The Great Battles of Skyrim : Part 5 (Dawnguard)

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  • wolf angel

    werewolves won yeah!!!

  • Jake Pancake

    "For the Dawn!" * Pulls out pickaxe lol, Still awesome vid 10/10

  • Vangelion

    The best Paladin badass I ever seen...

  • OverjoyedTepig

    Love that sniper death sound at 9:25

  • G3T R3KT

    Tie fighter noise at 3:59

  • cupcakegineer VC

    Fell sorry for Aela... ...

  • 팡팡팡

    Well, I really want to play skyrim like this, not just poor sences of battle you know..

  • Untin Y

    Dude)) THats really cool )

  • robert centeno

    The song reminds me of the god of war game

  • Baron Bruehl

    Why did the werewolf not use their scream to scare them them off or fear them

  • Solidus 316

    +Tyrannicon 6:57 you included the grown up EVIL DEEMUNN baby from "It's Alive" (1974) GREAT WORK!! Love the vid man!

  • Baron Bruehl

    So sad that Alea died 😢😢😢

  • M CH

    what's the mod for the sword ? Because she's f*cking cool Thanks(and great video keep up the good work)

  • TurkHitlus TurkHitlus

    get fucking clickbaitet

  • Matthew Waskie

    hey I know that the likely hood of this question being answered is slim but does anyone know the mod used for the companions at 3:00?

  • GreenDemon

    These are fucking incredible

  • HunterSt

    R.I.P AelaR.I.P IsranR.I.P Random CompanionsR.I.P DawnguardsR.I.P Other people i didnt mentionR.I.P Serana's happiness

  • Jack O' Lantern Gamer

    to bad you dont do these types of videos i would have sugested the civil war one

  • FluffyWaffles Boii

    this is suvk a awesome video this is one of the best videos ive seen in a while

  • Jack Sykes

    this was epic. well done, really incredible! 👍🏼

  • Choppytehbear1337

    The reason I subbed to Tyrannicon. To bad he stopped making these types of videos.

  • Raited

    What's the music at 2:37?

  • Good Hunter hunter

    I'm glad you added the companions I always thought they should of been involved I meen you can't have a vampire war with no werewolves it goes against gamer religion

  • Bluè Jay

    Well holy hell this was amazing! I'm torn though..I've never been able to make up my mind on which is better, vampire or werewolf?

  • mann workers

    did i just hear the sniper from tf2?

  • Alex Almanza

    dawnguard was my favorite dlc, if only the final battle was this epic smdh it was so anti-climactic

  • Xburos

    this is how twilight should've been

  • Jakub Malina

    Dude I watched this video over 100 times. Its the best battle machinima ever, and that duel OMG!!!!

  • Jonathan Botero

    Feels like Castlevania

  • metalklown

    That was fuckin sick.

  • SheoGorerath In the flesh

    This is so satisfying.

  • JCP

    your........your poor..........framerate...........

  • Miles Scharp

    it even had a beam battle!

  • Doge is Dogey

    What are the Npc ids you spawned?

  • Alexander J12027

    Dawnguard.....still a better story than

  • SubraDescent

    god damn Dragonborn ruined again evrthng

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