Skyrim SE Xbox mods | Skyland 2K VS Vivid landscapes

I put Skyland 2K against Vivid landscapes to see which one is the best.


When covering mods specifically texture overhauls I always hard reset my console and clear the disc cache. Please don’t comment saying I didn’t do it, the mods may behave differently from yours because of updates since the video or load order.

I am not affiliated with this mod or the author.
Skyrim is property of Bethesda.

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Track Name: "Days Like These" Music By: LAKEY INSPIRED
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  • Dark God

    Vivid Landscapes is better if you're going for a darker Skyrim

  • Shade88

    I like Skyland overall. Vivid has some nice areas, but Skyland fits my vision of a modern Skyrim. That being said, I am glad Skeletor ported over Vivid to give more options. :)

  • Alivewarrior

    Its hard to pick which to use if only there was a vivid skyland that combined both

  • NovaHd -_-

    Skylands looks fresher and cleaner

  • Jonathan Hijlkema

    Nice comparrison video! I like vivid better.

  • Ryan Cheveau

    Vivid is definitely the winner there in my opinion. I agree also with the whole “looking like a photo has been slapped on”. Saw some small daisies and dandelions that kinda break that immersion. Feels like you’re walking on one repeating photograph sometimes.

  • Eimars Edge

    Vivid everything time that file size compared to sky land.

  • BalthazarTheGreat

    I just use both except I used skyland 1k texture pack instead since it’s less power intensive. I keep vivid landscapes above skyland and it works brilliantly.

  • Alucard

    In my personal opinion i gotta go with Vivid it looks alot better in most cases and is less then half the size of Skyland 2k.

  • Cash Vargas

    If I switch to vivid, can I use skyland blended roads or dirt path?

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