Skyrim - Top 10 Wives

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  • TheSunMoon

    My character married Sylgja cus he's in love with her personalitits.(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) pleasure in the simpler things. such as a miner chick

  • Ryu Chen

    Aela is my first pick cuz she's the hottest in skyrim, the second would be gormlaith. I don't pick the powerful ones but the hot ones

  • Maria Euceda

    i killed some of them

  • Andrew Gardiner

    4 people I wish my character could marry:1. Ingun Black-Briar2. Frea, from Dragonborn3. Niranye, the Altmer merchant in Windhelm4. Serana (by default)

  • Lord Alduin

    Is this weird? I was talking to Camilla from Riverwood and she said she was interested in me when I was a Lady Khajiit,. _ .

  • MrAwesomeGamer

    Aela the huntress is the worst , she calls you brother

  • Michael Moore

    TLDW;#10 Rhea#9 Camilla Velarius#8 Grelka #7 Ysolda#6 Muiri#5 Lydia#4 Sylgja#3 Serana#2 Aela the Huntress#1 Mjoll the Lioness

  • SwishCheesePro

    i thought you couldnt marry serana

  • Jarrett James

    Who is the woman in the thumbnail

  • Calvin Klien

    If there is one woman in all of Skyrim I would marry... It's Karliah...

  • Romanos Romanos

    none is lime serana !!! 😢

  • Dismae

    Serana no se puede casar salame

  • ROGUE X94

    I want to marry Maven's daughter.

  • Remai the raging furry

    You sound like a neck beard.

  • charlie koshenina

    I thought you cant marry serana. Is there a way through consol commands?

  • Catsenui

    Like wtf WHY CANT I MARRY SERANA bunch of bs

  • Daisuke Arisato

    Umm, I know this is old news, but you can't actually marry Serana. She has a pretty bad past (having to do with Molag Bal and why she is a vampire I'm sure you know) and thus she won't marry you.

  • Asburt

    I think serana shouldve been number on- oh... wait you can't marry her.

  • Gabriel Porter

    It's been ages since I've seen a smile video

  • Acidballoons

    Aerin was killed by vampires in my current playthrough

  • Kaito

    Njada Stonearm is the best wife cuz she is a tsundere :3

  • Dragonpig 10

    No jenasa number one

  • lukepyung 1

    Aela is on here Im callin it

  • MatthewPlays- Gaming and Vlogs

    Am I the only one who wants to marry Angi?

  • LaFlame

    Number 1 is definitly Senna (markarth) . Her voice makes everything worth it. I got chills the first time i heard her speak

  • AsianDriver WithContacts

    is there no polygamy mode?

  • Pezzonovante

    I don't believe that vampires can be married in vanilla. Possibly with mods, but other than that, you can't.

  • wisnu zainesta

    Mjoll is no 1? man u can't be serious...I wouldn't want marry a woman who got followed by one man everywhereXD

  • David Nowicki

    While I was going to my wedding a dragon attacked my wive

  • Anna Christina Landmark

    I'm so glad Mjoll the lioness is on this list, I was pretty interested in her, especially because she uses a battle axe, favourite weapon.

  • Ace Jann Tan

    You can't marry serana

  • Tim Cooper

    please retitle to skyrim top white wives

  • I Am Dragonborn

    I play Skyrim on the Xbox 1 I have a mod where you can marry anyone. I chose kharjo I lost my mind lol😄

  • Nerdico

    You can't marry Serena can u

  • Schleng

    in my game grelka got killed by vampires

  • Dora'dan Warframe İsteyen Adam

    Aerin doesnt approve.

  • Fatal Chubby

    I would've married Aela but she apparently died randomly....

  • Argonian Angel

    I only made 2 nord characters, 1 married to aela the huntress and the other is married to jordis the sword-maiden.

  • AflyingGiraffe

    You should say bachelorette number 10, bachelorette number 9, etc XD

  • Jeff Jacobson

    you can't Mary serana in skyrim

  • Joe Nesvick

    What about the women you can't marry in Skyrim? Serana, Ingun Black-Briar and Alva to name a few

  • Squishy

    Awwwe yeh my boo Ysolda is on there ;D

  • MashedHero

    imagine if affairs were in the game. and you were married to ria. DAMN YOU VILKAS

  • Cristal Rutherford

    Everyone knows you can't marry serana

  • MyNamesSaul _

    Wow a male gold digger I see XD

  • Jeffrey Urbanski

    I really wanted this list to have Ysolda... AND IT DID!!!!

  • Dodgy Playz

    Serena is NOT marriable while she is a vampire.

  • King Of Clutch

    you cant marry serana

  • international joker

    Can't marry serana

  • Jonathan Atkinson

    Airen leaves after you are married to the Lioness for a while

  • Mike Green

    you can marry serona unless you are a modder

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