follower from Dawnstar quest.

  • Sedachi

    I have a horse kharjo and a dwarven sphere

  • hoi

    Does a Riekling work with this method?

  • Tainted Crown

    Do you need the dlc packs do do this and does it still work

  • Viktus aka Juden

    you can download ufo.

  • Alec Babb

    does it work on mercenarys?

  • Clavicus Vile

    does the DB intiate can recover when its health is low i finish the daedra's friend so i lose barbas WTF and that vigilance is weak use meeko...................

  • Danny Truth

    I've got the super powered justice league skyrim crew. Draculicious (me, vampire), Farkas (werewolf), (verulus, wizard/magic), Barbas (talking invincible dog), Vigilence (mortal dog). I am planning to add another vampire Serana from the dawnguard dlc. i have the legendary edition. any tips you guys can give me of super/powered/immortal npcs for my immortal gods army of super powered demon/wizard/monsters. lol. I really need to get that thrall thing i have to go all the way through the dawnguard dlc and upgrade the whole tree i guess.

  • Collin Seeco

    you forgot to say that barbas can't die

  • Ari Nugraha

    most follower that you have are just a guide for a quest or they will come too you whenever you ask them?

  • total mayhem3000

    were are you on the map

  • LilMissMary

    I have tried this with janessa and urged but I can only get the "wait here" symbol for janessa and she will just walk off. What should I do?

  • Taylor Rusch

    does this only work with the Dark Brotherhood? Because I want Kharjo and Deerkethus

  • dontbe scared

    if you're using mods for this, tell me

  • Adam eg

    u can get 2 more dogs and guild master too

  • O'Hara

    Now sit back like a Boss, and watch the show as they take care of Alduin or any other threats on their own...Boring as fuck tho.

  • Maximus GTA

    the glitch don't work with assasins

  • DEATH111183

    one issue I have with multiple followers.... occasionally they crossfire eachother and end up fighting amongst themselves..... its like babysitting I swear to god

  • Azure Discord

    it isn't working on special edition

  • rioluking

    I do the ritual stone and get 20 in five minutes

  • Payton Huckleberry

    Do imperial questline, kill ulfric. Then dead thrall him, he shouts people to death.

  • Artyom

    You forgot Gleda the Goat :P

  • Tristen Wynen

    Can you recruit more followers then that?

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