10 Things Skyrim Players HATE

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PC, PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3) is already a beloved classic full of fun and frustrations. Here are some things that bother even the biggest fans.
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  • Dhagoth Alvera

    my least favorite thing is the CHILDRENS!!! ugh lol

  • Nate Playz935

    Not being able to fast travel in buildings,caves, etc.

  • gameranx

    We love it, but there's always something to complain about.

  • Lance Bagley

    Nazeem is the Donald Trump of Skyrim

  • Daiza Helms

    That you can't marry Serana. And how friendly NPC in holds can die...

  • Pokemonxdj Pika Gaming

    The most annoying thing? Invincible people, I mean I get that killing them messes with quests but they couldn’t write the game to make them killable after said quest(s) are done?


    I used to go outside like you but then I got S K Y R I M

  • Alexei Abdrafikov

    falmer are blind,they can shoot you with a bow...right

  • Phoebe J

    When I wanna browse on YouTube for some mods I may not have tried yet and I’m attacked by mxr thumbnails

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