Skyrim - Top 10 Wives

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  • wolfy pack

    Serena isn't marriable

  • I'm_a_fork Yea

    Ria is a good wife. Guess I should have reloaded when she attacked me and I killed her. (Nervous laughter)

  • Silver Crescent Production

    Don't marry Aela; she'll complain nonstop if you move her out to any of the Hearthfire houses.

  • Jon Richards

    Aerin's like the creepy ex that messages your g/f on facebook. "I'm here if you need me." (Facepalm).

  • Dasweetrolltheif of Whiterun

    Mjoll is my fav Follower

  • GiantWilly

    who is in the thumbnail?

  • Gabriel Porter

    It's been ages since I've seen a smile video

  • Lucas Jordan

    How can you marry Ysolda?

  • mother doomsday

    dude serana is supposed to be number 1 and u can't marry unless you have a mod

  • Date A Live Kurumi

    why can't we marry Serana. :'-( 😭😦😢

  • Cheese Channel

    I married Camila and she would not shut up about the claw. soon I found her down at the river near my house with a bandit. she was cheating so I killed them both and didn't get the letter to remarry .

  • Nizamuddin Arriyadhi

    My Orc, Argonian, or Khajit would have loved to marry Nocturnal, of all characters in Skyrim. But well...

  • _MrSnuffle_

    sorry i just can't you are so annoying to listen too XD

  • Mad Mafia

    I have wife on skyrim called Cammila

  • Lucas Jordan

    When Mjoll told me about the Assassins guild I told her I was actually looking fowadd to joining them. I guess that takes her off the list

  • Thatdudefrom...

    In my game aerin was killed in a random street fight, so now mjoll is finally free 😉

  • John Collins

    I always wanted to marry a priestess of Dibella. You know those women can F.

  • Stycroft

    i married hroki because i like her personality

  • Daniel Lines

    should I leave Lydia for ysolda please give an answer

  • Beasty ML

    you can't marry serana without a mod....

  • Werckle to basic

    I married Mjoll, and she was always leaving the house, ending up in the bee & barb, tallking to aaron. I thought it was because I was involved in Dark Brotherhood, and one of the Thieves guild. (you know how she hates thieves)

  • kai haku

    why choose? MARRY THEM ALL!!

  • Anthony Bragg

    I'm gonna to marry yslode

  • ToonMaker3000

    Marry the one with the finest ass

  • Alduin Paathurnax

    if I was a guy I would marry Aela The Huntress

  • L

    Heh i killed aerin heh heh

  • A.J. McNulty

    I married the Dunmer mage from Winterhold

  • Crazy Sonic

    Who is the character on the thumbnail??

  • Riptide_Elite gamer


  • - Lexicon -

    I wish you could marry that girl in Whiterun that Mikel likes.

  • Xenos5321235

    they all provide 100 gold daily

  • Reticent Zero

    Ha ha ha it's like we're choosing wives I guess you can call it netchicks

  • Onur Barış Tolga

    i dont like your voice

  • purple rose

    Can you marry redgaurd woman?

  • crambone t

    Unless they can get naked.. Why bother lol

  • Poodlecomb

    I was going to pick Ria but then i realized im a vampire...


    i cant marry serena without mods 😢

  • k0l3

    Just pointing that obtaining 100 septims per day is not a diferential argumento upon chosing wives since ALL of them will open stores and give you 100 sep daily if you ask.

  • Thorn

    i dont become 100 gold per day from lydia

  • Kevin Nguyen

    I married Mijoll and moved her into my house at whiterun. But then I wanted her to move to the Lakeview manor with me but I couldn't find a way! I got the bed, children's bed... what can I do?

  • John Collins

    Aela is #1 for me. A little toothy on the BJs but she does anal. Major points there. Working on a threesome with Ysolda. Keeping my fingers crossed and lubed.

  • Linda Knight

    OMG SMIKE its Aaron's daughter Chloe you were friends with him (:

  • enerji


  • Welshy

    i didnt think you could marry serena. can you do this?

  • John Collins

    Does anyone marry Camilla?

  • Vampiric Coffee

    I married Jenassa, not only because I wanted my soul to walk the plains of light in Azura's realm Moonshadow with someone who would accompany my Khajiit willingly, but also because Jenassa is someone that kicks ass when we travel together. I gave her these two powerful staffs: Hevnoraak's staff and Forsworn fire staff. She not only dueled both the swords I gave her, but she would switch to the duel staffs and just wreck all the creatures and foes we came across. It was when we finally killed our first dragon together at the Whiterun guard tower at level 25 when I put my battle-axe through it's skull she gave me this smile and said, "I can see the battle lust in your eyes. Doom will surely come to any who cross your path." Then I slapped on ring on that.

  • BR twitch reuploads

    Who else think serana is hotter as a vampire than a human?

  • TK TV

    you can put the mod that you can marry almost all npcs in skyrim

  • Olaf

    Astrid,leader of dark brotherhood

  • Grant Walter

    1. What are septims?2. What do wives even do in skyrim?

  • JuzzzzNerdyyy

    Mjoll seems too fierce as a wife

  • Moblin


  • Icey21100

    can you marry more than one girl at once ?

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