Skyrim - Top 10 Wives

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  • John

    You can’t marry serana

  • This Kid

    Who's the one on the picture

  • Sparrow

    Who is that in the thumbnail?

  • The Ubazze

    Ysolda is the finest.

  • Hotgamergirl Tiffany

    Hey guys it me, gamer god 88

  • Sylvester Stogether

    Too bad about Serana. Why can't we, though? Is it because she has a unique voice?

  • clashlord

    I wish u could marry ingun

  • Michael w wolf

    I'm crying I've been trying to marry kharjo for so long but I just found out I can't 😭😭😭

  • Neluril

    "Now Sylgja is a Nord minor..."Run away, run away!

  • BlastphamousHD The white

    For all of you wondering how to marry Serena u must cure her of vampirism and kill her father and be part of the dawn guard.-Skyrim Scholars Guild

  • Anthony Gill

    I married Lydia cuz she was there from the beginning also she's like a traveling chess you can store things with her while you're traveling because of that I made her my wife first chance I got

  • Beowolf1970ff

    not bad but i more with jordis from solitude yummy

  • Bboyx24

    Damn we got similar taste when it comes to #2&1

  • TheBlackDragon

    I wonder... if Mjoll goes to the bathroom Aerin goes with her? Literally that guy look like a dog guard for Mjoll.

  • Beetlemuse

    No dark elf on the list? :(

  • Jeremy Uchiha

    this needs to be updated because you can't marry serana

  • Eric Becerra

    Where you from? I can’t tell if you have an accent or a slur.

  • komo

    Still sad that you can't marry Vex

  • Adoknight Official

    You can't marry serana

  • PopTartGamez 360

    Serena is an unmarriable character

  • Justin knoesen

    You cant marry serana cuz she rejects you every time

  • Kamyab_TMF


  • s2s 》

    When you marry camilla some dude will ask to marry her. But she's already married to you if u marry her. Logic my dudez

  • Little Zombiemations

    I once married #1.The guy did indeed enter my home. After the 5th time he did, I killed him. Of course I was fined for murder.Luckily I was able to bribe the guard to get off my back.

  • Big Bill

    Should I marry aela or lydia

  • Hi Hungry I'm Dad

    Thith helped me a lot. Thankths!

  • mdlyonn 00

    I had Ysolda as a wife in a few saves but everytime on the hearth fire DLC she would just lay in bed and never move, weird bug

  • User Kev

    My time playing Skyrim has long since passed but, I married Ysolda before I lost my copy. I like Sylgia to. That's it.

  • Keiko

    I dont want a strong one just a hot one

  • Adrian Munoz

    You cant marry serena

  • Lonnie Dwayne

    How do u marry Serena? It didn't let me.

  • Leo Huynh

    wait its impossible to marry serana unless you have the mod

  • Iona Peters

    That is, if she hasn't been killed in the wilderness 😂

  • Prylaw

    You can’t marry serena. Right?

  • unknown subscriber

    the best thing about marrying ysolda is shes an essential character so she cant be killed

  • Thomas K

    I want to marry Braith.

  • RabinPcGaming

    My heart beats only for Vex

  • Caleb Hill

    Damn it! you got my hopes up with Serana

  • Micheal Boulton

    I married a mudcrab in 2018

  • Tommy Wisaeu

    I only went with Camilla to piss off Sven and Faendel


    I went with Aela because Serena don't like dick anymore...but for good reason.

  • Majin Ryuusei

    3:50 I'll kill anyone who enters my home without permission

  • TheCrazyPotato

    So i may have killed Camilla whsn i started the game now im really far in so i guess no Camilla for me

  • Halo is the Greatest

    You cannot marry Serena as many say.

  • Rebecca Moore

    Can't marry Camilla because a dragon killed her, nice.

  • Crumbling Hawk

    If only you could marry Serana

  • ExtRemE-AcE

    2:17 mah boi ysolda can do that too and bring even more money

  • ReleasedEn3rgy

    Am I the only one who murdered Lydia as soon as she became my housecarl?

  • scar the dark lord

    How do I married my house carel again

  • Ozhar1

    Mjoll is hands down the worst because of aerin

  • Sonny Roberts

    Why was this suggested to me on Valentine’s Day?

  • Marco Petrochkov

    mmh, and Jordis ? :(

  • Cross Launcher

    If you marry mjoll aerin follows her around all day like he’s jealous

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