Skyrim Mod: Populated Cities Towns Villages

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Populated Cities Towns Villages

Inconsequential NPCs

Immersive Settlements

Intro/Outro Music:
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  • Benjin

    For people who still want a mod like this, yet can't download this one due its deletion, check out "Populus" - compatible with every city / town mod.

  • The Cantankerous Coyote

    For people who can`t find it or the link doesn`t work for them, here it is;

  • Tiki Torchs

    Fine Ill download it...

  • Jet Fury

    i think the mod is back of a couple days ago. from erkeil right? I thought they were banned tho?

  • CrzBonKerz21

    These mods work with open cities?

  • Doug Burk

    is immersive citzem overhaul compatable with this mod?

  • Tenebris Vega

    decrease the textures from 4K to 2048 and booonnn the extra NPCs shold stay just fine without performance loss

  • WiryPuppet228

    Is it possible to get this mod on XBOX 360?

  • コールドケーキ

    once i get my beast....

  • Hououin Kyouma

    Brodualgood explainer and showcaserbut woking links are debetable

  • Gudjon_ / Rambo Six

    1:50 having so many NPCs may cause performance issues on lower NPCs

  • Aaron War

    Links don't work

  • Hasif Muhammad

    the best closer of all youtuber

  • Vincent Stover

    i like the population mods because it don't make sense how there's 5-10 citizens and 20 guards and 100+ soldiers/rebels

  • Justin Case

    Unfortunately only few npc's are actually doing something meaningful. The rest of them either just sit there or aimlessly walk around like zombies.

  • LegitGamerXpro

    I cannot find the link for the mod.


    does this mod makes civilians in cities infinite?

  • MClouD M

    Does anyone know when this mod will be available for skyrim special edition? (Xbox one)

  • Lachlan Hawkins

    This mod crash's my game

  • TheJLAMAR23

    This one crashes my game everytime on Xbox. The populated roads one though works perfect

  • Turki

    i remember when hearing about skyrim in oblivion, i expected it to be a cold perpetual winter and everyone was staying inside their houses wrapped in 50 blankets while drinking hot mead leaving the street's outside bare and lonely, so when i first found whiterun it blew my mind

  • Cedric Diggory

    I got drunk and told my mum j wanted to fuck Robert pattinson

  • Pheonix Force Cyclops

    Totally getting this mod on ps4

  • Adrian Radford

    these nexus links aren't working?

  • Chibbles

    thinks I can handle it pc crashes on loading

  • Taj L

    All the population mod links from here don't work anymore

  • Brooke Sherrell

    What is that one mod where npcs now have more places to stand/sit in inns and stuff? I heard it is great with this mod so npcs don't just crowd around in a bunch but I can't think of the name.

  • Bryan Tan

    For this and Populated Land Roads and Paths mod, if you kill these generic npcs, do they automatically respawn?

  • Osiris Paradox

    The Mod is no longer on Nexus

  • Lightsoutgw1 m8

    are these mods on steam

  • Ndabenhle

    is your graphics are mod? if so, what mod? please reply XD

  • Astraboo the Dov

    A most part of your nexus link are dead.thank's for your review :)

  • The Rook

    Performance issues on lower NPCs?

  • What's it To Ya

    Is this safe with Populated roads?

  • Mrslowman87

    He he, with the new skyrim SE I'm watching your old videos to see if it is worth to use some mods. thank you for your work my friend.

  • Eric V

    why is it good that it was done 'without any scripts?' He mentioned that it was a plus and I was just curious as to why if someone could help answer please.

  • Rowan Atkinson

    dead links, dead links everywhere

  • Darren Greene

    Anyone know if this is compatible with ETAC?

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